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What could be the cause of your bloody nose?


Though nosebleeds are rarely life threatening, they can be really frightening, embarrassing and cause one to panic. They are mostly common in children less than 10 years and adults more than 50 years. Nosebleeds can be divided into two types; anterior nosebleeds which account for > 90% of the cases and posterior nosebleeds which are less common.

Anterior nosebleeds come from a blood vessel at the front part of the nose and the bleeding is easy to control with home remedies.

Posterior bleeding comes from a blood vessel at the deep end of the nose and it tends to be very difficult to control, usually requiring hospital admission. They are common in elderly people with High blood pressure.

Causes of nosebleeds

Dry air – this is the commonest cause of nose bleeds. A hot and dry climate or heated indoor air (using heaters and aircons in winter) irritates and dries out the inner lining of the nose causing crusts that may itch and easily bleed when scratched or picked.

Infection – common colds and flus may irritate the lining of the nose. Bleeding may occur after repeated sneezing and nose blowing. Colds are most common during winters or during what we call ‘season change’.

Allergies – as with the infections, inhaled allergens like pollens, dust, and dander do cause irritation and inflammation to the lining of the nose. Medicines prescribed for allergies such as antihistamine sprays or decongestants to control the itchy, runny, or stuffy nose can also further dry out the nasal membranes and contribute to nosebleeds.

Trauma – Trauma can be to the outside of the nose such as a blow to the face, or trauma inside the nose such as nose picking or foreign bodies.

Clotting disorders – a few medical conditions (e.g. hemophilia, chronic liver disease) and blood-thinning drugs (e.g. warfarin) can make it hard for the blood to clot, thus making the body susceptible to bleeding, not just form the nose but from other parts too.

Tumours – tumours occurring in the nose can be both benign e.g. nasal polyps or cancerous. These can both cause the nose to bleed.

Smoking – contrary to most people reporting that smoking/snuff stops their nose bleeds, smoking can contribute to nasal dryness and irritation and make one bleed frequently.

High blood pressure: Nose bleeding is often associated with high blood pressure. So much so, nose bleeding can actually be the symptom through which doctors can discover that one have high blood pressure, say researchers from Oxford.

What to do when one has a nose bleed?

Stay calm

Sit up straight or stand

Lean the head forward  and breath through the mouth (tilting the head back cause one to swallow blood and they may end up vomiting)

Pinch above the nostrils with the thumb and index finger for at least 10 minutes (and additional ice pack may or may not be used on the bridge of the nose)

After the bleeding has stopped one should avoid sneezing, nose blowing, nose picking

Placing a pan of water next to a heater can moisturize the air and prevent further nosebleeds from dry air

When to see a doctor?

If the bleeding is not stopping after 10mins of pressing on the bridge of the nose

If one is having recurrent episodes of nosebleeds

If one has started having anemia symptoms (dizziness, palpitations, headache, fainting)

If one is coughing up or vomiting blood , or losing blood from other parts of the body

If nosebleed is accompanied by fever and rash

If a patient is on blood-thinning drugs (usually given for heart conditions, after a stroke etc.)

If a patient has another underlying chronic condition (e.g. liver disease, cancer etc.)

Hospital treatment

If bleeding doesn’t stop at home and a person is forced to go to the hospital, there a doctor may do the following to stop the bleeding and prevent further episodes;

Nasal packing – sponge packs, adrenaline packs and balloon packs may be used to try to stop the bleeding in the emergency room. Some patients may even be discharged with these packs in the nostrils and asked to come back in a day or two for them to be removed by the doctor. The most important thing is for the patient not to remove these at home.

Cauterization – this is a process where a bleeding vessel is identified and sealed either through burning or a chemical called silver nitrate.

Some blood tests may be done to identify a possible cause of nosebleed or check if the patient is not anemic.

Some blood thinning medications that the patient is on may be withheld or stopped completely.

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Mr & Miss Captivating in the works

21st June 2022
Miss Captivating

Beauty pageant queen Babedi Isaka will see her brain child, Mr & Miss Captivating finally come to life on August 22nd this year. Isaka enunciated that Mr & Miss Captivating is a home-grown pageant open for both international and local contestants between the ages of 16 and 26.

She went on that the pageant will open doors for contestants to get more out of life by teaching the contestants multiple life skills such as etiquette and boosting self-esteem. Isaka’s first stint was fashion modelling in 2016 and later on ventured into pageantry in 2018 to date.

She has several tittles under her belt. Among them being; a Miss Botswana 2021 top 16 Finalist and the most recent one being Miss Teen Africa 2nd Princess 2022. She believes her immense experience and the partnerships she has are a perfect fit to make the event a success.

On what inspired the pageant and the name, Isaka highlighted “A queen or king should influence and dominate by some special charm, art, or trait and having an irresistible appeal in society. Thus ‘captivating’ “

The pagent is expected to give back to the community by empowering the boy and girl child with life skills. Isaka noted that some of the ways women mark their place in the world is through beauty pageants as often times, tittle holders get involved in some form of social work.

“The majority of beauty queens use their offices to get involved with NGO’s or individual established projects during the cause of their reign. For some queens, these projects span the period of their reign and for others it becomes a life time thing.” She highlighted.

To Isaka an ideal Mr. & Miss Captivating is pictured as a leader and should have the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose that will serve communities for the greater good as well as being in possession of a character which inspires others.

The stereotype on the street is that pageants set unrealistic standards for women of all ages. Young girls and boys often try to live up to these standards and mature into adults complexing about their bodies and men who demand their wives or girl friend to look like beauty pageant participants.

