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Enki Makes His Case

Benson C Saili

Christendom has labelled him with such abominable and loathsome names as Lucifer, Satan, Serpent, Dragon, Devil, and all that jazz.  To those who lived in his day, however, he was best known as Enki and acknowledged as the creator of mankind. But was mankind indeed created by Enki? Who were the Old Testament gods? And were these the creators of  the cosmos too? In a reprised series titled the Earth Chronicles, BENSON C SAILI delves into the matter and traces the transmigration of the human agent  from unseen realms of existence to his present existential station.   

Dear Pontiff

It would seem superfluous to introduce myself to you considering that you are well-schooled about me and my race, but I feel it is in order that I do so, if only for the sake of the rest of the human race.

My name is Enki.

I write you from Agade, the throne city of  planet Nibiru. Nibiru, as you well know Pontiff, is the Heaven of the Hebrew Bible, which Christians have appropriated as the First Testament of their two-part canon they call   their Holy Writ.  

You too are a Christian Pontiff: at least you profess to be such and actually perches at the very pinnacle of Christendom.  “Vicar of Christ”, so blares one of your slew of sanctimonious titles.    

I write to you at a time when you are riding the crest of a wave of popularity unprecedented of any Pope in history, which I hope is not a nine days’ wonder but enduring adulation.   

It is a time, too, when there is fevered excitement about the imminent return of Nibiru to the vicinities of planet Gaea – Earth in your Queen’s language. True, Nibiru is headed the direction of the ecliptic as we speak: it is just a matter of years and not centuries before it is at perihelion and before the denizens of Gaea behold its dazzling brilliance. Whether its approach will be innocuous or will spell disaster for Gaea is a subject I will reserve for another day.  

As for your carefree embrace of men and women whose sexual propensities militate against the order of nature, I will not join the roll of  naysayers who voice diatribes at you for your rather sacrilegious gesture.  That, rest assured Holy Father, is not my beef with you, at least at this juncture.    

If I have a bone to pick with you Holy Father, it is your complicity, deliberate or resigned, in glossing over the role I played in ushering mankind into existence. Even worse, you have done nothing, utterly nothing, to disabuse Terrans – Earthlings in your Queen’s language – of the base, age-old propaganda that I Enki I’m the “Tempter” of  Garden-of-Eden infamy. You and your ilk, Holy Father, the so-called Illuminati, continue to perpetuate this falsity without shame or scruple – and this I say with respect – and purely for your own, mercenary motives. Well, I have decided enough is enough: you have run me too far aground. It’s time I made my deposition without necessarily calling for your arraignment before the court of posterity.   True, you have been ballsy enough to call the Genesis story a legend – which it isn’t at any rate – but you have neglected to factually recast it, to remedy it in such a way that it portrays me, Enki, in my proper, untarnished  light. This dereliction of patriarchal duty on your part I find calumnious and therefore inexcusable.

About 450,000 years ago – actually 432, 000 to be precise – I and a small retinue of fellow Nibiruians came to Gaea.  144,000 years later, I created mankind. I was assisted in this enterprise by my half-sister Ninmah and my son Ningishzidda – a Trinity if you will.

In an ideal world, the three of us should have ruled the world, Gaea, for it seems all rulership within the universe is Trinitarian in core.  For instance, before we came to Gaea, authority on Nibiru largely vested in my father King Anu, my step-brother Enlil – then called Elu – and myself. But on Gaea, at least in earlier times, it was Enlil who called the shots: my sister Ninmah and I were subordinate to him though in the greater scheme of things we were more or less co-equal – another Trinitarian scenario if you allow.  

On Nibiru, Enlil and I, for reasons purely of dynastic politics, hardly saw eye to eye; on Gaea, the status quo remained pretty much the same, without so much, indeed, as a peep of a thaw in our relations. Our rivalry reached feverpitch when Enlil by a contrived play on my title turned me into the Devil – that supremely negative, interdimensional  force that has waged a cold war against the Creator of All since no-one-knows-when.

Let me reiterate this otherwise inalienable truth Holy Father:  I created mankind I Enki, and needless to say, that includes you Pontiff. I imparted to my highly prized prototypes the knowledge of procreation to enable them multiply and perpetuate themselves forever. It was I, Enki, who among the Pantheon of  the 12 gods championed the civilisation of mankind, who ensured that it was not consigned to oblivion during that great Deluge that engulfed much of Gaea. Yet thanks to Enlil, I became the Fiend, the Serpent who caused   Adam and Eve to defy the “Creator of All”. I was not only dubbed the evil Serpent: I became the Devil himself. On the other hand, Enlil miraculously morphed into the benevolent Creator of All! Not only did he usurp from me the credit of fashioner of mankind but he declared himself  the Supreme Being, the creator of all there is in the cosmos and beyond it.  

