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Adad’s Brash Showing

Benson C Saili

The Anunnaki Jehovah of the Exodus swoops down on Mt. Sinai to the “fragrance” of burning flesh and blood

Before the Israelites departed Rephidim, Ishkur-Adad, the Anunnaki Jehovah of the Exodus,  instructed Moses to write down all what had transpired at the tumultuous camp site.  The Anunnaki were sticklers for record keeping. The memories of Rephidim were mixed. On a positive note, the Israelites repelled a battle-hardened foe in the Amalekites thanks to Moses’ magical feat. Adad provided them with water aplenty thanks to a stunning technological feat.

As for the downsides, the Israelites continued to be intransigent. They kept doubting  Adad as a worthwhile god and continued to step on each other’s toes, causing Moses to  burn the midnight oil adjudicating on their disputes. Resultantly, Moses christened Rephidim with two new names. The one was Massah, meaning “test” (the patience of Adad) and the other was Meribah,  meaning “altercation”.

The Israelite caravan set off from Rephidim on the third day after their arrival there. This was three months after they left  Egypt. Their destination was Mount Sinai, also referred to as Mount Horeb. As we have repeated time and again, this was not the famed Mount Sinai of the Sinai Peninsula: it was Mount Jabal Al-Lawz in the Arabian wilderness. Indeed, according to Strong’s Concordance, “Horeb” simply means a range of mountains: it’s not a specific name for a particular mountain.

Mount Al-Lawz is located in the northwest part of Saudi Arabia on the border with Jordan, known in antiquity as Edom. At 2580 metres above sea level, it is the highest mountain in the whole of northern  Arabia. The Israelites did not ascend the mountain as it was the preserve of the gods – the Anunnaki. This was  Adad and his older brother Nannar-Sin. Nor where they allowed to draw too close to  the mountain: at the very least, they were to keep a sizeable berth of between 5-10 km.

Adad had made it clear to Moses that if a single one Israelite dared ascend the mountain or simply touch it, he would be killed there and then (EXODUS 19:12).  That did not mean the Israelites were completely barred from venturing up the mountain: they could but only when Adad gave them the green light.


Thus far, the Israelites had not had the merest glimpse of their god. They had seen his Flying Saucer  alright, but not he in person. Even Moses never set eyes on him directly: he communicated with him through his fellow Anunnaki aides, called angels in the Bible. In Egypt, Moses had told the Israelites that Adad wished to adopt them as his people and be their  god. Of course the Israelites were skeptical: they first wanted to see Adad in person because those days Anunnaki gods were visually seen.

They did not mingle with humans or address them at a public square but they made themselves visible whilst hovering in a glass-encased chopper, called the throne of God. Unlike religious faithfuls of our day, the people of old worshipped or revered living gods, not imaginary gods. Thus since the exodus began, the Israelites had always been badgering Moses to present his god to them (EXODUS 18:15).  In the Wilderness of Sinai, which they were told would be their permanent habitation for a long time to come, they now upped the ante: they wanted to see Adad come rain or shine. The ever-obliging Moses made their demands known to Adad.

Adad told Moses that for as long as the Israelites were prepared to obey him without question and keep his ordinances (commandments, laws, and restrictions he would codify), he was prepared to meet and address them. And not only that: he would designate them as  a Kingdom of Priests (that is, the only people on Earth with the privillege  to enter his holy presence)  and a holy nation (that is, a people immune to godly wrath and through whom all other earthlings would either be blessed or cursed) as per EXODUS 19:6. 

Adad said he could so undertake because the entire Earth belonged to him (EXODUS 19:5). Of course this was total  hogwash: Earth was under the executive authority of Marduk, not under Adad. The “god” had uttered a blatant lie. But there’s a further precondition which  the Pentateuch scribes deliberately left out though they did  hint at it along the way. ADAD REITERATED THAT THE ISRAELITES  MUST BE READY TO SACRIFICE BOTH THEIR CHILDREN AND THEIR ANIMALS TO HIM ON DEMAND,  WITH THE NEXT INSTALMENT OF HUMAN SACRIFICE DUE THERE AND THEN. Human sacrifice was to the honour of Luciferian gods whereas animal sacrifice was for the Anunnaki gods’  daily rations.  

