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Inside DRAMABOI’S dramatic life…

Motswako lyricist and probably the best in this game Dramaboi, is quite a great music writer and by the look of things, he writes from the bottom of his heart, what he goes through and what he feels at that particular time.

Just like any other artist, pouring feelings in a song is such an inordinate thing to do, because you let go, but sometimes these guys leave us conjecturing what is what and how that became possible, so in essence, they not doing us any justice.

As an artist, spontaneously you a household name and you have thousands of cohorts, haters and those you inspire who would like to know what goes on in your life, and that is why this story is necessary right now, to get to comprehend Dramaboi’s glum life.Thuto Ramphaleng, a Motswako star who is famously known as Dramaboi has been trying so hard to converse how dejected his life is on social media.

At first, one will think he is high, stoned or something, but get me right, I’m not saying Dramaboi is into drugs neither I’m I saying he takes in too much of adult beverages. What I’m saying is, the content posted there raised eyebrows, at least mine, and I was stirred to gibe down into more fine details.But before that, Dramaboi posted recently on his Facebook page how tangy his relationship with his own blood family is. It was such a shudder for he is a superstar, no one would expect a megastar to be canned the way his family treats him, if at all he was being genuine.

I felt his agony though, because you could see from the post that he was blue and heart broken, poor boy! ‘’I have an older sister who will never call on her little brother to ask if he is Okay. My mother spent the entire year without texting or calling. My blood brother would rather see me dead or in prison that to see me win. It’s impossible for my father to call me and ask how I am doing. This whole money, power and fame thing will mess you up man. Sometimes I just can’t wait till I am dead next to my grandmother. She is the only one who used to call me to check if I’m doing fine and this is so true.

Something is broken inside me. People love you when you are no longer alive and that s**t is the strangest’’There we go. It’s actually spot-on, Dramaboi is not happy. His family has dissociated itself from him, his much-loved soul passed on, prominence and supremacy have messed him up and it’s all a catastrophe. With over three thousand reactions, some way too hilarious, fans had mixed feelings about this status. ‘’Is this a new released song? So sad and emotional”. Bontle Modise passed a silly joke.

‘’Strangest? No! The strangest thing is when you disrespected and went over someone’s parents like you did last time” says Thapelo Baitshepi. One comment said ‘’The whole family cannot turn against you, please find a way to solve this issue, go for counselling all of you guys or church. Your mother brought you to this world; we all need mother figure so you won’t sabotage that opportunity while you are both alive. Facebook will mislead you and say you can live without your family, life is all about compromising even where you see that you are not wrong’’ and this was Shay Spunki’s comment.

One comment that caught my attention was ‘’If your whole family isn’t talking to you, maybe you must take a closer look at yourself. I’m just saying you should consider calling them for reconciliation rather than wait for them. You need your family’’ said Dare to Ottis. Another one said ‘’When you started this music thing you could come to my house and spend the whole day making music and I was your older brother, times have changed but my door is still open. I am always ready to welcome you’’ and this was from Lebogang Mpelega. ‘’At times you are the problem, but you don’t realise it’’.

From these comments, you could realise that Dramaboi has a lot to do, or in fact, he might be the one complicating his own life. Is he doing right or wrong? That is one question on the list of questions sent to his manager a week ago.As he already said, Dramaboi’s pillar was his grandmother, and it’s evident he left the boy depressed and low. On Christmas Day last year, he said ‘’Grandmother, I bought you five roses tea and long life milk; I wish you had a long life. I felt slept with tears in my eyes’’ *translated*. In his song, Sala Le Nna, the rapper was actually paying tribute to his late grandmother, saying the departed woman nurtured him into an adult he is today, even in difficult times. He featured her younger sister, Katlego, who has been doing well in the music circles too.

The boy also shared what left me asking if he is emotionally okay…’’I wonder why fame and fortune leave you traumatized’’. And he went on to say ‘’It’s cold inside me. My heart froze, but my rhymes are still fire’’. The question now is, is Dramaboi being serious here or he is just too playful. I doubt he is jesting, but something needs to be done. We won’t turn a blind eye to these kinds of posts, more especially if you a public figure.

Questions sent to his manager were not retorted to the time of going to print.


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Of Musicians and No Shows

10th May 2022
Musicians and No Shows

There is a growing unpleasant of artists who do not pitch for events they have been booked for; or simultaneously, there could be another development – false advertising – where artists’ names are used to draw large crowds.