Enlil and his brood, Your Holiness, became the Yahweh, or Jehovah, worshipped throughout Christendom, in Judaism, in Islam, and under various guises in pretty much all  religious faiths. As his marks of reverence, actually his "deity", soared, my own reputation hurtled south, plumbing the depths of the Abyss, as though that was indeed where I belonged. I continued to be vilified as the Ancient Dragon, the Lucifer, the Great Satan, the Shetani.  And, agony of agonies, you who know the truth have kept treasonably silent about this Slur of Slurs. In fact, you continue to fan the flames of this calumny: day in and day out, you deliriously trumpet Enlil’s cheap propaganda; you continue to champion his populist agenda, when you know full well I’m not as black as he has painted me.  

Whilst I’m prepared to forgive, Pontiff, I’m not that readily disposed to forget, for the toll on my spiritual wellbeing, on my emotional equilibrium and on my whole karmic dynamic, has been considerable, if not horrendous.      

Because of the ill-will, the endless spiral of hate, that mankind continues to direct toward me as the Cosmic Adversary, every aspect of my person has atrophied beyond recognition. I have become a byword for ill luck. I have aged precociously, by leaps and bounds,  and to such an extent that Enlil, only a couple of shars younger, looks like a teenager next to my shrivelled and etiolated self. Everything I touch promptly turns to dust. I have become  nature’s preordained nemesis.  

I feel I’m now staring death in the face, Pontiff, that I’m literally at death’s door. Before I slip into the great beyond, I think it is essential that I recount to you, and to mankind at large, first  the history of the cosmos, and subsequent to that all that transpired from the time we came to Gaea to the time we departed in the age of Aries.

That will be my first volume. My second volume will dwell on the life and times of Jesus the Nazarene, known in his day as Yeshua, the Palestinian who was crucified by Pontius Pilate in AD 33 and who mainstream Christianity has elevated to the same pedestal as that of the Creator of All.  Finally, in my third volume, I will address myself to the immediate post-Yeshua dispensation, the protagonists of which were his brother James, his arch-disciple Simon Peter, and his greatest crusader Paul of Tarsus.

In reliving all these momentous chapters of the Earth Chronicles, Pontiff, it is not absolution I seek. All that I desire is to put the record straight so that even when I draw my last breath, I will have done so with the peace of mind that I have not left my cherished creation in eternal ignorance as to their true origins and innate  potential.   

Here, then, is my first volume Pontiff, the first of what as a hilarious play on your cute, adopted name I’m proud to term The Franciscan  Trilogy.

I remain Pontiff
Yours Truly
Enki Nibirukoff


In 2017 BC, on February 17th, Enki, the second-ranked Anunnaki on planet Earth, set about documenting his reminiscences on several clay tablets. He did not actually do the writing himself; he dictated it to his Master Scribe Endubasar.

When the memoir was discovered, quoted at times repetitively in over 800 cuneiform clay  tablets, modern-day  scholars typically treated it as little more than “the usual Sumerian mythos”. But the now legendary, far-sighted  Israeli scholar, Zechariah Sitchin, thought otherwise. Only one of a handful of people in the world who had a peerless mastery of the Sumerian language, Sitchin translated the memoir into English and published it in 2002. He titled it  The Lost Book of Enki. Today the book is acknowledged as one of the most illuminating treatises on the origins of the Anunnaki.   

The letter presented above is not an excerpt from the book. It is actually an excerpt from my as yet unpublished novel entitled When We Were Gods, a book in which Enki is the narrator and Pope Francis is the addressee (in the initial draft it was Pope Benedict).   

Zechariah Sitchin died on October 9  2010, at age 90, after a short, gastrointestinal   illness (to tell by the numerology of the date of  his departure, which adds up to 13, and his age, which reduces to 9, his death was not natural but a forced “retirement” by the shadowy “powers and principalities” as the great apostle Paul described the behind-the-drapes rulers of this world).  The previous year, Sitchin and I had become pen friends.  We became kind of boon companions thanks to my manuscript, which was not only dedicated to him but was a fact-based fictional work largely based on his writings – 15 books in all.

When I emailed him my manuscript, I hilariously addressed him as “Lord Enki”, a nickname I gave him by virtue of  his surpassing mastery of the saga of the Anunnaki, the extraterrestrials who 450,000 years ago came to Earth from their planet Nibiru and created mankind. In his reply to my correspondence, he too jokingly addressed me as “My Master Scribe Endubasar”.

