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Era of Adapa Commences

He was Enki’s son with an Earthling woman and was the first Caucasian 

To cut a long story short, General Atiku, you will  be aware by now that it was Enki who created Adam, the Father of the Human Race,  by way of a genetic engineering process in which the genes of Homo Erectus, or Ape Man,  were grafted onto those of a dark-skinned Anunnaki – an Olmec – who was  best suited to Earth’s generally warmer  climate compared to  Nibiru, the planet of the Anunnaki also known as Planet X in ufology. Enki proceeded to fashion Eve from Adam’s DNA when it was decided that mankind should procreate by  way of heterosexual reproduction.

Perhaps you may be wondering, General, what was so special about Enki beyond his surpassing  brilliance. Well, first, Arians – the beings of Orion – have always been the best geneticists in the cosmos. It is they who are routinely commissioned to seed life on virgin planets, so cosmic history tells us. Second, Enki was born asexually, without a father. His mother was/is  the Orion Queen, who is the most respected personage in the Sirian-Orion Empire, which encompasses our Solar System.

All life in this universe as we showcased in The Earth Chronicles,  General, begin as a female form.  Did you know, General,  that for the first six weeks of its life an embryo is female? We all start as females folks: it is only at the beginning of the seventh week that sexual differentiation begins, when males are clearly defined as males. For the first six weeks of our lives in the womb, Assam Makwinja, Thato Ramakoba, Mike Ndegwa, yourself General and indeed myself were girls even if we may  proudly celebrate masculinity! Says Dr Alfred Hoet, a distinguished endocrinologist: “During the first few weeks of development, the embryo remains sexually undifferentiated, though it is oriented towards femaleness … Left to its own devices, an embryo will always become a female.”

Did you hear that General? The natural orientation of an  embryo, the natural internal directive of life of all human embryos, is female. In the event that the embryo becomes male, it is the result of a kind of “intervention”. What is this intervention? It is testosterone, the principal male sex hormone. It is testosterone that transforms what began as a female into a male. In this respect again, it is advantage women.


Scientists say a Y chromosome is actually a deformed X chromosome. Men are innately deformed beings genetically General! It is a woman who is a proper human being. Doctors says whereas cells need an X chromosome to continue to exist, they do not need a Y chromosome at all; they can do without it. But without the X chromosome, a cell will wither and die. What does that mean General? It means the Y chromosome is not essential to an individual’s survival, whereas an X chromosome is.

It means life on Earth needs an X chromosome but it does not need a Y chromosome. Even without the Y chromosome, it would be business as usual. That indeed bears out, for females have two X chromosomes whereas males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. It is males who need an X chromosome to exist; females do not need a Y chromosome because they have no use for it.   Once again, advantage women.

Evolutional biologists say the Y chromosome is a mutation of the X chromosome. In other words, General, the X chromosome came first; the Y chromosome came later. The same evolutional biologists say the Y chromosome began to appear on Earth about 130 million years ago. If, as is reckoned, life on Earth began 4.1 billion years ago, then for the first 4.08 billion years or thereabouts, there were no Y chromosomes on Earth. There was no male life on the planet for the first 4 billion years: only female life General.

One piece of physical evidence in grown adults that we men are fundamentally female is that we have nipples. We don’t need nipples because we don’t suckle babies. So why do we have them when they serve no purpose? They are there simply as testimony to the fact that we were on course to be girls until testosterone intervened and threw us off course at 7 weeks of age in our mothers’ womb. Another piece of glaring evidence that we began as girls are those dangly bits down under and our vaunted prick. Most people are not aware that those precious balls began as ovaries and that imperious Dick began as a clit. That is the long and short of it General. Ultimately, every single man on Earth is an altered female.

Robert Morning Sky, an outspoken and highly objective  feminist, puts the argument in context thus: “A seed that will naturally become a rose is a rose seed. A seed that will naturally become a sunflower is a sunflower seed. If the seed of a rose is bathed in chemicals that cause the seed to yield another kind of flower, that new flower is an altered rose. If the seed of a sunflower is bathed in chemicals that cause the seed to yield another kind of flower, there is no question that the new flower is an altered sunflower. An embryo that will naturally become a female is therefore a female embryo. Therefore, if a female embryo is bathed in chemicals (testosterone) that cause it to yield another kind of human being, that new human being is an altered female.” How true General!  