Musicians and promoters in their mission to put bread on the table seem to have resorted to obscene means of securing their means. To many, this is tantamount to fraud and deception to gain an unfair advantage over their unsuspecting fans who swoon at the mention of their name, their presence and entire existence.

The month of May has just begun and bottomless grievances are pouring in of no show musicians at gigs they have been booked and paid for. Instead of leaving the crowd stunned by a spectacular show they are leaving revellers disappointed.

Exhibit A; This past weekend Eswatini’s DJ Uncle Waffles was scheduled to perform in Botswana. She never pitched up for the shows and continues to be silent on her lack of presence at the show. Exhibit B; Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Sha Sha were all set to perform on 29 April at the Victoria Falls Carnival 10th Anniversary but did not arrive in Zambia for the gig.

In a statement released on Sunday 1 May, Victoria Falls Carnival organisers confirmed that flights and accommodation were organised for DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Sha Sha.
The statement continued; “Confirmations were sent to them as agreed and emails were sent to them several times before, for some reason they did not show up at the airport on the day of travel…

Above and beyond we tried to communicate with the artists to change the date of performance but still we could not get hold of them despite all the effort and all means of communication from our side,” Organisers have demanded that the artists refund them the full booking fee and the payments made for flights and accommodation

“All three artists were paid in full and contractually bound to perform at the Carnival, and accommodated at every corner with their numerous flight and accommodation change requests.” Adds the statement. Exhibit C; South African artist Prince Benza’s passport was confiscated by the Deputy Sheriffs pending payment for damages on breach of contract.

He was scheduled to perform at Mogobane on the 31st of December at the Reflector Music Festival but did not appear as well. He nabbed when he came into the country for a separate event.
The President of Botswana Entertainment Promoters Association (BEPA), Gilbert Seagile this week had his company; Gilbert Promotions registered in South Africa.

This puts him in an ideal spot to become an intermediary and help solve the feud between Botswana and South African artists and their no show at events.  Seagile emphasized that it’s not only international artists that miss events but even the local artists have the same tendencies. He elaborated that reasons for artists not pitching up are many amongst them ; breach of contracts , promoters not paying deposits and some can be natural like artist testing positive for Covid-19.

The BEPA president also indicated that fly-by-night promoters are also a concern as they do not follow the BEPA Code of conduct, “BEPA members are well coordinated, they have the code of conduct which guides them to do things accordingly. The government is pushing for promoters to join BEPA they have already started refusing with permits when one is not a member of BEPA.” he emphasized

Seagile said that the association is in talks with the South African Music Promoters Association (SAMPA) to provide protection of Botswana Promoters that when artists miss shows they can be able to rope in their lawyers in South Africa through SAMPA and Botswana through BEPA to compensate for losses incurred as a result of this exploitation.

He said another way of dealing with this matter is for Promoters to issue a contract to the artist as currently the norm is that the artist produces the contract to the promoter so this solution can help the promoters to protect themselves.

In an interview with Weekendlife, Superintendent Tumediso of Urban Police Station enunciated that matters of no show artists are normally reported by the promoter who normally comes as the complainant. The matter is then taken forward taking into consideration the evidence, this will in turn assist in determining on whether the case is theft, obtaining by false pretence or fraud.
When it is all said and done, revellers love musicians to hate them and hate them to love them. It is an unending toxic relationship which no one wants to pull away from.

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COSBOTS mulls funding for struggling members

10th May 2022

As the creative industry is trying to resurface from the COVID-19 dust, the board chairperson of Copyright Society of Botswana (COSBOTS), Bakalanga Mahoko, says the society is considering giving out relief funds to their members who have been hit hard by the COVID -19 induced restrictions. She noted that this will however depend on government’s response to their request for funds.

She told WeekendLife that the society has already written to government requesting funds. Once the request is approved, she says some of the funds will enable the society to embark on road shows across the country to sensitise the general public about COSBOTS. The road shows are designed to run for several weeks before the annual general meeting which is scheduled for May, 28th this year. Among other things, she says part of the money will be used as a relief fund for their members.

“As we are all aware, the industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 restrictions and some of our members were unable to raise money for their survival and that alone affected the industry. We anticipate that government will consider and approve our request and once it’s approved our members will smile all the way to the bank as their bank accounts will be credited by the COSBOTS,” she says.

