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PSP threatens BUAN petitioners

Morupisi says petition is un-procedural, unnecessary

In an unprecedented turn-of-events, the Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), Carter Morupisi has this week threatened Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) staff members who recently petitioned Minister of Agriculture (MoA), Patrick Pule Ralotsia, over the appointment of university’s acting vice chancellor.

WeekendPost has it on good authority that Mr Morupisi summoned the petitioners in what he termed an “emergency meeting” to Office of the President on Monday this week to call them to “order.”

The trio Dr. Nelson Tselaesele, Dr. Mogadime Rammolai and Mr Maano Dibeela were assigned to hand over the petition to MoA on behalf of BUAN staff members. The petition was necessitated by Ralotsia’s recent appointing of Dr Mataba Tapela to act as BUAN VC with effect from 1st August 2016 until 31st January 2017.

In the petition the staff members strived to register their concern about repeated reinstatements of Dr Tapela despite “his lack of leadership skills.”

However,the PSP is said to have questioned the BUAN petition and condemned why it was initiated in the first place.

“Actually he said if we were handing the petition to him he could have trashed it out rightly as it was disrespectful in a way,” a source who was present at the meeting revealed.

The emergency meeting was also graced by Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Boipelo Khumomatlhare as well as Ministry’s legal Counsel.  

According to the sources, what was of particular concern to the petitioners was the notion by PSP that he had called them to “warn” them about their “behaviour” in relation to the prompting of the petition.

“If it was me receiving this, I could have teared it apart,” Morupisi is reported to have stressed at the meeting.

He is said to have also cautioned against making an ultimatum to the Minister. In the petition, Ralotsia was allotted 14 days to have responded, failing which the staff members threatened to boycott the long awaited launch of BUAN, the former Botswana College of Agriculture which is now a transformed fully fledged university.

“You know we were so baffled by the PSP’s reaction towards the petition honestly because we believe that it is our fundamental constitutional right; we are free to petition authorities on any subject matter of our concern at any day we wish,” one source pointed out to this publication.  

In a more revealing way, the PSP is said to have stated that the appointment of substantive Vice Chancellor who will replace Dr Tapela might take 2 years or so and they should just remain calm until then.

Approached for a comment the, PSP confirmed that indeed such meeting transpired where he called some BUAN petitioners to OP in a mission to ‘condemn’ them for trying to precipitately hand the petition to the Minister.

“Yes it is true I had called them to my office so that I assist them with the procedure that they should follow instead,” Morupisi highlighted to this publication in an interview.

According to the PSP, he had wanted them to first seek audience with the acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Mataba Tapela and discuss with him their issues and concerns before they reach even the minister.
If they are not satisfied at that point, that is when they could have made an arrangement for an appointment with minister Ralotsia.  

Morupisi asked rhetorically, “why should they petition a minister while he has not refused to meet with them? You see they never attempted! They must first make appointment with the minister.”

“Mind you we are talking about lecturers here who are mature and expected to be responsible and exemplary to students. They should not behave like school boys,” the PSP pointed out.

From his judgement Morupisi emphasised that the petition is un-procedural, and it is unnecessary as he believes they should engage the minister in a more structural way.

In the petition the BUAN staff members have requested that the appointment of the Dr Tapela be reversed and another qualified staff member be appointed to act on the period of 1st August 2016 to 30th January 2017.

In the petition, the staff members demanded response from Ralotsia within 14 days failure of which they threatened to boycott the launch of the university. Nonetheless, 14 days have now elapsed and there is no official response to the petition lest for intimidation they encountered at the highest office in the land.

At the time of going to print, it was unclear what the staff members’ cause of action would be.

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Masisi bruised by Khama, Mogae comparison

8th March 2021
President Masisi

This week’s Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Central Committee (CC) meeting held at State House chaired by Party President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi, turned into a ‘boardroom brawl’ with Masisi expressing concerns and accusing central committee members of not adequately shielding him from opposition missiles.

The meeting which was held on Monday this week was to deliberate on a number of agenda items but the President took the moment to tongue lash his inner circle to stop silly PR blunders that are causing more harm than good. The reprimand was mostly directed to party Secretary General Mpho Balopi as well as Chairman of Communications and International Relations sub-committee, Kagelelo Banks Kentse.

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DPP letter to DCEC opens healing wounds

8th March 2021
DPP Director: Stephen Tiroyakgosi

It took the intervention of the Permanent Secretary to the President, Elias Magosi to arrest a dispute between the warring Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), and the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), by instructing the former to hand over the unfinished P100 billion docket to the latter.

But the PSP’s efforts are not enough, the two institutions are back in the boxing ring again following a letter from the DPP inviting the DCEC back into a case they long declared as “hogwash”.
A savingram dated 18th January 2021 from the DPP to the DCEC is calling on the DCEC to assist with further evidence in the P100 billion case, but the DCEC which has never hidden its indifference posits that the move by the DPP can be summed up by the expressions: ‘opening healing wounds’.

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Deputy Speaker, DCEC, DPP in spy passports war

8th March 2021
Deputy-Speaker: Mbule Pule

A fed-up Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) Director General, Tymon Katlholo has come out guns blazing over an order from the Director of the Directorate of Public

Prosecutions (DPP), Stephen Tiroyakgosi instructing the DCEC, to solicit a statement from the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and ruling party Member of Parliament for Mochudi East, Mabuse Pule, regarding the role he played in the issuance of Whelheminah Maswabi’s intelligence operations passport.

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