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UDC did not want Pilane in Motswaledi investigations

UDC Presidents: Ndaba Gaolathe of BMD and Duma Boko of BNF

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) top leadership had qualms with the involvement of Sidney Pilane in the investigations which ensued after the death of Gomolemo Motswaledi, Weekend Post has established.  

According to a high ranking Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) official, UDC president Duma Boko and the then Head of Policy and Research Ndaba Gaolathe were not comfortable with an outsider being involved in the delicate matter and had secretly arranged for their own pathologist.

“Boko and Ndaba wanted a different pathologist to carry out the post-mortem concurrently with the one brought on board by Pilane, unfortunately he could not arrive on time for the exercise,” said the source.

It is understood that Reggie Perumal, a South African based pathologist was brought on board by Sidney Pilane abetted by BMD Chairman Nehemiah Modubule.  

Perumal was also housed by Pilane with the costs associated with the exercise being fully sponsored by the former party spokesperson.

Weekend Post was further informed that prior to his death, Motswaledi had informed those close to him about a plan hatched to oust him at the next congress.

Motswaledi was successfully re-elected for the second time as BMD leader at the 2013 Maun Congress, where majority of his National Executive Committee (NEC) were re elected.

“Before Motswaledi perished, they were planning to topple him in Gantsi. We knew about it in advance and he [Motswaledi] talked about it,” said the source.

At the Gantsi Congress held last year July, a number of NEC members who were associated with Motswaledi were toppled. Key among those who lost seats is Gabriel Masie who served as party National Organising Secretary and Campaign Manager for Motswaledi’s Gaborone Central 2014 parliamentary bid.

Also among those who lost their positions was Sennye Kono, who was replaced by Tseleng Botlhole as party Deputy Secretary General. Gaolathe and Wynter Mmolotsi were not challenged for the position of president and vice president respectively.

The aftermath of the Gantsi Congress saw the party emerging divided by factions, one vying for incumbent party president and one vying for Pilane.

Earlier this year, BMD president, Gaolathe had said that the process which was adopted to grant Pilane membership was unconstitutional since his earlier application at Gaborone North was rejected. Pilane would later be granted membership at Mochudi West branch after being aided by party secretary general, Gilbert Mangole to do so.

Modubule and Gilbert Mangole emerged as the strongest Pilane supporters within the BMD, both of them declaring that his admission back into the party was procedural.

With the party factions defying each other, impeccable sources have indicated that the party may consider calling for a Special Congress, where delegates will vote for a new National Executive Committee.  

The party is also in the process of holding its Women’s League congress in May. It is understood that the Pilane faction has a tight grip on things and his team is likely to emerge victorious.

Meanwhile Gaolathe’s team is confident that calling for a special congress remains the only feasible way for the party to function normally.

The battle within the party is now for the lobbying for support within the party structures. The party branches form part of delegates who will be voting at the coming elective congress or the special congress if party structures cause it to be called.

Meanwhile, the party has managed to hold its first branch congress at Gaborone Central which is fully behind the incumbent president of the party.

Contacted for comment, BMD chairman, Modubule said “what I know is that it was a consensus decision to for Reggie Perumal to be engaged.” He further said Pilane decision to pay for the costs was based on the understanding that the UDC had asked for financial assistance on the matter.

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Botswana approves extradition of British fugitive

20th March 2023

Raiz Ahmed Tayub, a British fugitive sought by Interpol for his involvement in human trafficking and slave trade crimes, was captured by the Botswana Police Service (BPS) earlier this year.

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BOCRA detects new cyber attacks targeted at Botswana

20th March 2023

Government owned communications regulator, Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) recently detected several cyber-attacks targeted at national information and communications infrastructure, companies and home routers in this country.

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Malawi appeals for help over Cyclone Freddy at PAP

17th March 2023

As of yesterday evening, the death toll from the Cyclone in Malawi had risen from the initially reported 190 to 225 in a short period of time, over 20 000 people have been displaced, and the worst of fears are yet to come as the fatalities continue to mount. This was reported by a Malawi Member of Parliament attending the Pan African Parliament session in Midrand, South Africa, Hon Steven Mikiya.

Mikiya was giving a statement on behalf of Malawi as the ongoing Pan African Parliament in South Africa.

Mikiya said the Cyclone has wreaked the most havoc in our country’s Southern Region. “The Southern Region, has been hardest hit with widespread heavy rains and strong winds. This caused a rapid rise in water levels and subsequent flooding. Meanwhile, power supply has been disrupted, roads blocked off and rendered impassable and mudslides have also been widely reported,” he said.

He made a special appeal to the PAP:  “Where I come from, there is a parable which I would like to share with you which says, “mzako weniweni umamudziwa panthawi ya mavuto.” Simply put, a friend in need is a friend indeed or put loosely, a person who helps at a difficult time is a friend you can rely on.”

Mikiya continued: “Yes! Misfortune has knocked on our door and left in its wake a trail of death and destruction that may take years to fully recover from. However, amidst these difficulties, I have every reason to believe that sometimes when you are in a dark place and think you have been buried, you have actually been planted. My belief, Mr. President, arises out of my faith in this gathering and out of the conviction that it is not coincidental that Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi and Mozambique while the delegations of both countries are here.”

According to Mikiya, the level of destruction, the loss of life, property and the decimation of the entire fabric of established communities has been unprecedented. He noted that all this, is coming at a time when Malawi was starting to show signs of recovery from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that also came hard on the heels of Cyclone Ana and Cyclone Gombe that left a similar trail of devastation and destruction in Malawi and neighbouring countries.

As of Sunday, this week, from the 12th of March, Malawi and Mozambique have been facing the devastating effects of Cyclone Freddy that made a landfall over Mozambique on Saturday the 11th and reached Malawi by Sunday the 12th of March.

The Malawi legislator said he has absolute faith in the Pan African Parliament, which he described as “a league of nations brought together by a shared ancestry, history, identity as well as our beloved continent which we inhabit”.

Meanwhile, Malawi President, Lazarus Chakwera, has declared a State of Disaster in the affected areas effectively appealing for local and international support for the affected families.

Mikiya appealed to the Pan African Parliament drawing “positive” inspiration from Europe which rallied around Turkey after the destructive earthquakes to bring the much-needed relief and humanitarian aid to the people of Turkey.

He said Africa should demonstrate to the world that the African Union and its Organs are not mere talk shows, but effective institutions which stand up when it matters most.

“Alone, it may take us a lifetime to fully recover, but together, in the Pan-Africanist spirit of Ubuntu, our lives and livelihoods will return to a semblance of normality in record time. This is the time to live by our operative mantra, “One Africa, One Voice.” Mikiya concluded.

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