When Moses reported back to the Israelites, they had their reservations in regard to  sacrificing their  children  but aware that they had no choice, they acceded to Adad’s demands. Again this is not recorded in the Bible,  but the Israelite did do likewise on some day before Adad showed up. We can picture Moses and his appointed judges rounding  up at least a child per family and herding them up the mountain whilst they kicked and screamed. The people were gutted: only three months ago, they had sacrificed their firstborn kids to the same god as a prerequisite to winning their freedom from Egyptian bondage. The  same god yet again demanded  another round of sacrifice. The Devil simply is never content.


Adad was pleased with the news Moses delivered to him – that his people had given over to him (Adad) their sacrificial children and had indicated a readiness to heed his every word.  He told Moses that he would  meet them in three days’ time. Of course it was not the entire 3 million or so population he was going to address as that simply was not tenable: it was only a proportion of them, maybe 6000. But to meet him, the people had to fulfill two preconditions. First, they had to physically cleanse themselves thoroughly during the three window period.  Second, they had to totally abstain from sexual relations with their wives.

It seemed for mankind  to just hover in the presence of “god” irrespective of the radius, they  had to ooze holiness.  The prohibition of  love-making for one comes across as comical: we know from the Sumerian chronicles that the Anunnaki gods were  sex crazed.  For God’s sake, they even had the so-called temple “prostitutes” (who were enlisted when they were virgins) who  resided in their sacred precincts and sexually served them on a daily basis.

Helena Salome, the consort of Simon Zelotes, Jesus’ seniormost disciple,  was one such first century temple prostitute who was committed to  the temple of  Utu-Shamash (Apollo to the Greeks),   Enlil-Jehovah’s grandson. It was as Shamash’s temple prostitute that  Helena gave birth to her only child, Mary Magdalene, who later became Jesus’s wife (see my series titled  The Jesus Papers).  

However, Adad would not address the Israelites directly from a public square podium. He would speak from within his aerial craft to Moses using a communication mechanism whose sound vibrations only Moses would pick up. Moses would then convey Adad’s word to the gathering using a loud speaker.  That way, so Adad reasoned, the Israelites would come to trust  Moses as god’s spokesman.   

Moses was given further instructions which he had to relay to his people. When Adad touched down on the mountain in his sky vehicle, no one was to rush up the mountain: everybody had to stay rooted to their position  at the foot of the mountain and at least 5 km from the mountain’s peripheries. Moses was in fact instructed to demarcate the limit beyond which nobody had to go in the direction of the mountain. Anybody who breached this proscription or even touched the edge of the mountain would be apprehended and either be handed over for stoning or be “shot” with arrows.   To Adad, even the slightest misdemeanor invited capital punishment. Our parents are way kinder than the cold-blooded Christian gods.

At the same time, Adad made an exception:  when his trumpet blew, the people should feel free to come up the mountain (EXODUS 19:13). Adad thus did not entirely prohibit the Israelites from ascending the mountain: they could do so but only when he had so signaled. As a god of order, he hated the idea of a stampede.


Although the mountain in front of which the Israelites were camped is referred to  in the Bible as Sinai or the “Mountain of the Elohim”, Elohim being a plural word for the Anunnaki top brass, they did not reside there. The mountain, known today as Jabal Al-Lawz (located in northwest Saudi Arabia, above the Gulf of Aqaba and overlooking the Jordanian border), was simply the one they had designated for their immediate interactions with the Nation of Israel.  The Bible makes it categorical, and in several Pentateuch passages,   that the “throne”  of  “Yahweh” was way north of this mountain. Specifically, it was somewhere at or in a place variously referred to as Seir, Paran, Edom, or Teman.

