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Pap smear, a small test most women dread


‘The metal thing that you Doctors insert is very painful’
‘Ah, I’m just feeling fine I don’t need to do it’
‘The results take too long to come out’
‘I’d rather not know than deal with the abnormal results’
‘I did the other year; I didn’t know I had to do it again’

These are some of the excuses that we have to deal with on a daily basis trying to encourage women to do their regular cervical cancer screening (annually or every 2 years). I am hopeful that after this column most women would be willing and confident to go through this life-saving procedure. By the way this test is only for women who have a cervix and who have had sexual intercourse in their lives. Studies show that beyond the age of 65 there is no much benefit in doing a pap smear especially if the results have been negative.

How to prepare
For a most accurate Pap smear result, the genital area should be in its less contaminated state. Hence we encourage women to have a Pap smear at least a week without; having applied any vaginal medicines, douching, intercourse, having any pervaginal discharge, and after finishing their menses. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to having a pap smear done, but it is advised a woman does the test in preparation of conception or waits until she delivers.

The test itself
This is a 5-minute procedure that is done in a Doctor’s room. A lubricated speculum is inserted into a woman’s vagina for proper visualization of the cervix. Samples of the cervical cells are taken using a soft thin brush. These samples are then smeared on a glass slide to be examined under the microscope in the Laboratory. The whole procedure doesn’t hurt and the patient should be able to walk out in an unchanged state and carry on with their day without any restrictions. However there may be a little spotting of blood following the procedure.

The results
It takes an average of 6 months for most of our public facilities to process the results. However, most of the abnormal results will be communicated to the patient as soon as they are seen by a health care officer. In the private sector (Diagnofirm etc) it takes a couple of weeks and even without a medical aid having the test done is still very much affordable. After receiving the test result, the Doctor should be able to explain in detail what they mean. Cervical cancer takes years and even up to a decade to develop. What a pap smear does is it gives the patient a chance to know the condition of the cervix before the cancer develops.

A normal test means that the cervix looks healthy (pinkish and round) and all the cells are of a healthy size and shape. An abnormal test means that a cervix has different surface and colour patches and the cells have been found to be of a different size and shape. These Pre-cancerous changes happen in stages and eventually the treatment will be determined by the stage. For all these a person may be totally asymptomatic or have symptoms like persistent vaginal discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pains, loss of weight etc.

Early treatment of precancerous changes detected on the Pap smear can stop cervical cancer before it fully develops. Depending on the stage of the abnormality, a patient may be asked to repeat a pap smear in 6 months, in 1 year or straight away be referred to a gynaecologist for further interventions. A cone biopsy (go tsaya namanyana) of the cervix may be done or the whole uterus may be removed (hysterectomy). It is important to discuss the treatment options with your Doctor because there are a lot of factors to consider like the stage of the precancerous stage, a woman’s age and the need or willingness to conceive.

Follow – up
A once off pap smear is not enough. It needs to be done regularly depending on the result of the previous test. Consecutive normal tests may warrant one to repeat the Pap smear in 3-5 years. However, at most risk groups like HIV positives, smokers, women with multiple partners, with recurrent STIs, etc need to do it more often.

Fact: Having a pap smear done is easier and less painful than being pricked to have a sample of blood drawn.

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All roads lead to Francistown for ATI’s concert

18th May 2022

Organisers of the much anticipated As One Music Concert say preparation for the much awaited as one of the music concert are at the peak, with ticket and merchandise sales at a high just 13 days before the event.

In a statement Kesego Okie, Managing Director of Blue Skies PR Agency and event coordinator “The Concert is a celebration of ATI’s journey in music. It is also an incredible platform for all stakeholders, particularly businesses that operate in Francistown, to show their commitment to the resuscitation of the City’s economy following the impact of Covid.

We are grateful for the reception by the city leadership and look forward to cooperate Francistown heeding our call to support the arts, which would in turn, be supporting many livelihoods and small business in the area”.

She expressed gratitude to the public for their immense support evidenced by ticket sales and talk ability, saying this is testimony that indeed As One the nation can go fa in the true spirit of boipelego (self-reliance).

The concert is partnership between Batho Bame Investment and Blue Skies PR Agency. “A lot of work has gone in to prepare for the highlight, and I am thankful to everyone who believes in the dream and supports us. I promise nothing but the very best of me and would love to express my utmost gratitude to all creatives and businesses that are a part of this Journey” Atasaone ATI Molemogi.

The concert will be the first music show taking place within the main pitch of the Obed Itani Chilume Stadium, which was chosen to host because of its distinct state of art ambiance, coupling Francistown’s position as a gate way to many strategic places in Botswana.

Francistown is not only rich in history, but also an enabler for economic activity for unearthed tourist destination surrounding it. It is an honour to have been given the approval by the city leadership and the people of Francistown to host this Concert in their backyard’ ATI.

