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DIS broke to clear election job debt


Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) has reportedly exhausted its operational and would not meet the P15 million elections job from a controversial World of Oath (Pty) Ltd company, sources have revealed.

Last week a leaked letter of demand from World of Oath Directors indicated that the DIS and its Director, Peter Fana Magosi owed them P15 million for services they rendered during elections.

The letter stated that the services rendered by the company were centred on events leading up to and post the Botswana 2019 general elections and were of an extremely sensitive, covert and highly classified nature.

Impeccable sources have however revealed to this publication that it is highly unlikely that the DIS would be able to pay the World of Oath, as the institution has currently insufficient funds and P15 million was too much of a high fee to be paid instantly.

“This could have been contained and not have escalated the way it did. DIS cannot make a once off payment, they will have to look at other means of paying off the debt,” a source said.

The source further revealed that a lot is at stake if the World of Oath Directors are not paid. “If this could reach the High Court, there is a lot of sensitive information that may be disclosed,” the source said.

Intelligence sources believe that World of Oath Directors have a lot of incriminating information that may cause public panic and highly discredit the Director General.

Investigations carried by this publication indicate that on Thursday last week, World of Oath Directors attempted to file a case with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), it is alleged that it was clear the young lads feared for their lives and wanted protection from the police.

However, information gathered is that they never got to write a statement and assured that they would come back to lay their matter again.

When speaking to this publication, Director of Criminal Investigating Department (CID), Busang Lesola indicated they have not yet registered any case with them but are aware of such accusations.

According to sources close to the DIS, Magosi always justifies the absence of the committees by saying that His Excellency the President, does not trust people from the previous administration who, by virtue of their positions, are members of some of these committees.

It is also sketchy on why the Central Intelligence Committee is dysfunctional. The lack of any functional committee within the DIS raises eyebrows on how decisions and daily operations of the intelligence unit are conducted.

Intelligence experts have deduced that these committees are important so that decisions made on national security are not central to one person or body. When reached for comment, Public Relations Officer Edward Robert confirmed that they have received documents relating to the issues surrounding the P15 million election job.

However, he indicated that he was constrained by obvious legal questions around the matter to comment further. “I can assure the public that the DIS has never entered into any contract with any entity to undertake illegal activities. Attempts to link us to such illegalities are not only laughable but also bear all the hallmarks of mischief,” said Robert.


GPH takes Gov’t head-on over faulty Covid-19 results

3rd July 2020
Gaborone Private Hospital

Gaborone Private Hospital (GPH) has come out with guns blazing after they were accused of releasing false positive Covid-19 results which were later declared negative by the government task team force.

GPH insists that it is beyond doubt that their 8 positive Covid-19 results were indeed accurate.

This publication is in possession of a report that indicates how the government might have faulted with their results.  They narrate what might have caused the various results between laboratories.

The report indicates that one or more negative results do not rule out the possibility of Covid-19 virus infection. Furthermore a number of factors could lead to a negative result in an infected individual.

GPH is immovable in their results and believe that poor quality of the specimen containing little patient material (as a control, consider determining whether there is adequate human DNA in the sample by including a human target in the PCR testing) could be a factor in diagnosing whether the case reads positive or negative.

The hospital, in the report shared internally, also point out that another factor may be as a result of the mishandling and incorrect shipping of the specimen. The report also establishes that technical reasons inherent may be one of the reasons why results may vary.

This publication has also established that same test kits were used but with different time collection of the samples. GPH affirms that this might have also impacted why the results varied.

“We are happy with our quality and believe that reporting positives with one gene detected the right decision. With the other labs only calling positives when two genes are detected, they are possibly under reporting and releasing negative results that should be called positive based on the less stringent algorithm.”

Unconfirmed reports have indicated that the government has launched a thorough investigation into the matter as GPH faces possible retribution over the matter.

“The government knows they blundered and now want to silence GPH by indicating that they are the ones who faulted. There is a lot of mix up with how the government tests and confirms results as negative.” Botswana currently stands at 46 new cases with only 17 active cases with 28 recoveries and 1 death.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi has also gone into his fourth quarantine since Corona was discovered in Botswana. According to a press release released on Thursday, there is a new positive Covid-19 result on one of the President’s officials.

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An enquiry into BPC tenders uncovers rotting corruption

29th June 2020

A confidential report from enquiry on the award of tenders at Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) has recommended that key employees within the organisation be subjected to a Declaration of Assets exercise in a bid to find if they have been part of improper award of tenders cabal.

The confidential report seen by this publication was commissioned to give an overview on how procurement of equipment (imports) is conducted and awarded at BPC. The report titled “Enquiry into BPC tenders” which was released last month (5 May 2020), recommends that the organisation should be clear from the start whether they use selective tender or open tender process and which one will work for them.

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Court reinstates fired DIS agent

29th June 2020
Court reinstates fired DIS-agent-High-Court-Judge Godfrey Radijeng

High Court Judge Godfrey Radijeng has this week reinstated a Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) agent who was fired by the spy agency in August 2017. Justice Radijeng further ordered in the judgement that he be paid arrears from the time he was fired and for the cost of the litigation.

The reinstated DIS agent, Walter Matsoga, was in 2014 involved in a car accident and sustained injuries in the course of his clandestine job. More than a year later, on the 15th June 2015, the spy operative was subjected to a medical assessment at the instance of the DIS to determine his fitness to continue being in employment.  The assessment was carried out and he continued to be under the employ of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security.

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