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Nibiru in Genesis

Benson C Saili

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said: ‘Let there be light’ and there was light.”

These are the opening three verses of Genesis (1-3). According to conventional Christian theology, the passage depicts the God of the Universe and all Dimensions, the First Source, creating out of nothing the heavens – that is, the cosmos – and the planet Earth as an ethereally beautiful place. Then after Lucifer, the archangel, rebels against God, he and his followers, a third of the angelic host, are banished from God’s dwelling place in the spiritual realms, also called Heaven, and cast down to Earth, as a result of which Earth becomes a chaotic, dark, convoluted God-forsaken place. Then eons later, God decides to restore Earth to its original glory in preparation for the creation of material life thereon. So in his other form, the Holy Spirit (the third person of a Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit), God hovers over Earth. Since Earth is engulfed in impenetrable darkness, the first thing God calls into existence is light.      

As is the norm rather than the exception, Christianity is at it again – guilty of unduly “spriritualising” the scriptures. This habit of reading into scripture a meaning wholly at variance with the facts on the ground I call deliberate distortion. Our preachers, in the pulpits and on the silver screen, peddle a whole litany of falsehoods day in and day out “in the name of the Lord” and these have been so repeated over time that Christians accept them as unimpeachable truth.  Those levelheaded Christians who are well-grounded in the background knowledge and interpret the Bible factually and realistically are branded “heretics”. Mainstream Christians are perishing in ignorance because they lack knowledge; this is what the Bible itself says (HOSEA 4:6).

So let me at the risk of being called a heretic call your typical preacher’s bluff.


Firstly, what the body of Christians do not know but which their pastors conceal  from them (pastors who have been to a proper Bible College) is that the tales of Genesis are simply summarised versions of very detailed records the Sumerians wrote down between two to three  thousand years before the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament,  was compiled. The Sumerian writings were dictated by the Anunnaki, the technologically and gnostically advanced extraterrestrials from the planet Nibiru who settled on Earth 450,000 years ago and in time fashioned mankind.    

According to the Sumerian records, GENESIS VERSES 1-3 ought to read as follows: When, in the beginning, The Lord created the Heaven and the Earth, the Earth, not yet formed, was in the void, and there was darkness upon Tiamat. Then the Wind of the Lord swept upon its waters and The Lord commanded, “Let there be lightning!” and there was a bright light.  

The Genesis writers researched from a series of Sumerian tablets, notably the Enuma Elish, also called the Epic of Creation. Whereas the Enuma Elish documents the beginning proper – the formation of the Solar System 5 billion years ago – the Genesis writers skipped all that and went directly to the Celestial Battle of 4 billion years ago and its aftermath (refer to recent write-ups).  

We have already learnt that one of the names the Sumerians gave to the planet Nibiru was “The Celestial Lord”, or simply “The Lord”, because it is Nibiru that not only caused the coming into being of planet Earth from the original planet Tiamat (a series of events Sumerians referred to as the Celestial Battle) but also basically reordered the Solar System in the geophysical effects it brought about. Nibiru fashioned Earth from Tiamat – a big, watery  planet at least twice the size of Earth that lay between Mars and Jupiter – using its moons, called Winds of The Lord (Nibiru) in Sumerian, as its weapons as well as electrical bolts of lightning that it fired forth as typified a young planet. In the Hebrew version of Genesis, the word used for wind is RUACH and accurately so. But the theological English Bible translations substitute the word RUACH for “the Spirit of God”. Talk of forgery!  

Thus Day 1 in Genesis, on which light is “formed”, is actually the first phase of the Celestial Battle – when Nibiru came into the Solar System from outer space and tore into the planet Tiamat not by itself but by its moons.  The word translated “Heaven” in Verse 1 is the Hebrew word SHAMAIM. It literally means “where the waters used to be” – the Asteroid Belt of today, the site of the primordial, watery planet Tiamat. Thus if we were to properly recast VERSE 1, it should read as follows: Earth and the Asteroid Belt came about because of Nibiru, when it struck the watery planet Tiamat using its moons as battering rams, its lightning bolts lighting the darkness of space as it hit and split Tiamat.    


The formation of the Asteroid Belt is described in a little bit more detail in VERSES 6-8. Properly translated, the verses read as follows: And the Elohim said: Let there be a Firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters. And the Elohim made the Firmament, dividing the waters which are under the Firmament from the waters which are above the Firmament. And the Elohim called the Firmament “Heaven”.