Isaka however is a body image champion. She is of the belief that pageantry does not degrade women. In her own words “Pageants promote goal setting and truly inspire a contestant to search their soul, think about the future and plan on how to get there” adding that “There is nothing rarer, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself by being comfortable in her perfect imperfection. That is also why we have men as contestants, to clear the stereotype that pageantry objectifies women.”

Still on the matter of controversy and stereotype, when asked about the swim suit segment of pageants that always causes an uproar. Isaka confirmed Mr & Miss Captivating will have the swim suit segment emphasising “as an aspiring beauty queen, it is very important for women to be healthy and comfortable in their own skin.

The swimsuit round in pageants helps women love their unique build and instils discipline in working towards their fitness goals.” Mr & Miss Captivating has so far rallied 10 sponsors among them; beauty parlours, clothing lines and news media. The event will be hosted by local comedian and unisex model, Troy April. The standard ticket is selling for P300 while the VIP goes for P450.

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Mowana’s Infinity Pool: Swimming in the wild!

21st June 2022

Her mystery is not just the large bodies of water with isolated islands rich in the beauty of flora and fauna in this tourism gateway – this internationally renowned travel capital, has a strong sense of history, some sort of hidden purpose and legacy which plays with one’s senses as they explore the mighty Chobe River.

From Cresta Mowana, the Cresta Marakanelo flagship, the richness of Chobe has no better panoramic views. Tales and legends are shared about the islands in the area. Sedudu in particular once a subject of fierce dispute between Botswana and Namibia arouses interest from residents and visitors alike.

Some say the reasons for territorial dispute of the some 30 plus years ago was because of the unknown mysteries the island carries. As residents and visitors sit by the fire at the Boma the tales of the area can stretch until morning.

“Why fight for a piece of island no men can live in?” whispers one senior citizen who referred to himself as Rra Mabala as he rolled his traditional tobacco on a piece of old newspaper. “In the olden days we believed that the Chobe is home of spirituality. Those that were lost would find their way by simply appreciating her beauty. When you come here no matter your life’s troubles, when you leave you will find your way. The white man comes every year because he knows this,” he notes.

I set my sights to Cresta Mowana this past November. Its unique architecture which blends African tradition in wooden pillars, stone and thatch is a welcome contrast to the four-star amenities that make the likes of Prince Harry and many other international guests feel at home in the middle of the bush.

The balconies provide a sensational feel of Mother Nature at its best with the lush of green giving a carpet of green rare in our arid region nationwide. Chobe gives you an escape. The Serondela Restaurant is located adjacent to the river and makes meals much a delight and a platform of meeting new friends and mazing conversations.

For me the beauty was swimming in the wild. You guessed it wrong I do not mean swimming in the Chobe the Clarence Spa Infinity pool is about 30 meters away from the mighty river. As I swam overlooking this masterpiece of nature I remembered just why touring at home has so much meaning.

I looked for the fortune Rre Mabala spoke of in the hope that I find my path like so many who had come before come before my time. I realized that probably finding your way was not magic in the sense of Harry Porter novels but rather a renewed sense of self and relaxation which makes one put things into perspective.

The crisp air of being nestled and enveloped in nature with all things green made me realize just why the hotel group invested over BWP3 million in revamping the executive and presidential suites. The mighty Chobe River has an endless charm.

Visit Namibia from 500 meters away as you cruise the river on a boat. Make sure you choose a responsible company for this who have vetted captains. I enjoyed swimming in the wild. This Easter I may just do a revisit.

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Cresta properties ranked among the top 10% of hotels worldwide

21st June 2022

American travel online company TripAdvisor, Inc. has ranked 10 of Cresta Marakanelo Limited (CML) hotels amongst the top 10% of hotels in the world during the recently published Travellers’ Choice awards.

The properties awarded the TripAdvisor 2022 Travellers Choice Awards include Cresta Bosele, Cresta Botsalo, Cresta Marang Gardens, Cresta Mahalapye, Cresta Maun, Cresta President, Cresta Thapama, and from Zimbabwe, Cresta Churchill, Cresta Oasis and Cresta Sprayview.

Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel guidance platform*, helps hundreds of millions of people each month** become better travellers, from planning to booking to taking a trip. “You are in the top 10% of hotels worldwide, congratulations.

Every year trip advisor recognizes businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to hospitality excellence with a traveller’s choice award- and- this year you made the list. That means you’ve earned consistent great reviews, so keep it up. Good job, and congratulations on your well-received win, (sic)” stated a communication from the TripAdvisor, Inc. head offices.

The Travellers’ Choice awards honour travellers’ favourite destinations, hotels, restaurants, things to do, and beyond, based on the reviews and opinions collected from travellers and diners around the world on TripAdvisor over 12 months. Travellers’ Choice recognizes businesses that earn consistently great reviews.

The news brought excitement to the Cresta Marakanelo Limited (CML) camp which has since been motivated by the development, “This nomination is a step in the right direction, it reflects that our local and international clientele has trust in the CML brand, services, and products.

All the gratitude for this development goes to our clientele, CML has some of the busy properties in the country and region, our strategic plan has always been to provide quality products and services,” said CML Managing Director Mokwena Morulane.

Over the years CML has been a home to local and international visitors who have left impressive reviews after receiving world class hospitality. It has a long history of serving travellers who seek authentic African experiences as well as modern comforts.

“As one of the leading hotel and tourism players in the country, we always strive to provide the best in true African hospitality. This has motivated us to work hard and continuely innovate our services. hopefully, next time more of our properties will be ranked amongst some of the best hotels in the world,” concluded the CML Managing Director.

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