She added that if things go according to plan, this will be the second time that their members would have been assisted through such an initiative. She said at the moment they have registered about 2800 members across the country and the board anticipates that the membership number will increase sharply.

“I am not yet in a better position to divulge the amount which each artist will be given because government has not yet responded to our request, but once that has been approved the society will announce,“ she says.

Mahoko was elected as the board chairperson sometime last year and has also been the first woman to lead such society which she described as “privileged”. “As many will recall, the society was in a mess and there were squabbles among members. There was also mismanagement of funds that resulted in the members, government as well as the public losing trust on the society and that dented badly the image of the society,” she says.

Mahoko further stated since she has been in office for more than a year, things now look much better and promising. The government gave the society a grant and that alone was a sign of trust from government. Recently COSBOTS distributed over P7 million as royalties.

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Collegium launches E-books

10th May 2022

With over 20 years in the business of publishing school books for both primary and high school schools as well as fuelling the imagination and guiding the soul of the youth. Collegium Education Publishers are continuing with their trailblazing mission by launching EBooks.

During the launch of the Ebooks platform recently, Naledi Ratsoma, Author and Founding Director of Collegium Botswana took the audience on a trip down memory lane. She disclosed that after falling out with a local publishing company, she established new ties with a publishing company in South Africa. “The adage don’t get mad, get even worked for us.

We decided we are going to get them, we are curriculum specialists we know what the curriculum is all about and what books should be to support the type of curriculum.” She said deep in thought. “The start-up was not easy, I was the general, manager, tea lady working from 6 am to 10pm. It was sheer determination and hard work that got the company going.

Today I feel honoured and excited, Collegium grew by leaps and bounds. Here we are today. Dare I call Collegium a success story? Yes I do, it is a resounding success story.” She uttered excitedly
Looking into the future, Terrence Showa, Collegium CEO was tasked with only one job to do.

That job? Moving Collegium to digitization and joining the rest of the publishing world in transition towards the Fourth industrial revolution and a knowledge based economy. “Today I stay to you quite proud to be the first publisher in the country to launch the prescribed eBooks.” He said.

Showa mentioned; “I was told to come with a cheaper solution for government, after three years with meeting several Information Technology think tanks we came to the conclusion that Snapplify, gurus in providing eBooks and eLearning were in alignment with what we are looking for. Ebooks provide a simple solution for teachers, parents, students to use at their homes.

It will also be 30% cheaper for government to procure the books. An added benefit was the ability to give free content by Snapplify on the side of library service. ” He says the Ebook Platform has been fast tacked by the rural electrification program by government prioritizing the need to digitise books.

When speaking to the WeekendPost on the side after the event, Showa when questioned on matters of piracy which comes with the digital age, he enunciated that “as Collegium the failure of us to regulate the printing and photocopying of our books frustrates us daily. There are institutions who have committed to procuring photocopying machines to make copies of our books.

We are excited about eBooks because the licence procured when buying the book will run for only a year and will limit users to being able to photocopy and take screenshots of the books. One of the reasons Snapplify made sense to us is they know exactly what the challenges that come with digital platforms are. The content will only be downloadable into devices through a profile set up and limit the number of users on the site.”

For their presentation, Stephen Bestbier and Mark Seabrook from the Snapplify Team; the application is accessible everywhere with an offline feature to encourage data saving and reading offline, it is compatible with existing devices be it mobile, tablet and desktop. The simple library management functionality makes it easy to check out books and return them automatically to curb the ancient penalty of paying late return fees as well as avoiding d issues of lost book since it will be on an online platform.

The academic features include; a designated dyslexic friendly font, text to speech functionality, journal, bookmarks. The Elibrary provides for convenience as 24/7 access to learning, materials since the online library does not close like the traditional library. The support platform ‘teacha!’ also reliefs’ teachers in their work by building skills with accredited professional development courses and platform training.

Snapplify are leaders in Pan African educational technology with thousands of institutions across Africa with students and academic staff within the Snapplify ecosystem from primary schools to tertiary institutions.

Snapplify is the best eLearning solution with a comprehensive content catalogue with constant delivery and a proven track record of rolling out large government eLearning projects.  Collegium’s vision has indeed come to pass to become market leaders in the provision of high quality teaching and learning materials for institutions in Botswana.

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