In English versions of the Bible, the term Elohim is rendered “God”. This is false:  the proper translation is “gods”. Elohim is a plural word: the singular is El. The route word for El is the Sumerian ILU, meaning “the lofty ones” or “those who came from the sky”.   Who were the Elohim? They were the Anunnaki – the so-called “gods” from the planet Nibiru. Anunnaki means “those who to Earth from Heaven came” – the same meaning as Elohim.

Yet even the attribution of the creation of the Asteroid Belt to the Elohim by the Genesis writers is outright deception. The Asteroid Belt was the culmination of the motions and impacts of the planet Nibiru during the Celestial Battle. It was Nibiru, through the fashioning of the Asteroid Belt, that separated the waters below from the waters above (“waters” is another name for space, which the ancients called the “Ocean of the Kaa”). The word translated “Firmament” is the Hebrew word “RAKIA”. It literally means “HAMMERED-OUT BRACELET”. This is exactly what the Sumerians called the Asteroid Belt.  It is the Asteroid Belt that is referred to as Heaven (VERSE 8). Says Zechariah Sitchin: “Our Earth and Asteroid Belt are the ‘Heaven and Earth’ of both Mesopotamian (Sumerian) and biblical references, created when Tiamat was dismembered by the Celestial Lord (Nibiru)”.

So Day 2 in Genesis actually refers to the second phase of the Celestial Battle – when Nibiru returned and itself split Tiamat into two, with the one part of Tiamat assuming a new orbit and becoming the planet Earth and the other breaking into pieces to become the Asteroid Belt.   

Genesis VERSE 9, properly translated, reads as follows: And the Elohim said, “Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together into one place and let the dry land appear. And it was so. And Elohim called the dry land “Earth” and the gathered-together water he called “Seas”.  This is a description of the original Earth, which was made up of one huge land mass on the one side, the super-continent called Pangaea, and basically one huge sea on the other side, the Pacific Ocean. Pangaea began to drift apart 65 to 225 million years ago to form the seven separate continents we have today and give rise to smaller seas – Mediterranean, Caspian, Red Sea, and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

So Day 3 – its beginning – was the formation of Earth proper, an embryonic Earth severed from Tiamat to become master of its own destiny with its own orbit. Day 3 also marked the beginning of plant life. Since these “days” referred, in this context,  to the periodic appearance of Nibiru – once every 3600 years – Nibiru had in its earlier collision with Tiamat seeded life forms on Earth and vegetation had therefore now  luxuriantly sprouted  (“it was good”).

In sum, the planet Nibiru, folks, is the “God” of the opening verses of Genesis. This was 4 billion years ago – before the Elohim, the Anunnaki, had appeared on Earth and before they themselves had even come into existence on their own planet.   


Scientists today believe Earthly elements came about in this order: first, there were volcanic eruptions, then the formation of the atmosphere, followed by the formation of oceans and finally the continents. Exactly, says the Enuma Elish, the so-called Epic of Creation as set down by the Sumerians 6,000 years ago.  

Zechariah Sitchin: “The fifth tablet of the Enuma Elish described the gushing lava as ‘spittle’. This spittle, the text states, was ‘laying in layers’ as it poured forth. The phase of ‘making the cold’ and the ‘assembling of the water clouds’ are described; after that the ‘foundations’ of Earth were raised and the oceans were gathered.”    

Experiments conducted at the Institute for Molecular and Cellular Evolution at the University of Miami deduced that algae (primitive nature forms that are neither plant, animal nor fungi but give off oxygen) were the first one-celled living creatures on Earth. Algae are still found in ponds and damp places today and they remain basically unchanged despite the passage of billions of years. For more complex life forms to emerge – that is the animal species – oxygen was needed. This oxygen became available after algae spread upon the dry land. But the oxygen that algae released was on its own poisonous at the time; so for new, emerging life-forms to utilise it, they needed an environment of rocks containing iron with which to “bind” the oxygen and therefore render it safe for uptake.  Scientists say “as such banded-iron formations sank into ocean bottoms as sediments, the single-celled organisms evolved into multicelled ones in the water” and that was the beginning of maritime (that is, sea-borne) life.   In other words, algae were crawling all over the Earth before maritime life emerged.

That is what the Bible also says. On Day 3, “God” said: Let the Earth bring forth green herbage, and grasses that  yield seeds, and fruit trees    that bear fruit of all kinds in accordance with the seeds thereof (GENESIS 1: 11).