Let us begin with Seir. This was the name of  present-day Jordan, the place, along with north Saudi Arabia,  Esau and his people, known as  Edomites, settled. But it also referred to the entire mountainous region between the Dead Sea (in Jordan) and the Gulf of Aqaba (Saudi Arabia), called Mount Seir.   The Wilderness of Paran encompassed Jordan and northern Saudi Arabia. The Jordanian extent of the Wilderness of Paran was also known as the Wilderness of Zin, obviously as a tribute to the Arabs’ Anunnaki god Nannar-Sin.  Teman is a town in Jordan. It was named after Esau’s grandson, who  was fathered by his eldest son Eliphaz. And of course Edom was the ancient name for Jordan.

In DEUTERONOMY 33:2, we’re told that when Yahweh came  to meet the Israelites at Mount Sinai, he was travelling from Seir, from Mount Paran,  the land of the Arabs. But we know that Adad’s primary base was not Jordan or Arabia: it was Assyria (in today’s northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey). The god who resided in Arab lands primarily and in Canaan occasionally (at another small mountain near today’s Hebron in the West Bank and which was also known as Mount Seir) was Nannar-Sin.

So what the Bible is telling us is that Adad first compared notes with Sin   at the latter’s abode before he flew down to the Sinai  for his appointment with Moses and the Israelites. Remember, Sin was Adad’s immediate older brother and heir to Enlil-Jehovah, having become so when Ninurta, Enll’s firstborn son, decided to withdraw from the centre stage of Earthly politics.

When Adad descended on Mount Sinai in his sky craft, a number of happenings were observed by the Israelites who eagerly awaited him   in the mountain valley. The mountain shook, a canopy of smoke akin to  the kind that  issues forth from a furnace engulfed the mountain, and the craft spat fire (EXODUS 19:18). Adad was known as the god of thunder and lightning, the reason his emblem was a lightning bolt. So he had to ritualistically demonstrate that as the Anunnaki were obsessed with ritual as the Illuminati indeed are.  Fire, as we earlier pointed out, is the ultimate symbol of the forces of darkness. The mini-earthquake that rocked the mountain was of course engendered by HAARP technology as an aircraft on its own cannot make a mountain tremble.

As for the smoke, clearly the Pentateuch scribes were trying to tell us something here but they chose   to obfuscate it so they did not reveal much.  THE SMOKE WAS COMING FROM A HUMONGOUS FURNACE IN WHICH THE CHILDREN OF THE ISRAELITES WERE BEING BURNT AS A SACRIFICE TO REPTILIAN SPIRITS. Both the fire-spouting and smoke canopy were metaphors for  the diabolical human  destruction the Old Testament gods were capable of visiting on mankind. The smell of burning flesh sent Adad in a frisson of excitement as only a being with a dark soul  could. Somebody arrest these vampire gods please! Smoke arising from the incineration of a sacrificed creature was a “pleasing aroma to Yahweh” (LEVITICUS 1:13).


Ancient history lays bare the fact that human sacrifice was a commonplace phenomenon in antiquity. It was practiced by many cultures across the world, including the Chinese, the Incas, the Carthaginians, the Canaanites, and of course the Israelites, evidence that the world was – and still is – under the sway of Reptilians, who overshadowed the Anunnaki gods, particularly those of the clan of Jehovah-Enlil. In Palestine for one, ancient human sacrifice was going on up to the first century BC. It was the Romans who put an end to it when they conquered Palestine in 63 BC.

Reptilians, also known as devils or demons, subsist on human death, misery, and stress.  Their sustaining food is a critical mass of negative energy, which arises from the totality of  mankind’s woes. One such woe obviously stems from the sacrificial death of loved ones.     Human sacrifice takes many forms.