The primacy of the female race, which male chauvinism in our day and age criminally downplay,   has led much of the cosmic citizenry to hold the belief – wrongly – that the creator of the universe is female, a creatrix. Indeed, the first souls to incarnate in the universe did so cloaked in predominantly female energy although as spirits they are genderless. It is therefore telling, General, that whilst the Sirian King retained his title as Anu, meaning “He of Heaven”,  the Orion Queen chose the official title of Eke (also rendered “Ege” or “Igi”, meaning “Creatrix”), abbreviated as Ki, when the Sirian and Orion Empires merged.

It is also telling that of the two sovereigns, namely King Anu and Queen Eke, it is the latter who is senior, though one reason is that the male-dominated Sirian Empire was for all practical purposes assimilated by the mightier, female-dominated  Orion Empire. What point are we trying to make General? It is that although Enki was supplanted by Enlil as Earth’s Chief Executive, it was simply  for administrative purposes. In the greater scheme of things, Enki retained his seniority being older than Enlil  and being the son of the great Orion Queen.

It explains why every time Enki had a child with an Earthling woman, General,  the Enlilites did not follow suit to bring about a match: instead of generating their own hybrid dynasty, they chose the tactic of divide and rule, whereby they set one of Enki’s offspring against another and backed one, more so a younger brother or another eminent personage  in the genetic tree. In short, General, Earth’s ruling line originally traces through Enki, who derives his clout from his great mother, the Orion empress.


Christians, General, are hardly aware that Genesis talks not of one Adam but three. The English version of Genesis fuses the three into one composite being giving rise to a somewhat muddled account the clergy are at pains to untangle. The original Hebrew version is less ambiguous but it too does not crisply delineate the three Adams.      The first Adam appears in GENESIS 1:26-29. This is not an individual: it is mankind in general. Adama in Hebrew means mankind. The passage reads as follows:

“Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.’ So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.’ And God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food.”

Where you read “man” in the above passage, General, in the Hebrew version it is “Adama”, which should best be translated as “The Adam”. That’s why at face value, the statement “in the image of God (Elohim in Hebrew) he created him; male and female he created them” comes across as absurd in the English version as a “him” cannot be at once male and female. The Hebrew, however, makes it clear that this is talking about mankind in general.

This is the stage in the evolutionary process where mankind emerges from Homo Erectus. Of course we’re aware by now that this did not happen naturally: it was contrived by the Anunnaki, the Old Testament gods represented by Enki, his step-sister Ninmah, and his genius son Zidda by way of genetic engineering. Thus the use of the term Elohim in the Hebrew version is apt: it identifies exactly who was responsible for the emergence of man – the Anunnaki and not First Source, the real God.

The second Adam features in GENESIS 2:7-8/15-25, as well as the whole of GENESIS 3. This Adam was the first physiologically sound human being, the father of mankind. He was the first Homo Sapiens (“Thinking Man”), also known as Neanderthal Man. This is the Adam who was married to Tiamat, wrongly identified as Eve in Genesis. This is the Adam who was taken to the Edin in modern-day Iraq  and then expelled (by Enlil) after Enki intellectually conscientised him and the Shurrupak operation endued him with the capacity to produce young.

He was then returned to East Africa at Enki’s life sciences laboratory known as Bit Shimti, where the first Adam was created. The third Adam debuts in GENESIS 4. This is a particularly special Adam. In the Sumerian records, he is known as Adapa. Adapa was Enki’s biological son, Earth’s first demigod being half human, half Anunnaki.


Adam, the father of mankind, was a divisive figure General. Though initially despised by Enlil, the Bible’s primary Jehovah, he was highly prized by Enki, his creator. A primitive being in the early stages of his development, Adam went about stark naked but he was in due course dignified with clothes by Enki. This was not simply a civilising gesture: it was a profound move. By clothing him, Enki elevated him to the same social status as the Anunnaki – a master.

As Enki continued to further enlighten and sophisticate Adam mentally and intellectually, the Enlilites took notice of  him and he was duly instituted as the first human King of Earth. He was accordingly returned to Eridu in the Edin, from where he had initially been ejected by Enlil, and installed as King. He was King not over the Anunnaki though; only over fellow Earthlings, who he had himself spawned. But it was all ceremonial as he hardly had any sway over mankind: Enlil still called the shots over all and sundry anyway.