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AMVCAs To Host Hollywood Stars At 8th Edition

18th May 2022

As part of activities for the 8th edition of Africa’s most prestigious award ceremony, the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs), Africa Magic in association with MultiChoice Nigeria will host celebrity movie stars and film directors from Hollywood ahead of the awards ceremony taking place on Saturday, 14 May in Lagos.

The visiting Hollywood stars will be led by Tasha Smith, actress, director and producer, known for her role in the acclaimed films, ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ and its sequel, ‘Why Did I Get Married, Too?’. She will be joined by Bayo Akinfemi, a cast member of the popular television series, ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ as well as Brandon Micheal Hall of the ‘God Friended Me’ series fame

Also expected are Sidra Smith, award-winning Producer and Head of Essence’s Film and TV Studio and Grant Housley, Hollywood Producer, Writer and Director currently at Paramount Pictures, where he has worked on some of the biggest films and most critically acclaimed television series in the world.

While in Nigeria, the stars will meet with the #AMVCA8 nominees and other industry stakeholders. This historic visit is in line with MultiChoice and Africa Magic’s efforts in sustaining the Africa film making and storytelling momentum, through deliberate global collaboration.

The eighth edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards is brought to viewers by Africa Magic in association with MultiChoice and is proudly sponsored by Amstel Malta.
For more information, visit and follow all official handles of Africa Magic on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #AMVCA8

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Of Musicians and No Shows

10th May 2022
Musicians and No Shows

There is a growing unpleasant of artists who do not pitch for events they have been booked for; or simultaneously, there could be another development – false advertising – where artists’ names are used to draw large crowds.

Musicians and promoters in their mission to put bread on the table seem to have resorted to obscene means of securing their means. To many, this is tantamount to fraud and deception to gain an unfair advantage over their unsuspecting fans who swoon at the mention of their name, their presence and entire existence.

The month of May has just begun and bottomless grievances are pouring in of no show musicians at gigs they have been booked and paid for. Instead of leaving the crowd stunned by a spectacular show they are leaving revellers disappointed.

Exhibit A; This past weekend Eswatini’s DJ Uncle Waffles was scheduled to perform in Botswana. She never pitched up for the shows and continues to be silent on her lack of presence at the show. Exhibit B; Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Sha Sha were all set to perform on 29 April at the Victoria Falls Carnival 10th Anniversary but did not arrive in Zambia for the gig.

In a statement released on Sunday 1 May, Victoria Falls Carnival organisers confirmed that flights and accommodation were organised for DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Sha Sha.
The statement continued; “Confirmations were sent to them as agreed and emails were sent to them several times before, for some reason they did not show up at the airport on the day of travel…

Above and beyond we tried to communicate with the artists to change the date of performance but still we could not get hold of them despite all the effort and all means of communication from our side,” Organisers have demanded that the artists refund them the full booking fee and the payments made for flights and accommodation

“All three artists were paid in full and contractually bound to perform at the Carnival, and accommodated at every corner with their numerous flight and accommodation change requests.” Adds the statement. Exhibit C; South African artist Prince Benza’s passport was confiscated by the Deputy Sheriffs pending payment for damages on breach of contract.

He was scheduled to perform at Mogobane on the 31st of December at the Reflector Music Festival but did not appear as well. He nabbed when he came into the country for a separate event.
The President of Botswana Entertainment Promoters Association (BEPA), Gilbert Seagile this week had his company; Gilbert Promotions registered in South Africa.

This puts him in an ideal spot to become an intermediary and help solve the feud between Botswana and South African artists and their no show at events.  Seagile emphasized that it’s not only international artists that miss events but even the local artists have the same tendencies. He elaborated that reasons for artists not pitching up are many amongst them ; breach of contracts , promoters not paying deposits and some can be natural like artist testing positive for Covid-19.

The BEPA president also indicated that fly-by-night promoters are also a concern as they do not follow the BEPA Code of conduct, “BEPA members are well coordinated, they have the code of conduct which guides them to do things accordingly. The government is pushing for promoters to join BEPA they have already started refusing with permits when one is not a member of BEPA.” he emphasized

Seagile said that the association is in talks with the South African Music Promoters Association (SAMPA) to provide protection of Botswana Promoters that when artists miss shows they can be able to rope in their lawyers in South Africa through SAMPA and Botswana through BEPA to compensate for losses incurred as a result of this exploitation.

He said another way of dealing with this matter is for Promoters to issue a contract to the artist as currently the norm is that the artist produces the contract to the promoter so this solution can help the promoters to protect themselves.

In an interview with Weekendlife, Superintendent Tumediso of Urban Police Station enunciated that matters of no show artists are normally reported by the promoter who normally comes as the complainant. The matter is then taken forward taking into consideration the evidence, this will in turn assist in determining on whether the case is theft, obtaining by false pretence or fraud.
When it is all said and done, revellers love musicians to hate them and hate them to love them. It is an unending toxic relationship which no one wants to pull away from.

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