They include manufactured or contrived  wars (that’s why there’s always a form of war or a wave of  terrorist atrocities  going on in the world at any particular point in time), tactfully induced  diseases, some of which long-term epidemics or pandemics  (through vaccines, genetically modified foods, rigged pharmaceuticals, water-“purifying” chemicals, chemtrails, etc),  radiation-emitting convenience gadgetry (such as  cellphones  and microwave ovens), and directly by way of killing people in satanic rituals. The latter is human sacrifice proper in that it is plain and unequivocal.

The victims of direct  human  sacrifice typically are pre-pubescent children – children aged 12 years and below. These are abducted, bought off from their twisted parents, demanded as per the terms of a soul-selling contract, or raised in top-secret  underground breeding programmes for the specific purpose of eventual sacrifice. Adults also can be sacrificed as a punishment for either an attempt to  run  away from the obligations of a Satanic contract or in fulfillment of a clause in the satanic contract when it runs its course, but it is prepubescent children or young virgins who are the principal sacrifice. Why them?


In his book MAGICK THEORY AND PRACTICE, Aleister Crowley, who is widely acknowledged as the father of modern-day Satanism, explains thus: “It was the belief of the ancient sorcerers that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to its size and health, and in quality according to its mental and moral character. At the death of this being, this energy is liberated suddenly. For the highest spiritual working, one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force.

A child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.” Thus pre-teen youngsters are preferred for the purity of their innate energy, which Reptilians are always at the ready to partake of like a drug when it is released upon the death of the child. But Reptilians also partake of the blood or internal organs of the sacrificial child immediately after its death.  

There are two  underlying reasons for this. The first is given in LEVITICUS 17:11,  which says, “FOR THE LIFE-FORCE OF THE FLESH IS IN THE BLOOD”.  Thus  at the energetic level, when you consume the blood and flesh  of a dead person, you enhance your own life force with his. That in turn enhances your powers as a witch in that your are figuratively speaking not simply one soul but a composite of several. The more people you eat, the more  Satanic powers you are invested with by your Luciferian masters.

The second reason is explained by David Icke in his book THE BIGGEST SECRET. Icke, who has devoted himself to studying and exposing the Reptilian agenda since the early 90s, posits thus: “The Reptilians and  their cross-breeds drink blood because they need to exist in this physical dimension. They will often shapeshift into reptilians when drinking human blood and eating human flesh. Blood-drinking is in their genes. Without human blood, the Reptilians cannot hold form in this dimension.” The Bible is replete with passages that document human sacrifices on the part of the Jews to the honour and pleasure of Yahweh. That we explore in the next instalment.


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Is COVID-19 Flogging an Already Dead Economic Horse?

9th September 2020

The Central Bank has by way of its Monetary Policy Statement informed us that the Botswana economy is likely to contract by 8.9 percent over the course of the year 2020.

The IMF paints an even gloomier picture – a shrinkage of the order of 9.6 percent.  That translates to just under $2 billion hived off from the overall economic yield given our average GDP of roughly $18 billion a year. In Pula terms, this is about P23 billion less goods and services produced in the country and you and I have a good guess as to what such a sum can do in terms of job creation and sustainability, boosting tax revenue, succouring both recurrent and development expenditure, and on the whole keeping our teeny-weeny economy in relatively good nick.

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Union of Blue Bloods

9th September 2020

Joseph’s and Judah’s family lines conjoin to produce lineal seed

Just to recap, General Atiku, the Israelites were not headed for uncharted territory. The Promised Land teemed with Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. These nations were not simply going to cut and run when they saw columns of battle-ready Israelites approach: they were going to fight to the death.

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Security Sector Private Bills: What are they about?

9th September 2020

Parliament has begun debates on three related Private Members Bills on the conditions of service of members of the Security Sector.

The Bills are Prisons (Amendment) Bill, 2019, Police (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and Botswana Defence Force (Amendment) Bill, 2019. The Bills seek to amend the three statutes so that officers are placed on full salaries when on interdictions or suspensions whilst facing disciplinary boards or courts of law.