According to the Babylonian historian Berossus, Adam “ruled” for 46,800 years. Another King List titled WB-62 puts his total reign at 72,000 years. The Berossus list calls him Amelon, which means “Workman” in Akkadian, the parent language of Hebrew. This is well in accord with the Sumerian Lulu Amelu, or primitive worker – the purpose for which Adam was created. The WB-62 list calls him Enkidunnu, meaning “Fashioned by Enki”, another well-premised denomination.

Now, whilst Adam himself was bright and very civil thanks to his round-the-clock chaperoning by Enki, General, his offspring were not. Instead of intellectually advancing, they were actually regressing. They were reverting to the Ape-Man psyche and behavioural eccentricity as they reproduced. The Anunnaki component in them (the Adamic race DNA was partly Anunnaki as we have related) was receding. Enki decided it was time he arrested this degradation. He was going to bring into existence a civilised man who would be the prototype for a cleverer strain of mankind.

This time, however, Enki was not going to bring about the new “creation” using the laboratory route. He was going to do so naturally, by sexual reproduction in which he would be a direct participant. After all, he was famed for his sexual prowess, with his own daughters numbering among his conquests in this connection.


One day as Enki rode in a boat along a river in the Edin accompanied only by his vizier Isimud, General, he saw two ravishing female Lulus frolicking naked on the river bank. He made overtures to them and with their consent as witnessed by Isimud (he didn’t want another “Sudigate” – a fate that had befallen Enlil over his future wife Sud, who falsely claimed Enlil had violated her) had a threesome “quickie” with them right on the boat. It turned out they had been ovulating as both became pregnant General. Nine months later, one gave birth to a boy and another a girl. This was in the 93rd shar, that is, 334,800 years after the Anunnaki’s first landing on Earth, or about 110,000 years ago.

When Enki saw his two little bundles of joy, he was over the moon. They were so cherubic, so cute. He decided there and then that they were going to be raised up not among the Lulus but in his own cosy household. But what was he going to say to his wife Ninki? He and Isimud came up with an idea. He was to say the two kids were found stashed in reed baskets among the bulrushes as in the Moses story. The yarn worked: Ninki actually took a great liking to the highly adorable infants. And as was Anunnaki custom, it fell to her to confer names on them as the adoptive mother.

She called the boy Adapa, which can also be rendered as Atabba. Zechariah Sitchin translates this as “One who was found”. It makes sense as Ninki believed the babies were “tapped” from a body of water (in Bemba, the dominant Zambian language, to “tapa” is to draw water). But it could also mean “The Multiplying Apa” or “Multiplying Father”. Ata in Sumerian means to proliferate and apa was the ancient term for ape. Abba meant Father.

Adapa, who was white-skinned thanks to the markedly fair-skinned Enki, was indeed meant to be the progenitor of a new generation of civilised mankind. As for the girl, Ninki named her Titi, meaning “Lady of Life”, also rendered Ninkhawa. In Hebrew, this is Hawah, shortened Awa – Eve in English. But the root verb that gave rise to Hawah was Hayah, meaning “to live”.

Since Titi was fathered by Enki, the Enlilites would in future deride her as the “Serpent Lady”, just as they would do Marduk’s wife. This mockery would over time inform the Arabic word for female serpent – Hayah. Upon attaining 21 years of age, Adapa, General, was officially crowned as Priest-King. According to the WB-62 pre-diluvial King List (where he appears as Enmenluanna, meaning “Enki’s Man of Heaven”, an epithet that commemorated his celestial journey to Nibiru), he ruled for 21,600 years.

The Berossus list accords him a reign of 36,000 years. As Priest-King, Adapa’s duties included the interpretation of the will of the Anunnaki; the representation of  Earthlings before the Anunnaki; the administration of justice as well as the entire realm; and supervision of the Temple clergy, the term temple simply meaning the abode of Enki and not a house of worship as at the time there was no such thing.

Although Enlil looked down on Adapa by virtue of his being a Lulu, he simply had to recognise him for what he was. King Anu had “Anu-nointed” him as the first civilised human King. He was the designated progenitor of a bloodline that would rule Earth forever. This bloodline would over time come to be known as the Sangreal, meaning “Blood Royal” – the now famous Holy Grail lore which in our day was popularised by Dan Brown in his blockbuster fact-based novel titled The Da Vinci Code. It is this same bloodline, General,  that spawned Jesus and the original Western monarchs as well as the subject of this series – Princess Diana.


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