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Letlapeng plots run-in showdown

Letlapeng’s appeal aggressively puts Orapa United and Township Rollers back in the title race

Ramotswa based Letlapeng FC has thrown the spanner into the works as far as the Premier League title race is concerned. Letlapeng’s appeal aggressively puts Orapa United and Township Rollers back in the title race, a feat that could make the run-in more exciting should the appeal favour the Ramotswa side.

The dogfight between log leaders Mochudi Centre Chiefs and the First Division destined Letlapeng is far from over after the latter filed an appeal against the former in the Pontsho Moloi suspension saga. Although facing relegation Letlapeng, remain intent in bringing Centre Chiefs to book.

Following the disciplinary committee of the premier league‘s decision to dismiss Letlapeng ‘s arguments that Pontsho Moloi was a defaulter, the Ramotswa based outfit has immediately applied for an appeal before Botswana Football Association (BFA) national disciplinary committee, WeekendSport has established.

Rock of Ages as affectionately called, believes that BPL-DC erred in holding that at the time when Letlapeng SC and Center Chiefs played each other on the 14th March 2015, Pontsho Moloi had not accumulated an aggregate of three yellow cards but rather two such cards.

Instead, Letlapeng, still holds the contention that Moloi was supposed to have served an automatic suspension during their game because he had accumulated three yellow cards. Letlapeng are of the view that one should read the match sheets backwards from week 22 when their team played Centre Chiefs. “It will be easily discerned that prior to the said, the player in question accumulated three yellow cards without serving any suspension,” reads part of their appeal.

Letlapeng further pours scorn over the disciplinary committee’s ruling that they had no right to lodge the complaint but rather Police XI ought to have been the side protesting. “We submit that the presiding BPL DC at the hearing erred in making a finding that because Mr. Moloi had accumulated five yellow cards immediately prior to the game under dispute Letlapeng therefore has  no right to lodge a complaint,” they argued.

To further solidify their stance, they argued that accumulating five yellow cards could not absolve the player from any wrongdoing; in fact, it made matters worse for him.

The team led by the auspicious Sydney Magagane submitted that had the player served a suspension when Police XI played Centre Chiefs then a totally different dimension would have come to play, being that indeed the accumulative aggregate three yellow cards would have lapsed or prescribed by the reason of having served suspension. “Needless to say, such was not the case as there was no suspension to interrupt the accumulation of yellow cards.”

More importantly, the team wants the national disciplinary committee to invoke the “mischief rule” when interpreting rule 3.3 of play rules and regulations. They argue that the aim of the rule is to discourage mischief and nothing more.

Lastly, Letlapeng wants the body to dock three points from Centre Chiefs and two goals in favour of them. This should be followed by the Chiefs’ forfeiture of all points and goals gained from the cited match (vs Police XI) in which Pontsho Moloi played, to date, as a defaulter and under mischievous circumstances.

All the while, the log leaders are unmoved by Letlapeng‘s protest that reached BFA offices on the 13th of April 2015. They contended that Letlapeng should not count Pontsho Moloi‘s cards backwards but rather start from the beginning of the league. According to their records, their captain had accumulated an aggregate of five yellow cards prior to Letlapeng encounter- a fact that Letlapeng does not oppose.    

Moloi‘s time line of cards

Week 2 against BDF XI

Week 6 against Township Rollers

Week 14 against Gaborone United

Week 18 against Rollers

Week 21 against Sankoyo Bush Bucks

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Rakgare addresses BFA presidential candidates

21st September 2020
Minister Tumiso Rakgare

Amid the confusion surrounding the date of the Botswana Football Association (BFA) elections, the Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Tumiso Rakgare, met with three presidential candidates on Thursday morning to discuss a plethora of problems bedevilling the domestic game.

The candidates are Maclean Letshwiti, the current President, Tebogo Sebego, the firm challenger of the BFA throne, together with Ookeditse Malesu who enters the race for the first time in his sporting career. There were other two unnamed officials who are said to be representatives from the sport ministry.

The Sport minister is said to have adopted a hard-nosed approach to register his disappointment and worry that the uncertainty of the upcoming elections have injured the administration of the local game.

Highly placed sources at the Sport ministry say that the minister’s ‘no gloves barred’ approach comes at the behest of the BFA’s constant negative headlines regarding their leadership style as of going into the elections.

It is said that Rakgare was also worried that the current administration is keeping the other two camps in the dark regarding the planning and processes bordering on election issues. This, he said has led to unnecessary speculations and back biting that is not needed to lift the game at a time when it is on its knees.

He was to rattle a few feathers at one incident when he called all the three leaders of the game to put their houses in order. As if that was not enough, the minister called on the three lobby groups to desist from serving personal interests but put focus on developing the game.

Interestingly, sources point out that the minister was livid but urged both Letshwiti and Sebego groups to refrain from tarnishing the good image of the ministry. This, he said in response to wide ranging allegations that he is taking sides as campaigns are ongoing.

The Sebego group accuses him of de campaigning Sebego and having a soft spot for Team Letshwiti while the same Letshwiti group is saying the same thing about the minister as having taking curious interest in Sebego camp.