In terms of the Public Service Act, 2008 which took effect in 2010, civil servants who are indicted are paid full salary and not a portion of their emolument. Section 35(3) of the Act specifically provides that “An employee’s salary shall not be withheld during the period of his or her suspension”.

However, when parliament reformed the public service law to allow civil servants to unionize, among other things, and extended the said protection of their salaries, the process was not completed. When the House conferred the benefit on civil servants, members of the disciplined forces were left out by not accordingly amending the laws regulating their employment.

The Bills stated above seeks to ask Parliament to also include members of the forces on the said benefit. It is unfair not to include soldiers or military officers, police officers and prison waders in the benefit. Paying an officer who is facing either external or internal charges full pay is in line with the notion of ei incumbit probation qui dicit, non qui negat or the presumption of innocence; that the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies.

The officers facing charges, either internal disciplinary or criminal charges before the courts, must be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Paying them a portion of their salary is penalty and therefore arbitrary. Punishment by way of loss of income or anything should come as a result of a finding on the guilt by a competent court of law, tribunal or disciplinary board.

What was the rationale behind this reform in 2008 when the Public Service Act was adopted? First it was the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

The presumption of innocence is the legal principle that one is considered “innocent until proven guilty”. In terms of the constitution and other laws of Botswana, the presumption of innocence is a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, and it is an international human right under the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11.

Withholding a civil servant’s salary because they are accused of an internal disciplinary offense or a criminal offense in the courts of law, was seen as punishment before a decision by a tribunal, disciplinary board or a court of law actually finds someone culpable. Parliament in its wisdom decided that no one deserves this premature punishment.

Secondly, it was considered that people’s lives got destroyed by withholding of financial benefits during internal or judicial trials. Protection of wages is very important for any worker. Workers commit their salaries, they pay mortgages, car loans, insurances, schools fees for children and other things. When public servants were experiencing salary cuts because of interdictions, they lost their homes, cars and their children’s future.

They plummeted into instant destitution. People lost their livelihoods. Families crumbled. What was disheartening was that in many cases, these workers are ultimately exonerated by the courts or disciplinary tribunals. When they are cleared, the harm suffered is usually irreparable. Even if one is reimbursed all their dues, it is difficult to almost impossible to get one’s life back to normal.

There is a reasoning that members of the security sector should be held to very high standards of discipline and moral compass. This is true. However, other more senior public servants such as judges, permanent secretary to the President and ministers have faced suspensions, interdictions and or criminal charges in the courts but were placed on full salaries.

The yardstick against which security sector officers are held cannot be higher than the aforementioned public officials. It just wouldn’t make sense. They are in charge of the security and operate in a very sensitive area, but cannot in anyway be held to higher standards that prosecutors, magistrates, judges, ministers and even senior officials such as permanent secretaries.

Moreover, jail guards, police officers and soldiers, have unique harsh punishments which deter many of them from committing misdemeanors and serious crimes. So, the argument that if the suspension or interdiction with full pay is introduced it would open floodgates of lawlessness is illogical.

Security Sector members work in very difficult conditions. Sometimes this drives them into depression and other emotional conditions. The truth is that many seldom receive proper and adequate counseling or such related therapies. They see horrifying scenes whilst on duty. Jail guards double as hangmen/women.

Detectives attend to autopsies on cases they are dealing with. Traffic police officers are usually the first at accident scenes. Soldiers fight and kill poachers. In all these cases, their minds are troubled. They are human. These conditions also play a part in their behaviors. They are actually more deserving to be paid full salaries when they’re facing allegations of misconduct.

To withhold up to 50 percent of the police, prison workers and the military officers’ salaries during their interdiction or suspensions from work is punitive, insensitive and prejudicial as we do not do the same for other employees employed by the government.

The rest enjoy their full salaries when they are at home and it is for a good reason as no one should be made to suffer before being found blameworthy. The ruling party seems to have taken a position to negate the Bills and the collective opposition argue in the affirmative. The debate have just began and will continue next week Thursday, a day designated for Private Bills.

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