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Letshwiti’s Five points that will shoot down Sebego

I Swear; Maclean Letshwiti

Botswana Football Association (BFA) presidential hopeful Maclean Letshwiti has revealed his revolutionary modus operandi should he win the battle for the control of Lekidi House against Tebogo Sebego in July.

Letshwiti’s slogans are abundantly informed by what is perceived to be Sebego’s failures.

The businessman who also doubles as Mochudi Center Chiefs director officially declared his candidature to the media this week.

He is irked by the current image of football where protests and counter protests have become the signature of local football.

“We should adhere to the constitution of the BFA, are we doing it now?” he rhetorically asked before grabbing a water bottle to quench his thirst.

The commotion emanating from Township Rollers midfielder Ofentse Nato’s defaulter status catapulted the presidential hopeful rhetoric on the day. Nato’s case has put premier football in the country to a standstill and Letshwiti’s camp is not leaving any stone unturned in their bid to milk the saga.

Letshwiti’s camp is also zooming into Sebego’s failed bid to grant the Botswana Premier League (BPL) independence. Letshwiti is adamant that this failure must cost Sebego the BFA presidency come July 30th elections. This has been a subject of discussion in almost every football platform. 

“Should I be voted, I will allow the BPL to be semi autonomous. They should run their affairs. The same applies to the First Division, my aim is that the BFA should focus on development which I will dedicate 80% of resources to,” he said with a smile.

There claims that Letshwiti already has the support of eleven premier league clubs. Premier league autonomy is magnet that the Chiefs director is using to woo the big guns.

Sebego’s winning campaign team from 2012, Friends of Football used catchphrase of ‘commercialization’ then, but it has since backfired by causing internal wrangling within the local teams. This is another mess that needs to be cleaned up according to Letshwiti. “Firstly we need structures that would guide us before we mobilize resources.”

He continued: “With structures in place, the much hyped commercialization would be a success by now.”

Mochudi Centre Chiefs is currently fighting for its identity at the courts of law; Township Rollers has had its share of power struggles at the courts; while Gaborone United is treading on thin ice with the prospects of losing the long time investor Nicholas Zackhem.

Football commentators have castigated Sebego over commercialization, arguing that the idea was rushed. They point out that there was need to have systems in place to guide clubs on commercialization.  Letshwiti is capitalizing on this shortcoming and he intends to shred Sebego during the campaign trail.

Letshwiti has also made it clear that he will try by all means to mend relationships with other stakeholders to resuscitate the ailing local football.

“We should awaken all the stakeholders so as to develop our football. How strong is our relationship with FIFA? Do they know we are 50 years behind? How is our relationship with CAF? and of course with the government? These are the stakeholders that could help in transforming our football,” he voiced out.

The relationship between Sebego led administration and the government is said to have reached rock bottom.  Many point to administrative lapses at BFA as the main undoing.

While Letshwiti could not answer plethora of questions, he promised to release a manifesto that will be launched soon. He said the manifesto with spell out details of his promises.

However he made it clear that he wants a team of people who are “hardworking, honest and knowledgeable about football”.

Letshwiti’s running mate and or team is yet to be revealed amid alleged vetting.

Segolame Ramothwa, Marshlow Motlogelwa, Senki Sesinyi, Eatametse Olopeng, Ookeditse Malesu are some of the names that are highly linked with a team that is aiming to topple Sebego and company.  

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BFA faces ministry backlash

11th January 2022
MacLean Letshwiti

Botswana Football Association (BFA) leadership finds itself caught between a rock and a hard place owing to the ever burning issue of mischievous spending at operational level.

While the association coffers have suddenly dried up, with some staff members getting the boot, the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development has threatened to place the Maclean Letshwiti led association under strict funding for unspecified period of time.

WeekendSport learns that the sport ministry is not happy about the financial status of the association and will want to act before everything get messy.

At the close of last year, the Ministry had to intervene for the Women National Football Team to travel to Ethiopia as BFA had no penny to cover for the travelling costs.

As if that was not enough, the BFA December wages were covered from the Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) purse, an abnormality that BFA is at pains to explain.

All these incidents, however, coincide with a time when the Sport ministry is putting in place a new revised modeling for funding. The model requests national sports associations to explain in details the why they will need funding  for their calendar of events.

Moreover, the Ministry is eager to prioritize funding basing on the performance of the sport code on a yearly basis.

“Things have changed, we are not going to splash money like we used to do, and we want a code to explain fully how they are going to spend the money,” a source shared.

Moreover, we will be funding looking at the overall performance of the code, we are not going to fund just because it is football and it is loved by many people.”

At worst, the ministry will want the association to account and should BFA fail to balance their books, the National Executive Committee(NEC) is likely to be dissolved by the ministry.

Sources further state that the Ministry’s patience has actually wilted away concerning codes that abuse funds. In the case of BFA, sources point out that they are likely to get half subvention until everything goes back to normalcy.

On a good year, BFA subvention reaches P 5.4million annually. Should the ministry persists, BFA will start operations of the year on a budget of about P 2.7 million. It will not be for the first time the association finds itself bearing the brunt.

Sometimes in 2018 when Tshekedi Khama was the Minister, the association’s subvention were cut down to pay an old standing debt that amounted to P3 million.

However, high ranking officials at  the association believe funds can still be accounted for and refuses to accept that they have been reckless when it comes to spending. The official who does not want be named is of the view that the association had to halt FIFA projects and concentrate on incidental expenses brought by COVID -19.

