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Botswana Post toasts philately industry, vultures’ conversation

On Monday night Minister of Wildlife Environment and Tourism Tshekedi Khama joined the Ministry of Transport and Communication in endorsing Botswana Post, saying the Post Office should continue to receive support.

This was in recognition of the valuable and strategic support and positioning that Botswana Post plays in the country’s economy.

He said that it is through efforts of Botswana Post, through its Philately programme that Botswana will be able to brand and communicate its unique and rich heritage and the diverse bio-environment.

The minister further said that stamps are certainly playing an active and excellent role in this regard.

While speaking at the event, themed, “Save Botswana’s Vultures – The future of our National Heritage”, Khama said it is through man’s activities that these fine magnificent birds are facing extinction.

“In thinking we are developing, we increase the perils faced by the vultures, through poaching, indiscriminate killing and disturbing their breeding areas. This is wrong. The vultures are a key component of the world ecosystem, as much as, if I may say, the Post Office is a key component of the communication eco-system facing the same challenges. It is laudable that these two come together and show us the need for collaboration and support to achieve mutual gains,” he added.

Vultures have a very central role to play in maintaining the delicate balance of the world ecosystems. They play an active role in the food chain, aiding the cleaning of the environment ensuring that the process of circulating nutrients back to the earth continues.

Minister Khama said that the resuscitation of the philately industry and the conservation of the vulture were important. He encouraged that with resilience, persistence and commitment, a cause would receive recognition and support.

The event, an auspicious one in the philatelic and conservation calendars, commemorated the launch of the ‘Save Botswana’s Vulture’s’ commemorative Stamps issue; which marks the fourth Commemorative Issue of the year after Okavango Delta Heritage Listing, Abstract Art in Botswana and African Buffalo in Botswana and the Vervet Monkey in Botswana collection.

Botswana Post has been making strides in its transformation from being a traditional mail deliverer to a one-stop service provider of note since the inception of the Icon of Excellence strategy in 2011. This has allowed the company to diversify its products and services while striving for processes optimisation in pursuit of overall efficiency. The introduction of technology into everyday processes has enabled the Post to remain relevant in the fast changing business environment.

The stamp issue was unique in that it accentuates the notion of protecting the vulture species against extinction. The use of Thermo chromic ink, which is an ink or dye that is temperature-sensitive compounds, makes the image on the stamp disappear temporarily when touched with heat. This is testament of the ability of the Post to leverage in technology, not only for new products but also for re-engineering of the old traditional postal products such as stamps.

Research has indicated that the vulture population is declining at an alarming rate, and something must be done – within the farming, school, tourism and social communities to spread this knowledge.

The decimation is due to multiple reasons, including trophy hunting, poaching, improper farming methods and indiscriminate destruction of vultures’ habitats.

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Vee Mampeezy wants to marry again!

28th November 2022

In May 2014, controversial pint sized musician, Odirile Sento married his longtime girlfriend, Kagiso Sento in a glamorous wedding, not knowing that eight years later, the two will be fighting until the very end of their holy union.

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Motsetserepa needs help

18th October 2022

Mental health is one critical element in someone’s life but gloomily, it is often overlooked. Topics centered on mental health and depression dominate the public discourse. The national conversation surrounding mental wellness, both online and offline has aided in the stigma of suffering from depression being removed, slowly but surely.

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TatsoConnekt Leading Women Brunch

14th October 2022

On Saturday 29 October 2022 (11:00- 15:00) Bash Connektor will be presenting their 1st TatsoConnekt Leading Women Brunch which will be hosted by Basadi’Bash’Masimolole. Tatso. A Setswana word. Taste  .Tatso / ta-tso/. verb.

The Brunch will be held at Myhomecafe by Mogobane Dam and tickets are selling at P650 per person. Only 50 tickets available and sold through pre-booking. The value of the offering will be a brunch meal + bottomless mimosas + connekting conversations that matter with leading women in corporate and entrepreneurship. This is an inspirational / empowerment connekting session for Women.

Bash Connektor is a Marketing Company with a twist founded in March 2022 by Basadi Bash Masimolole who has 15 years plus Marketing Experience. The INTENT of Bash Connektor is to Link People, Experiences, and Brands. The K instead of C is INTENTIONAL. We are all about contributing towards AMPLIFYING brand and country messages through curating experiential offerings and connekting conversations that matter, said Basadi Masimolole.

With a sponsor or funding, Basadi Masimolole’s ultimate goal is to have visual podcasts and empowerment connektor sessions at villages as part of cultural tourism and contributing towards the Botswana Government’s Rural Areas Development Program (RADP).

Individuals interested in purchasing the limited number tickets or Brands interested in participating on the TatsoConnekt Leading Women Brunch through sponsorships/ brand placement opportunities can reach Basadi’Bash’Masimolole on +267 7140 6660 / / Bash Connektor Facebook page.

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