I also made known  to him that I had bestowed on him my own personal accolade – The Man of the 20th Century (Time magazine conferred that title on Albert Einstein, which of course was deserving though Sitchin deserved it more for practically “discovering” the planet Nibiru and introducing to us its people, the Anunnaki, who were the reason Einstein and the rest of mankind existed in the first place). He did not comment on this tribute, perhaps because he was such a modest human being.


In The Lost Book of Enki (subtitled Memoirs and Prophesies of  an Extraterrestrial God), Enki records developments on the planet Nibiru and what drove the Anunnaki to come to Earth, among other things. Endubasar’s preface  begins as follows:

“In the 7th year after the Great Calamity (the upheavalling in 2024 BC of Sodom and Gomorrah), in the 2nd month, on the 17th day, I was summoned by my Master, the Lord Enki, Great God, Benevolent Fashioner of Mankind, Omnipotent and Merciful … Then the voice said: ‘Endubasar offspring of Adapa, I have chosen you to be my scribe, that you write down my words on the tablets’."    

Enki was acknowledged by his fellow Anunnaki as “The Knower of Everything”. He was hailed as Nibiru’s greatest scientist, greatest inventor, greatest engineer, and greatest genetic biologist.    In his memoirs, Enki makes the case that it was he who created mankind, not his step-brother Enlil, called Yahweh/Jehovah in the Bible, who unblushingly laid claim to this feat too and even today is worshiped as the Universal God particularly in Judaism and Christianity.   

So who really created mankind? Was it Enki (maligned over the ages as a form of the Devil) or Jehovah? Was it God with a capital “G” (the God Jesus of  Nazareth introduced to us in the first century) or god with small letter “g” (one of Enki or Enlil)?   We will dwell comprehensively on this apparent dilemma in the  course of the Earth Chronicles, but first let us declare our beef with the iconic Sitchin.  


Let me underline the point that this is not the first time I’m relating the Earth Chronicles. It  was actually my first series but I was not even half  way when  I decided to deviate to another subject. The reason I did so was because I realised I had drawn too much on Sitchin alone, who wasn’t infallible and was fraught with shortcomings it turned out.

First,  Sitchin restricts the saga of the Anunnaki  to only planet Nibiru and Earth  (with tidbits on Mars here and there) when in truth it began in the Sirius and Orion star systems. Second, Sitchin  by deliberate design only mentions the Anunnaki (who like us were humanoids)   as the engenderers  of modern man when in actual fact various other cosmic races did play a part too, notably the Reptilians. He does not even make mention of the Reptilians once. Third,  Sitchin interpreted the Sumerian records rather too literally and at times casually when some of  the aspects of the Sumerian chronicles were allegorical and not literal. In some cases, few though these are it must be admitted, he’s plainly mistaken.

My fans also overwhelmingly urged that the Earth Chronicles resume, more so those who had missed out on the earlier  series, which ran at a time when our paper was still new and so was not that well-known.       

Having augmented my research with the writings of other luminaries in the field of cosmology such as Robert Morning Sky and Barbara Marciniack as well as the revelations of people who have been in direct and physical contact with beings from other worlds such as Stewart Swerdlow, Alex Collier, Dr Jamisson Neruda, and the LPG Group, to mention only a few, I am now in position to offer a better informed account of the saga of  mankind, that of  the Anunnaki, and the fate of the universe as a whole.   

So let us press “rewind” and this time begin at an even  earlier juncture of cosmic history than we did last time around.



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Is COVID-19 Flogging an Already Dead Economic Horse?

9th September 2020

The Central Bank has by way of its Monetary Policy Statement informed us that the Botswana economy is likely to contract by 8.9 percent over the course of the year 2020.

The IMF paints an even gloomier picture – a shrinkage of the order of 9.6 percent.  That translates to just under $2 billion hived off from the overall economic yield given our average GDP of roughly $18 billion a year. In Pula terms, this is about P23 billion less goods and services produced in the country and you and I have a good guess as to what such a sum can do in terms of job creation and sustainability, boosting tax revenue, succouring both recurrent and development expenditure, and on the whole keeping our teeny-weeny economy in relatively good nick.

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Union of Blue Bloods

9th September 2020

Joseph’s and Judah’s family lines conjoin to produce lineal seed

Just to recap, General Atiku, the Israelites were not headed for uncharted territory. The Promised Land teemed with Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. These nations were not simply going to cut and run when they saw columns of battle-ready Israelites approach: they were going to fight to the death.

