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Dr Tshipayagae in fake Covid 19 results saga

Dr Malaki Tshipiyagae

Morobi Dinao, a nurse at Block 8 Clinic who tested positive for COVID-19 in April is taking Government to court to challenge the authenticity of the outcome following a series of events that left her with suspicions.

Dinao through his attorney Uyapo Ndadi of Ndadi Law Firm, has dragged Director of Health Services, Dr Malaki Tshipiyagae to court.  In their head of submissions, they submit that on the 7th April Dinao was deployed to work at the special parliamentary meeting dealing with the state of public emergency.

He further points out that on the second day of work he received a call from Dr Simonga and later Dr Sinvula informing him that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

He was then asked to report to sir Ketumile Masire Hospital for admission, and it was later that day at 3pm that he was fetched by an ambulance to the hospital. However, Dinao explains that he was not shown his results upon his arrival at the hospital which he emphasises was against the clinical practices.

When he demanded to see his results on the 13th April, Dinao says he was moved from pillar to post and no one was forthcoming with his results, even the hospital that had admitted him had no copy of his results.

Furthermore, he explains that after repeated demands he was only shown his results on the 19th April 2020 through his glass door by one Dr Feledi. Upon his discharge on the 24th April 2020, Dinao says he was handed a copy of his results but no explanation of the results was given to him. It then became apparent to the client that the results were not signed and thus bringing to question the authenticity of the results.

Thus, Dinao has dragged Tshipiyagae to court demanding that he be given results that are signed by the person who conducted the laboratory tests. He also demands that he be given account on the delay of the results.

Dinao also brought Tshipiyagae to the attention that his specimen submission form which carries his results is marked differently from the one that he completed on the day of the test in several ways.

“The form does not have the laboratory personnel signature yet the one he duly completed had it.” Dinao says he had indicated that he had pre-existing conditions but the results form that he received did not indicate the same.

“The results form at the bottom is also cancelled or highlighted in dark so as to conceal what was initially written with no signature provided for the cancellation,’’ he said


GPH takes Gov’t head-on over faulty Covid-19 results

3rd July 2020
Gaborone Private Hospital

Gaborone Private Hospital (GPH) has come out with guns blazing after they were accused of releasing false positive Covid-19 results which were later declared negative by the government task team force.

GPH insists that it is beyond doubt that their 8 positive Covid-19 results were indeed accurate.

This publication is in possession of a report that indicates how the government might have faulted with their results.  They narrate what might have caused the various results between laboratories.

The report indicates that one or more negative results do not rule out the possibility of Covid-19 virus infection. Furthermore a number of factors could lead to a negative result in an infected individual.

GPH is immovable in their results and believe that poor quality of the specimen containing little patient material (as a control, consider determining whether there is adequate human DNA in the sample by including a human target in the PCR testing) could be a factor in diagnosing whether the case reads positive or negative.

The hospital, in the report shared internally, also point out that another factor may be as a result of the mishandling and incorrect shipping of the specimen. The report also establishes that technical reasons inherent may be one of the reasons why results may vary.

This publication has also established that same test kits were used but with different time collection of the samples. GPH affirms that this might have also impacted why the results varied.

“We are happy with our quality and believe that reporting positives with one gene detected the right decision. With the other labs only calling positives when two genes are detected, they are possibly under reporting and releasing negative results that should be called positive based on the less stringent algorithm.”

Unconfirmed reports have indicated that the government has launched a thorough investigation into the matter as GPH faces possible retribution over the matter.

“The government knows they blundered and now want to silence GPH by indicating that they are the ones who faulted. There is a lot of mix up with how the government tests and confirms results as negative.” Botswana currently stands at 46 new cases with only 17 active cases with 28 recoveries and 1 death.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi has also gone into his fourth quarantine since Corona was discovered in Botswana. According to a press release released on Thursday, there is a new positive Covid-19 result on one of the President’s officials.

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An enquiry into BPC tenders uncovers rotting corruption

29th June 2020

A confidential report from enquiry on the award of tenders at Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) has recommended that key employees within the organisation be subjected to a Declaration of Assets exercise in a bid to find if they have been part of improper award of tenders cabal.

The confidential report seen by this publication was commissioned to give an overview on how procurement of equipment (imports) is conducted and awarded at BPC. The report titled “Enquiry into BPC tenders” which was released last month (5 May 2020), recommends that the organisation should be clear from the start whether they use selective tender or open tender process and which one will work for them.

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Court reinstates fired DIS agent

29th June 2020
Court reinstates fired DIS-agent-High-Court-Judge Godfrey Radijeng

High Court Judge Godfrey Radijeng has this week reinstated a Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) agent who was fired by the spy agency in August 2017. Justice Radijeng further ordered in the judgement that he be paid arrears from the time he was fired and for the cost of the litigation.

The reinstated DIS agent, Walter Matsoga, was in 2014 involved in a car accident and sustained injuries in the course of his clandestine job. More than a year later, on the 15th June 2015, the spy operative was subjected to a medical assessment at the instance of the DIS to determine his fitness to continue being in employment.  The assessment was carried out and he continued to be under the employ of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security.

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