At this stage, Genesis informs us, animal life had not yet appeared on Earth. For this to happen, “Earth had to set the patterns of the biological clocks that underlie the life cycles of all living forms on Earth,” says Zechariah Sitchin. “The Earth had to settle into its orbital and rotational patterns and be subjected to the effects of the Sun and the Moon, which were primarily manifested in the cycles of light and darkness”.

Modern science agrees with this sequence of phenomena. It explains why the writers of Genesis inserted a “celestial phase” (Day 4) between the evolutionary period of Day 3 (that is, the time when the earliest life forms appeared) and Day 5, when the “creatures” appeared.  Day 4 partially reads thus:  And God said: “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years and let them be lights in the expanse of the sky to give light on the Earth (GENESIS 1: 14-15).  

This was not a chronological event as the Sun and moon existed long before plant life did. It  was incorporated for purposes purely of science – to demonstrate the necessity for life-forms on Earth to be subjected to the biological and geographical effects of the Sun’s, the Moon’s, and the Earth’s rotational and revolutional cycles (e.g. we age at the rate we do because as Earthlings our DNA is  influenced by  celestial cycles unique to us; the Anunnaki on their planet Nibiru age at a different rate  because their DNA programmes according to their own celestial cycles which are significantly different from ours.)    

On Day 5, “God” said:  Let the waters swarm with living creatures and let the aves fly above the Earth, under the dome of the sky. And God created the large reptilians, and all the living creatures that crawl and that swarmed in the waters, all in accordance with their kinds, and all the winged aves by their kinds. (GENESIS 1:20-21).

By “aves” is meant birds and by “large reptilians” is meant dinosaurs and lizards, creatures that began life in the sea and later took to land life before they suddenly became extinct about 65 million years ago in yet another cosmic cataclysm. Now, for a long time scientists held that birds evolved from dinosaurs. But in the later stages of the 19th century, skeletons of a creature called Archaeopteryx were discovered.  The creature was found to be a fully developed bird by and large and it was found not to have evolved from dinosaurs but from an ancestor that predated the dinosaurs.     

What scientists “discovered” in the 19th century was already recorded in Genesis courtesy of Sumerian records. Genesis lists birds before dinosaurs and not vice versa.  It was not until dinosaurs became extinct that mammals, which began life in the sea, spread across the Earth. According to the Bible, this happened on Day 6. And God said: “Let the Earth bring forth living animals according to their kind; bovines and those that creep, and beasts of the land according to their kind” (GENESIS 1:24).

The “creation” engendered by “Lord Nibiru” was thus complete within one zodiacal year (about 26,000 Earth years). The days were not Earth days as your pastor will erroneously preach to you: they were shars, periods of 3600 Earth years for 3600 Earth years constitute one year on planet Nibiru. The six biblical days thus totalled 21,600 Earth years.      

So what do we see? We see that science, the theory of evolution, and Genesis do not conflict: they are actually in agreement. But before modern science and before Genesis were the Sumerian texts. The Genesis writers researched from Sumerian records. Genesis is so scientifically accurate because the inconceivably advanced Anunnaki, who dictated to the Sumerians texts such as the Enuma Elish, had already figured out the course of evolution here on Earth. Sadly, modern science will never acknowledge the Anunnaki even when evidence of their having been on Earth is so glaring apparent.  This Earth, My Brother…


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Is COVID-19 Flogging an Already Dead Economic Horse?

9th September 2020

The Central Bank has by way of its Monetary Policy Statement informed us that the Botswana economy is likely to contract by 8.9 percent over the course of the year 2020.

The IMF paints an even gloomier picture – a shrinkage of the order of 9.6 percent.  That translates to just under $2 billion hived off from the overall economic yield given our average GDP of roughly $18 billion a year. In Pula terms, this is about P23 billion less goods and services produced in the country and you and I have a good guess as to what such a sum can do in terms of job creation and sustainability, boosting tax revenue, succouring both recurrent and development expenditure, and on the whole keeping our teeny-weeny economy in relatively good nick.

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Union of Blue Bloods

9th September 2020

Joseph’s and Judah’s family lines conjoin to produce lineal seed

Just to recap, General Atiku, the Israelites were not headed for uncharted territory. The Promised Land teemed with Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. These nations were not simply going to cut and run when they saw columns of battle-ready Israelites approach: they were going to fight to the death.

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Security Sector Private Bills: What are they about?