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Security Sector Private Bills: What are they about?

9th September 2020

Parliament has begun debates on three related Private Members Bills on the conditions of service of members of the Security Sector.

The Bills are Prisons (Amendment) Bill, 2019, Police (Amendment) Bill, 2019 and Botswana Defence Force (Amendment) Bill, 2019. The Bills seek to amend the three statutes so that officers are placed on full salaries when on interdictions or suspensions whilst facing disciplinary boards or courts of law.

In terms of the Public Service Act, 2008 which took effect in 2010, civil servants who are indicted are paid full salary and not a portion of their emolument. Section 35(3) of the Act specifically provides that “An employee’s salary shall not be withheld during the period of his or her suspension”.

However, when parliament reformed the public service law to allow civil servants to unionize, among other things, and extended the said protection of their salaries, the process was not completed. When the House conferred the benefit on civil servants, members of the disciplined forces were left out by not accordingly amending the laws regulating their employment.

The Bills stated above seeks to ask Parliament to also include members of the forces on the said benefit. It is unfair not to include soldiers or military officers, police officers and prison waders in the benefit. Paying an officer who is facing either external or internal charges full pay is in line with the notion of ei incumbit probation qui dicit, non qui negat or the presumption of innocence; that the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies.

The officers facing charges, either internal disciplinary or criminal charges before the courts, must be presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Paying them a portion of their salary is penalty and therefore arbitrary. Punishment by way of loss of income or anything should come as a result of a finding on the guilt by a competent court of law, tribunal or disciplinary board.

What was the rationale behind this reform in 2008 when the Public Service Act was adopted? First it was the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

The presumption of innocence is the legal principle that one is considered “innocent until proven guilty”. In terms of the constitution and other laws of Botswana, the presumption of innocence is a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, and it is an international human right under the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11.

Withholding a civil servant’s salary because they are accused of an internal disciplinary offense or a criminal offense in the courts of law, was seen as punishment before a decision by a tribunal, disciplinary board or a court of law actually finds someone culpable. Parliament in its wisdom decided that no one deserves this premature punishment.

Secondly, it was considered that people’s lives got destroyed by withholding of financial benefits during internal or judicial trials. Protection of wages is very important for any worker. Workers commit their salaries, they pay mortgages, car loans, insurances, schools fees for children and other things. When public servants were experiencing salary cuts because of interdictions, they lost their homes, cars and their children’s future.

They plummeted into instant destitution. People lost their livelihoods. Families crumbled. What was disheartening was that in many cases, these workers are ultimately exonerated by the courts or disciplinary tribunals. When they are cleared, the harm suffered is usually irreparable. Even if one is reimbursed all their dues, it is difficult to almost impossible to get one’s life back to normal.

There is a reasoning that members of the security sector should be held to very high standards of discipline and moral compass. This is true. However, other more senior public servants such as judges, permanent secretary to the President and ministers have faced suspensions, interdictions and or criminal charges in the courts but were placed on full salaries.

The yardstick against which security sector officers are held cannot be higher than the aforementioned public officials. It just wouldn’t make sense. They are in charge of the security and operate in a very sensitive area, but cannot in anyway be held to higher standards that prosecutors, magistrates, judges, ministers and even senior officials such as permanent secretaries.

Moreover, jail guards, police officers and soldiers, have unique harsh punishments which deter many of them from committing misdemeanors and serious crimes. So, the argument that if the suspension or interdiction with full pay is introduced it would open floodgates of lawlessness is illogical.

Security Sector members work in very difficult conditions. Sometimes this drives them into depression and other emotional conditions. The truth is that many seldom receive proper and adequate counseling or such related therapies. They see horrifying scenes whilst on duty. Jail guards double as hangmen/women.

Detectives attend to autopsies on cases they are dealing with. Traffic police officers are usually the first at accident scenes. Soldiers fight and kill poachers. In all these cases, their minds are troubled. They are human. These conditions also play a part in their behaviors. They are actually more deserving to be paid full salaries when they’re facing allegations of misconduct.

To withhold up to 50 percent of the police, prison workers and the military officers’ salaries during their interdiction or suspensions from work is punitive, insensitive and prejudicial as we do not do the same for other employees employed by the government.

The rest enjoy their full salaries when they are at home and it is for a good reason as no one should be made to suffer before being found blameworthy. The ruling party seems to have taken a position to negate the Bills and the collective opposition argue in the affirmative. The debate have just began and will continue next week Thursday, a day designated for Private Bills.

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