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Dr Boima

-Are you having difficulty falling asleep at night?
-Are you awakening during the night?
-Are you waking up too early than intended?
-Are you not feeling refreshed after a night's sleep?
-Are you struggling with daytime fatigue or sleepiness?
-Do you easily get irritable or anxious?
-Do you have difficulty in paying attention or focusing on tasks?
-Are you prone to many errors and accidents?
-Do you suffer from throbbing tension headaches?

Well, if you said yes to any of the above symptoms you are not getting enough or at least quality sleep. We spend something like a third of our lives sleeping, yet we understand relatively little about the purpose of sleep. On average, adults should have 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per day. Infants sleep more.

The technical term for a poor sleep pattern is insomnia. About a third of adults report insomnia at sometime each year. Even though it is common, many people don't seek help for insomnia, so it often goes untreated. Insomnia is not a disease itself, it's often a sign that something serious might be going on in a person's life.

Short-term Causes

-Stress – work, health, family, relationship, financial issues can keep one's mind active at night
-Grief -divorce, illness or loss of a loved one
-Substance abuse – alcohol and stimulants like nicotine
-Medications –  stimulants and caffeine containing meds

Long-term Causes

-Restless legs Syndrome- difficulty sleeping because one feels an incessant urge to move
-Sleep Apnoea Syndrome- usually in overweight people air passages collapse during deep sleep and cause snoring and sudden frequent wakening
-Depression – one can either sleep too much or have trouble sleeping
-Anxiety- restlessness through sleep
-Mania- excessive energy and feeling of less need for sleep
-Psychosis- often results in reverse sleep-wake cycle

The general principles of getting a good night's sleep is to establish a regular healthy day-night routine (with exceptions to shift workers and jet lag phenomenon). A bedroom should be associated with sleep rather than be treated as a workroom or office.


-have a consistent sleeping and waking time
-have a darkened quiet room
-relax before going to bed (hot bath, relaxing music, soothing massage)
-have warm milk or herbal tea (decaffeinated)
-if you are lying awake for more than 20 minutes ,get out of bed, do somethimg relaxing or try another room


-take day-time naps
-lie-in late in the morning (even if tired)
-drink tea/coffee within 6hours of bedtime
-have heavy meals close to bedtime
-drink plenty of water before bed
-use alcohol to help sleep (it's v.short lived)
-watch TV/use laptop in bed
-exercise vigorously close to bedtime
-use bed for anything other than sleep and sex

Sometimes all the techniques we try to help us sleep simply don't work. In this case, it's time to see a Doctor and get medications that can help re-establish the sleep pattern. They should be used in their lowest effective dose and not be taken long-term as they are addictive! Benzodiazepines like diazepam and antihistamines can be prescribed.

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Creatives taking over 2023

26th September 2023

Creativity is seen everywhere and these individuals did something recently that’s never been done before, and some are still killing it. We see creativity on streaming platforms, stages, runways, social media and boardrooms even. Some of them are revamping their businesses, and lately, clothing sale is thriving.

They love concept-driven designs, storytelling and they bring fresh ideas and new perspectives that will leave footprints in the sand. Post the COVID-19 pandemic, these creative minds utilized the drawing board and they became cognizant that monetizing content will actually take them far, which is frank nonetheless.

This is commendable though, but the creative industry will still need support from government in order for it to flourish further. Allocation of resources (funds, facilities and empowerment) should be done consistently, creativity must be raised and at the end of the day, the economy benefits from that kind of investment.


Ever since he parted ways with his former manager, DJ Bougee Sid, Mahalapye born-pint sized, multi-award-winning artist, Hanceford Magapatona has been taking up space, unapologetically so. Han C has shown a strong will to take over the entire world, and he is in the right direction. He’s solely organizing the annual Mahalapye Spring Festival, which is taking place next weekend.

The Pepetetsa hitmaker raked some monies from his savings to put together this event. Mahalapye Spring Festival will feature Paige, Ubuntu Band, Khoisan, Amantle Brown and Double Up among others. Even though it didn’t come as a surprise, Han C was nominated at African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) in the US, under Best Male Southern Africa category.

However, the award was snatched by the late South African rapper, AKA. Its not all lost as Han C secured two nominations at the Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAs): People’s Choice of the Year and Best Male Single.


This entrepreneur has turned his dreams into reality, and his promising apparel business is now a fashion destination. Matter of fact, Motswagole weathered the storms to be where he is now because through criticism and social media bullying, he still leads the pack in fashion.

His social media accounts got deleted but through his online store, KM Sales, Motswagole is able to rake in some profits. He initially started selling from his car but now owns a busy store and has employed a number of young people.

KM Sales has been offering fashionable items (shoes, t-shirts, pants) and has been participating in various lifestyle events such as Garden of Drip where it showcases its products.

If there is one young entrepreneur to draw motivation from is Koketso. The business started from humble beginnings, at the time when he worked part time at Ipelegeng as a casual labor. Indeed, good things come to those who wait, or well, work like a slave today, live like a king tomorrow.


Vee Mampeezy’s ex-wife Kagiso De Klerk clearly did not sit and weep over their dramatic divorce. The famous social media influencer hurriedly picked up the pieces and went hard on promoting business online. She literally took social media influencing to the head and it is working for her.

This year saw her partnership with Shell reach greater heights, and obviously, she is raking lot of pulas from the deal. Kagiso has been making frequent appearances in top events in South Africa such as Bubbles in Spring and Gold and Diamond Experience.


After a long break from the limelight, renowned media and radio personality, Gaona Dintwe is back. She was missed by many on TV, and she’s back where she belongs, news anchoring on BTV. Gaona has also found a niche in podcasting. She is a host of her own podcast, Gaona Live Conversation, where various people share their stories on camera.

Some of what they discuss is Gender Based Violence (GBV), polygamy and drug addiction. This is highly commendable because even BTV doesn’t have programs that discuss these crucial social issues. The Lentswelemoruti native is also seen in various corporate events where she is engaged as a host.






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26th September 2023

Now that one-man shows are made fashionable, traditional dance guru and ex-convict, Ditiro Leero is joining the crusade and he will be hosting his also. The show will be held next month at Zone 4 Farm in Selokolela, but the there are traditional dance music artists who have been lined up to perform at the show. Matshana, Morwa Leka and Maswailathota will be doing their thing and probably bring some heat too. Ditiro Leero will be making history as the first traditional artist to host a one-man show in Botswana.

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26th September 2023

With only two months before Miss World 2023, the reigning Miss Botswana, Lesego Chombo is having many irons in the fire, preparing for the much-anticipated beauty pageant. Miss World 2023 will be the 71st edition of Miss World pageant and it will be held in India. Chombo has been spotted toning her body at Jack’s gym, a requirement that is taken seriously at the pageant. She has also been participating in charity events, something that should add to her profile at the Miss World.

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