9th September 2020

Parliament has begun debates on three related Private Members Bills on the conditions of service of members of the Security Sector.

The Bills are Prisons (Amendment) Bill, 2019, Police (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and Botswana Defence Force (Amendment) Bill, 2019. The Bills seek to amend the three statutes so that officers are placed on full salaries when on interdictions or suspensions whilst facing disciplinary boards or courts of law.

In terms of the Public Service Act, 2008 which took effect in 2010, civil servants who are indicted are paid full salary and not a portion of their emolument. Section 35(3) of the Act specifically provides that “An employee’s salary shall not be withheld during the period of his or her suspension”.

However, when parliament reformed the public service law to allow civil servants to unionize, among other things, and extended the said protection of their salaries, the process was not completed. When the House conferred the benefit on civil servants, members of the disciplined forces were left out by not accordingly amending the laws regulating their employment.

The Bills stated above seeks to ask Parliament to also include members of the forces on the said benefit. It is unfair not to include soldiers or military officers, police officers and prison waders in the benefit. Paying an officer who is facing either external or internal charges full pay is in line with the notion of ei incumbit probation qui dicit, non qui negat or the presumption of innocence; that the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies.

The officers facing charges, either internal disciplinary or criminal charges before the courts, must be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Paying them a portion of their salary is penalty and therefore arbitrary. Punishment by way of loss of income or anything should come as a result of a finding on the guilt by a competent court of law, tribunal or disciplinary board.

What was the rationale behind this reform in 2008 when the Public Service Act was adopted? First it was the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

The presumption of innocence is the legal principle that one is considered “innocent until proven guilty”. In terms of the constitution and other laws of Botswana, the presumption of innocence is a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, and it is an international human right under the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11.

Withholding a civil servant’s salary because they are accused of an internal disciplinary offense or a criminal offense in the courts of law, was seen as punishment before a decision by a tribunal, disciplinary board or a court of law actually finds someone culpable. Parliament in its wisdom decided that no one deserves this premature punishment.

Secondly, it was considered that people’s lives got destroyed by withholding of financial benefits during internal or judicial trials. Protection of wages is very important for any worker. Workers commit their salaries, they pay mortgages, car loans, insurances, schools fees for children and other things. When public servants were experiencing salary cuts because of interdictions, they lost their homes, cars and their children’s future.

They plummeted into instant destitution. People lost their livelihoods. Families crumbled. What was disheartening was that in many cases, these workers are ultimately exonerated by the courts or disciplinary tribunals. When they are cleared, the harm suffered is usually irreparable. Even if one is reimbursed all their dues, it is difficult to almost impossible to get one’s life back to normal.

There is a reasoning that members of the security sector should be held to very high standards of discipline and moral compass. This is true. However, other more senior public servants such as judges, permanent secretary to the President and ministers have faced suspensions, interdictions and or criminal charges in the courts but were placed on full salaries.

The yardstick against which security sector officers are held cannot be higher than the aforementioned public officials. It just wouldn’t make sense. They are in charge of the security and operate in a very sensitive area, but cannot in anyway be held to higher standards that prosecutors, magistrates, judges, ministers and even senior officials such as permanent secretaries.

Moreover, jail guards, police officers and soldiers, have unique harsh punishments which deter many of them from committing misdemeanors and serious crimes. So, the argument that if the suspension or interdiction with full pay is introduced it would open floodgates of lawlessness is illogical.

Security Sector members work in very difficult conditions. Sometimes this drives them into depression and other emotional conditions. The truth is that many seldom receive proper and adequate counseling or such related therapies. They see horrifying scenes whilst on duty. Jail guards double as hangmen/women.

Detectives attend to autopsies on cases they are dealing with. Traffic police officers are usually the first at accident scenes. Soldiers fight and kill poachers. In all these cases, their minds are troubled. They are human. These conditions also play a part in their behaviors. They are actually more deserving to be paid full salaries when they’re facing allegations of misconduct.

To withhold up to 50 percent of the police, prison workers and the military officers’ salaries during their interdiction or suspensions from work is punitive, insensitive and prejudicial as we do not do the same for other employees employed by the government.

The rest enjoy their full salaries when they are at home and it is for a good reason as no one should be made to suffer before being found blameworthy. The ruling party seems to have taken a position to negate the Bills and the collective opposition argue in the affirmative. The debate have just began and will continue next week Thursday, a day designated for Private Bills.

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