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‘Miss Botswana failed to use her crown’

A beauty pageant is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the   physical attributes of the contestants.

However, most contests have evolved to also incorporate talent, and a contestant’s ability to answer judges’ questions on various subjects as judged criteria. They became more popular in the 1880s and the oldest pageant still in operation today is the Miss America pageant, which was organized in 1921. Well, that is a story for another day.

Prominent beauty queens are assigned tasks they are supposed to fulfill during their reign. In most incidences, if a queen fails to fulfill her duties, she is dethroned and the first runner up replaces her. In the same way, Miss Botswana has duties and responsibilities she should live up to.

The reigning queen Oweditse Phirinyane was crowned the winner of the controversial ‘Miss Botswana’ last year, literally two months before the novel Corona-virus hit and swept the entire world. To a certain degree, the deadly pandemic had an impact on her reign, a negative impact I must say!

In an exclusive interview with Weekend Life, prominent beauty pageants enthusiast and analyst who is also a public relations practitioner, Morekolodi Smith says Miss Botswana 2019/2020 Oweditse Phirinyane portrayed high level of incompetence, saying this has been a trend in Miss Botswana.

‘’As much as we hate to admit this as a fact, one would think it is hereditary. Phirinyane did not make a sustainable or traceable impact in her community. The expectation was that she was going to be influential but she fits nowhere in the hierarchy. She took part in Miss World and she clapped, she did not place. Her incompetence makes her undesirable.’’

Smith revealed in an interview that Miss Botswana projects are half cooked, saying he queen failed to implement her projects efficiently. Her project dubbed ‘rough diamonds’ is not well documented and there are missing pieces and there is no assurance that it is fruitful Smith said.

‘’There is no record of her project’s history, the current situation and the results. What was supposed to be done was, a narrative background, what was the situation like before groundbreaking of the project, and then what could be done which is the solution. This is the stage where Miss Botswana should have been hands on and recruit as many volunteers and sponsors as she could.

How many children have actually graduated from her program? There is no record. I assume she is solo on this project. Well, I must say Phirinyane failed to reach out for aid, she did not use the platform of Miss Botswana to drive change and she did not effectively use a crown for a purpose,’’ Smith said.

According to this beauty pageants analyst, it has been a norm that after competing at Miss World, Miss Botswana goes into a complete eerie silence. ‘’In my opinion Miss Botswana should have been a front liner during this COVID-19 crisis. Social media is very interactive but her pages are dry and mind-numbing. It is a shame really.

There are no messages that raise awareness about the virus, let alone no videos of her interacting with fans. Both the queen and the organization should be doing online educational campaigns or a donation drive but they are just silent.’’

Smith indicated that this is not what Miss Botswana, Miss World or beauty with a purpose stand for, saying that the Miss Botswana has been subscribing to a concept they cannot adhere to. ‘’This really jeopardizes the integrity of the organization because it does not leave a foot print in building communities and changing lives.’’

Miss World 2020 will be the 70th anniversary of the Miss World pageant. Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica will crown her successor at the end of the event. As of 3 August 2020, 11 contestants have been selected. Several national pageants have been rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice.

Smith stressed that Miss Botswana organization would not be hosting the pageant this year due to the pandemic, but first runner up will represent the country in Bangkok, Thailand. He however indicated that Miss World has not issued a statement to license holders to appoint runner ups.

Miss Botswana as a reputable organization and brand is weak and dying, Smith said. ‘’Miss Botswana is already deteriorated. There is always controversy year in and out. National directors come and go. It seems like no one can keep that brand stable. Miss Botswana has lost its credibility and many do not want to associate with it anymore.

I blame the management and they are robbing this country it’s branding and position space in Miss World. The management needs to know what Miss Botswana and Miss World stands for and create a winning formula. Unless they learn that it will continue to be a cook off show, and the results will be continuous loss streak at Miss World,’’ Smith said.

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Vee Mampeezy wants to marry again!

28th November 2022

In May 2014, controversial pint sized musician, Odirile Sento married his longtime girlfriend, Kagiso Sento in a glamorous wedding, not knowing that eight years later, the two will be fighting until the very end of their holy union.

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Motsetserepa needs help

18th October 2022

Mental health is one critical element in someone’s life but gloomily, it is often overlooked. Topics centered on mental health and depression dominate the public discourse. The national conversation surrounding mental wellness, both online and offline has aided in the stigma of suffering from depression being removed, slowly but surely.

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TatsoConnekt Leading Women Brunch

14th October 2022

On Saturday 29 October 2022 (11:00- 15:00) Bash Connektor will be presenting their 1st TatsoConnekt Leading Women Brunch which will be hosted by Basadi’Bash’Masimolole. Tatso. A Setswana word. Taste  .Tatso / ta-tso/. verb.

The Brunch will be held at Myhomecafe by Mogobane Dam and tickets are selling at P650 per person. Only 50 tickets available and sold through pre-booking. The value of the offering will be a brunch meal + bottomless mimosas + connekting conversations that matter with leading women in corporate and entrepreneurship. This is an inspirational / empowerment connekting session for Women.

Bash Connektor is a Marketing Company with a twist founded in March 2022 by Basadi Bash Masimolole who has 15 years plus Marketing Experience. The INTENT of Bash Connektor is to Link People, Experiences, and Brands. The K instead of C is INTENTIONAL. We are all about contributing towards AMPLIFYING brand and country messages through curating experiential offerings and connekting conversations that matter, said Basadi Masimolole.

With a sponsor or funding, Basadi Masimolole’s ultimate goal is to have visual podcasts and empowerment connektor sessions at villages as part of cultural tourism and contributing towards the Botswana Government’s Rural Areas Development Program (RADP).

Individuals interested in purchasing the limited number tickets or Brands interested in participating on the TatsoConnekt Leading Women Brunch through sponsorships/ brand placement opportunities can reach Basadi’Bash’Masimolole on +267 7140 6660 / / Bash Connektor Facebook page.

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