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When to worry about a lump in my breast?


You are in the shower, conducting your monthly breast self-examination as per last week’s discussion, suddenly your hand freezes; you have felt a lump! Do you panic or not? What is the next step?

Finding a lump in one’s breast can be scary. It is important to remember that most breast lumps are benign (non-cancerous) in 9 out of 10 cases. However, a breast lump can be a sign of cancer, so one should always have it checked by the doctor as soon as they discover it. The chances that a particular breast lump could be cancerous depend on many factors, including age, past medical history, lifestyle habits, genetics and other risk factors and the doctor’s findings.

What causes lumps?

Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted directly into the blood, which carries them to organs and tissues of the body to execute their functions. One such tissue is the breast (in both females and males). Hormonal changes that occur at different times especially in a woman's life, such as during the menstrual cycle can cause lumps to form and in some cases, to naturally disappear.

For instance it’s normal for most women to get tender breasts with lumps just before their menses and these usually disappear by the time they finish their period. Infections and trauma to the breast can also cause breasts to have lumps.

Common types of lumps

Fibroadenomas – these are the most common lumps and they occur in young people (less than 30yrs). They are non-cancerous and tend to develop more in teenagers and in pregnancy. The lumps are usually round, smooth and move around easily under the skin. Fibroadenomas can disappear on their own or occasionally remain in the breast. If the fibroadenoma doesn’t grow overtime the doctor may decide to simply leave it alone, however if it is growing larger and is causing a bit of pain it may need to be surgically removed for comfort or cosmetic reasons.

Breast cysts – Breast cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop within the breast tissue and can cause smooth, firm lumps to develop. They often do not cause any symptoms but can be a little painful depending on their size. They are more common in women aged 30 to 60. As with fibroadenomas, hormonal changes are thought to play a role in the development of breast cysts.

Breast abscess – A breast abscess is a painful collection of pus that forms inside the breast. Other symptoms of a breast abscess can include a high temperature (fever) and inflammation (redness, hotness and swelling) of the skin over the affected area. Most breast abscesses are caused by a bacterial infection. The bacteria usually enter the breast through small cracks or breaks in the skin of the nipple, which is very common during breastfeeding.

Breast cancer – one should start worrying if the lump they discovered is characterized by the following features;
Doesn’t move around

It’s painless

It feels very firm and hard

It feels irregular

It persists after your period (and continues growing larger)

It develops after the menopause (in women)

Apart from a breast lump, breast cancer can also cause other symptoms like a change in the size, shape or feel of a breast, abnormal discharge from the nipples, orange-skin of your breasts, sunken nipple and later on weight loss. Breast cancer is more common in women and men over the age of 50 and with a family history of breast (and ovarian) cancers.

What’s next after a lump?

If upon evaluation the doctor confirms that there is a lump, there will be further tests done such as a mammogram (good for elderly over 50yrs) or ultrasound (good for young women) to see if the lump is a fluid filled cyst or a solid lump. If it is a cyst, the doctor or nurse may get rid of it by draining the fluid out through a fine needle. If it is a solid lump, they will take a tissue sample (biopsy) to test for cancer cells. Most women prefer to have benign lumps removed to stop them from worrying them that it may be a cancer. If the result of the biopsy confirms cancer, the earlier the cancer treatment the better the chance of a cure! Treatment options are lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

In commemoration of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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6th December 2023

Even though Botswana has over the years been performing extremely poorly at the Miss World competition, the country has confirmed that it will be hosting the beauty festival in 2026. Initially, the country was to host Miss World next year, something it failed to confirm before deadline. Director at Miss Botswana, Benjamin Raletsatsi, says Botswana will be ready then to host all participants. Miss Botswana Top 25 finalists left the boot camp yesterday. Quite shocking though, Miss Botswana team is still failing basics as responding to media inquiries on time yet it is dangerously hoping to host an event of high status

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DJ Sway ‘saved’ the YAMAs

22nd November 2023

DJ Sway, the daring and ambitious on-air presenter of Yarona FM, played a crucial role in saving the radio station’s music awards, known as the YAMAs. The event was initially dry and disorganized, but DJ Sway, who co-hosted with Pearl Thusi, injected life into the show. However, things took a turn for the worse when Pearl Thusi abruptly left the stage, leaving DJ Sway to carry on alone. Despite the unexpected setback, DJ Sway rose to the occasion and captivated the audience, effectively putting an end to the drama caused by Pearl Thusi.