According to BFA expenditure, the CEO gets the higher chunk and that’s where most of the money went. A national trip to South Africa by senior national team has also seen the association spending close to a million.

Moreover, the communication department of the association is bleeding more money after a certain PR agency was appointed nearly two years ago.

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Mamelodi rejects BFA CEO post

11th January 2022
Township Rollers CEO: Mamelodi

Township Rollers first ever Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bennett Mamelodi has reportedly turned down an offer from Botswana Football Association (BFA) to take over the reins at the association as the new CEO.  

This comes to the fore following the ‘always expected’ suspension of Goabaone Taylor in December 2021, on account of internal investigations relating to the misappropriation of funds that transpired before her eyes.

Sources speaking to this publication indicate that Taylor will eventually vacate her position, barely eight months after her historic appointment as the first ever lady to lead the often stubborn BFA secretariat.

Masterminds behind her appointment and eventual fall from grace wanted to therefore give Mamelodi an opportunity to assume the role, but the soft spoken administrator is reported to have chickened out, opting to stay put at Township Rollers.

It is not yet known why an ambitious man like Mamelodi’s feet will turn cold over a job that commands respect across football circles.

However, it is reported that the once rejected Mfolo Mfolo will have a second bite on the cherry after BFA president MacLean Letshwiti confided to his close allies that he was misled at a time when Mfolo was sacked.

The equally soft spoken Mfolo, who too has footprints at Township Rollers was fired  just after the October 2020 elections for allegedly failing to take charge when the national under 17 was disqualified  from the COSAFA tournament  after failing the MRI test.

All the while, reports indicate that Mamelodi is eyeing the Botswana Football League (BFL) post where he made his name, but close sources continue to deny that the brother to Ashford Mamelodi will want to go back to Lekidi Football Centre given the manner in which his dismissal was handled about six years ago.

At the time of going to print, he could not be reached for comment.

As things stand, Mamelodi has been appointed as the project manager of BFL while holding the fort at Rollers. He is anticipated to provide insight on how the league can source sponsors for itself and run smoothly without struggles.  He is also expected to erect a working structure for the BFL.

Mamelodi has previously worked with Jwaneng Galaxy as well as interim spells with Orapa United to help both clubs turn professional. He is said to be in love with what he does at Popa and it is why he is no longer intrigued by BFA political positions.

However, sources mention that Mamelodi will be tried once again but are skeptical that the man will agree to the deal even if it is mouthwatering.

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Rollers veterans face exit

20th December 2021
premier league

Township Rollers veterans, who are reaching the end of their careers are hoping to part on high note, but the club has had a slow start to the season, playing second fiddle to its city rivals, Gaborone United.  The Reds has won the first edition of FA Cup since 2012 — now under the sponsorship of network giants, Orange — to send a memo to league rivals that this season is not business as usual.

Rollers has responded in controversial fashion, firing coach Hassan Oktay after suffering the ignominy of being knocked out by top flight football rockies, Masitiaoka.  The Blues have since appointed Frenchman Romain Folz to turn the club’s pot of gold into silverware, an attempt that his predecessor, Oktay has failed early into the season.  After clinching players with vast experience, the expectation is still enormous at Popa that all available cups including the league title should find space in their trophy cabinet.

Also, the club would want to traverse a torrid passage of CAF champion’s league, reaching group stages, once more. It is in this regard that Ofentse Nato is hoping for his own great leap forward in effort to end his injury nightmare. The no nonsense defensive midfielder has only featured once for the team this year owing to unspecified injuries.  This is the first time, in his football carrier that Nato misses the first five opening games of the season.

His absence could have left Rollers struggling. But he too, could struggle to return to his former self, missing the opportunity to drive Rollers back to glory days, alongside the rest of a gilded trio of the club; Maano Ditshupo, Simisane Mathumo and of course Motsholetsi Sikele. But the teams’ insistency and promise to make a loud impact this season is yet to bear fruits. The quartet will have to stand strong otherwise the ambition mirrors a tomorrow that will never come.

As part of the multi-million project of Jagdish Shah, the players were recruited to embody the present and future of the club. But all of them are on the wrong side of 30. Maano is 36, Nato is 32, Mathumo is 30 while Sikele is 30.  Both Ditshupo and Mathumo are exchanging the armband while Sikele has almost lost his starting berth to youngsters. Nato is also slowing down and it appears he has seen his better days.

The talent of the big four should make the case for Rollers to finally make headline impact, particularly in the league and FA cup starting in January next year. Rollers coaches agree that as a unit they could find an edge and this band of serial winners glimpse glory. The sense all could awaken for the business end is enhanced by their respective pedigrees. All the four know the pleasure of taking Rollers to glory days, they also understand the pain of failing with the club.

Ditshupo in particular, has been the most consistent player of all in Rollers squad; it betrays logic why he was never called to represent the country. In the first five games of the season, Rollers have been nothing but a luke warm club. They have emitted mixed reactions. They started well, clobbering Lobatse Outfit, Extension Gunners by 2-0.  Against premier league rookies, Masitaoka, they huffed and puffed, but the absence of midfielder Ditshupo was conspicuously seen as they were knocked out of the tournament.

However, the quartet returned to the lineup for the first time as a unit against Notwane in a midweek fixture.  Rollers were not convincing despite winning 1-0 to return to the summit. Judging by their performance and age, the quartert might not play Rollers ball again next season as premier league retirement looms.

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