The minister is alleged to have told the leaders that if they do not change their leadership style of protecting those looting public funds, his ministry would intervene even if it means attracting the wrath of FIFA, which is known for its notorious sanctions when countries do not toe the line. He urges BFA to be accountable at all the times they will cut the annual subventions that goes to them, sources claim.

This is not for the first time that the BFA was lectured on good governance. At one incident in 2015, former Minster of Sport Thapelo Olopeng dressed down the then Tebogo Sebego leadership regarding good governance.

BFA was at the time closely monitored by the ministry. Instead of the usual transactions that normally go through BFA, national team players received their allowances straight from government in the form of cheques. To demonstrate that government has taken a firm stand against BFA, players’ allowances were no longer routed through the association.

Nobody from the said meeting will address this publication enquiry all indicating that the consultation is never meant for public consumption.

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Virtual meet for BFA elections

21st September 2020

If everything goes according to plan, the Botswana Football Association (BFA) will hold its annual general assembly next month through a virtual conference.

There has been much uncertainty as to how and when the congress will be held seeing as how COVID-19 protocols remain stringent on gatherings.

Sources speaking with this publication say the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the association has agreed to hold the congress within COVID-19 zones, consequently dispelling all the lingering doubts surrounding the life and soul of the assembly.

As it stands, there are nine COVID -19 zones in Botswana. The association is therefore contemplating to rely within four zones where live streaming will take centre stage for the first time in the history of BFA elections.

The congress was first billed for August 8th but was postponed to August 22nd. However, the second date could not see the light of the day as the country recorded a second rise of coronavirus cases that promptly led to greater Gaborone going into yet another lockdown.
BFA President: Letshwiti
The association has been procrastinating over the virtual congress idea with the election agenda remaining a sticky issue. Many advices came flooding that the association is free to make any decision about the congress but should be very careful not to compromise the integrity of the vote.

Sources indicate to this paper that the association is likely to rely on four COVID-19 zones, namely Gaborone, Francistown, Jwaneng and Palapye. The need to plant the meeting on virtual technologies hinges on the fact that the COVID -19 health protocols do not permit people to cross zones to hold meetings.

Information gleaned from various sources is that the association is looking to rely on four zones primarily because of the limited number of personnel under the electoral board. There are five members consisting of this committee and by the look of things; the association will not be allowed to outsource more election overseers at the eleventh hour.  Sources argue that the whole cautious exercise is meant to avoid complaints that may arise after elections are held.

The virtual meeting comes after many failed attempts by the association to convince the Kereng Masupu led Task Force to give out a special dispensation.  On many occasions, the Task Force refused to allow for the assembly to go on saying “football is not a priority.”

The assembly is expected to be held next month but the exact date still remains a subject of speculation. In the end, Tebogo Sebego will stand again for the second time to unseat Maclean Letshwiti while Ookeditse Malesu is standing for the first time to try and wrestle for BFA power.

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Talks to merge BNOC, BNSC resurface

14th September 2020

The Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Tumiso Rakgare, is eager to lead crunch talks that will consequently see Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) and Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) becoming one authoritative sport entity.

The appointment of one Tuelo Serufho to the plum position of BNSC Chief Executive Officer two week ago has further catalysed the intention to merge the sports bodies to avoid the long standing complaints of duplication of roles by the two.

Serufho was replacing Falcom Sedimo whose contract was not renewed.Serufho, ironically is the longest serving CEO of BNOC and also a board member of BNSC.“One of our aims is to form a robust sport body to centralize and improve decision making processes and maybe the time to resuscitate BNSC/BNOC merger is now,” Rakgare briefly shared.

The impending move is highly meant to improve effective functioning, governance and performance of sports in the country both locally and globally.Should this see the light of day, Botswana would have done itself a favour and it would start sending a handful of athletes to international competitions.

The amalgamation of BNSC/BNOC talks have been in the pipelines but discussions were aborted two years ago without clear reasons. The creation of this all-encompassing sport institution is overdue according to the minister.

“It is in fact our mandate to make sure this happens, it is overdue and by next year we hope to have finalised our position paper,” Rakgare added.The creation of the looming body is borne out of lessons learnt from various sports governance models around the world.

In South Africa, the sports ministry facilitated discussions to merge National Olympic Committee of South Africa (NOCSA) and the South African Sports Commission. Their authoritative sports body is now called South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

With the South African model well in place, Botswana is urged to bench mark and create a sport body as a civic society-based organisation as required by the statutes of international sports bodies.The name of the local sport body is mooted and the minister refused to give a hint. But he is optimistic that the body will be the vanguard organization of sport in the country.

He emphasized that the sports organisation should be a purposeful guardian for governance and management of sports and be the required defining figure of the role of sports in Botswana’s communities.Talks to revamp and rebuild these sports bodies come at a time when BNSC is restructuring.

When Sedimo was still at the helm, he wanted to phase out some positions which he felt were unnecessary.BNSC receive close to 53 million Pula as grants from the government through the Ministry of Youth, Sports development and Culture empowerment while BNOC takes a figure a closer to that.

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