In an exclusive interview after the YAMAs, DJ Sway revealed the behind-the-scenes chaos that unfolded during the event. He acknowledged the script editors, Phalana and Hope, who worked tirelessly to reedit the script and adapt it to a one-host format. Despite the last-minute changes, DJ Sway remained composed and focused, thanks to the support of his colleagues, such as Owen Rampha, Katlego Rakola, Tshepang Motsisi (DJ Easy), and LB.

When asked about his initial reaction to the unexpected turn of events, DJ Sway admitted to feeling saddened by how things ended. However, he credited Pearl Thusi for giving him a much-needed confidence boost during his moment of doubt. She reminded him that he was destined for greatness and that he didn’t need big stars to succeed. With her words of encouragement, DJ Sway regained his composure and approached the rest of the show with the same professionalism and charisma he displays on the radio.

To overcome the challenges he faced, DJ Sway relied on his radio skills and calm personality. He engaged with the audience as if he were speaking to a single person, pointing out individuals in the crowd to create a more intimate connection. He also expressed gratitude for his backstage team, who provided support and ensured the smooth running of the show.

DJ Sway expressed satisfaction in being seen as the saving grace of the YAMAs. He believed that he fulfilled his role as a host and brought joy to the Yarona FM board, his family, and his fans. Despite his success, DJ Sway’s journey has not been without hardships. He has experienced the loss of his mother and sister, which has left a lasting impact on him. While he continues to grieve, he seeks solace in therapy sessions and relies on his father for emotional support.

DJ Sway’s dedication to his craft and ability to overcome adversity make him a remarkable figure in the radio industry. His vibrant personality and deep knowledge of music have made him a perfect fit for Yarona FM. Despite the challenges he has faced, DJ Sway remains determined to make a positive impact and bring joy to his listeners. With his talent and resilience, there is no doubt that DJ Sway will continue to thrive in his career and leave a lasting legacy in the world of radio.


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Chef Gustos walk of shame

22nd November 2023

Chef Gustos, the renowned hitmaker, recently experienced what can only be described as a walk of shame at the 8th edition of the Yarona FM Music Awards (YAMAs). Despite being nominated a whopping seven times, he failed to secure a single win. Ouch!

The night was filled with surprises, drama, and controversy, but the biggest winner of the evening was Han C, who walked away with three awards, including Best Pop and Best Male Single for his hit song, “Sebinki.” Han C graciously announced that he would be donating P10,000 from his winnings to his fellow nominees, promoting a spirit of togetherness among artists. What a noble gesture!

Meanwhile, Chef Gustos found himself on the losing end of several categories, including People’s Choice Artist of the Year, which he had won in the past. He seemed unfazed by the loss, stating, “People know that ‘Away’ was big, but they won’t stop me.” It’s clear that Chef Gustos is determined to continue making music, regardless of the awards he receives.

However, he did express his frustration with the outcome, suggesting that the awards may be corrupt. He declined to comment further, citing the need to protect his brand and maintain good relationships with corporate clients. It’s understandable that he wants to avoid any potential damage to his future prospects.

In fact, Chef Gustos went so far as to request that Yarona FM not nominate him for future YAMAs. It seems he wants to distance himself from the disappointment and focus on his music without the pressure of awards. Perhaps this decision will allow him to create freely and without the burden of expectations.

While Chef Gustos may have experienced a walk of shame at the YAMAs, it’s important to remember that awards do not define an artist’s talent or success. His fans still appreciate his music, and he continues to have gigs with corporate clients. So, despite the disappointment, Chef Gustos remains optimistic about his future in the industry.

In the end, the YAMAs may have been a letdown for Chef Gustos, but he’s determined to keep moving forward. He won’t let a lack of awards dampen his spirits or hinder his creativity. And who knows, maybe next time he’ll come back stronger and prove that he’s deserving of recognition. After all, the true measure of an artist’s success lies in the hearts of their fans, not in shiny trophies.


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