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BNSC’s toxic order

Botswana National Sports Commission’s (BNSC) latest two directives to its 39 affiliates have attracted both approval and criticism from affiliates. Some believe they risk plunging the already bed ridden sporting industry into the abyss; while on the other hand some say the directives could breathe new life into sport.

The two directives, according to BNSC CEO Falcon Sedimo, are tailor made to ‘shape and direct sport’. But a careful look into the directives gives a picture of two commands pulling in opposite directions. The first directive calls for all treasures of sports associations to be Botswana Institute of Accounts (BICA) accredited. Most affiliates welcome the order because it will encourage accountability. The second order literally shuns the media. The media will not be allowed to get firsthand information from various sports codes AGM’s. Many believe this will reverse the gains achieved in harnessing sports/media relations.

Some antagonistic affiliates argue that the directives are a classic case of one step forward and two steps backward. On why the BNSC commanded its affiliates to ensure that whoever is appointed to head the treasury of any association be BICA accredited: “After a careful consideration by the BNSC it has been resolved that the position of treasure on any portfolio whose responsibility is to oversee finance in your Executive Committee must be filled or occupied by professionals with finance or accounting background registered with BICA,” a circular from the BNSC reads.

The affiliates have been given up to the 31st of December this year to have fully executed the transformational process. According to BNSC boss, Sedimo, “this is meant to improve governance and financial management within the BNSC National Sport Associations.” Several codes have been battling with issues of accountability at their AGM’s, a vice which irritated the funds disburser – BNSC. This directive has received a warm welcome from various administrators.

“This is a step in the right direction of which we as Boxing we warmly welcome because it preaches transparency and good governance,” boxing President Thato Patlakwe said. His volleyball counterpart, Daniel Molaodi also sang praise songs on the move, “it is a welcome development and they have the right to do so as the main financier. It has been long overdue though as volleyball we have long initiated this. The main benefits are our treasurer will be able to fully account knowing that failure to do so could affect his or her licensing in future.”

The expectation is that the BNSC will soon roll out a similar circular to address other positions like the President, Secretary General and the Public Relations to occupy those only with traceable background on those portfolios. The second directive which surprisingly is yet to reach some of the affiliates’ offices, stipulates that the media will not be allowed to cover the whole proceedings at AGM’s as it has been the norm.

“Every house has its own flaws and it is through this that we want our affiliates to discuss their issues internally without the media. This will allow us to restore integrity in our sport and it’s not like this is new if you know the history of the BNSC you will understand,” Sedimo said in an interview. By far, only Volleyball Federation and BOTESSA have seen the correspondences while the remaining 37 affiliates are clueless about the development.

Four administrators who spoke to this paper believe that, this isn’t a good development for sport. “This is not a welcome development, right now as volleyball we are looking for sponsorships and if the media could attend our meetings they would help us to relay the message to the corporate world who may help us. Conducting post event interviews is totally different from first hand observation of a meeting,” BVF President Molaodi said.

Softball association media liaison, Kelebogile Seitei also echoed the same. “I don’t see any wrong with the media attending our assemblies, because if we are talking about good governance we are talking transparency which the media resembles.”
Boxing association President who is yet to receive the message believes that this is bad for sport. He said it is like being locked in a cocoon and it has the potential to compromise efforts by sports fraternity to get media exposure.

Sports Writers Association Botswana (SWABO) President, Leatile Mmutle is also disappointed by the BNSC stance. “I believe they are going against the trends of the world, FIFA assembly is streamed live on FIFA TV and even SAFA AGM is usually given space on SABC but we are choosing to go the opposite direction. These sporting codes are societies and they must account so I don’t understand why the media is muted.” The two (SWABO & BNSC) are expected to meet soon to discuss the matter.

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Dambe, Tsotso dump Zebras

12th April 2021

Remnant of the historic Africa Cup of Nations squad of 2012, Mogakolodi ‘Tsotso’ Ngele and Botswana’s first-choice goal keeper, Kabelo Dambe, will never embody the future of the Zebras as long as Adel Amrouche is at the helm, WeekendSport has established.

The duo made this confession in the squad secret WhatsApp group seen by this publication, expressing concern and antipathy about playing for the squad heavily polarised by the coach.

It turns out that the coach has players he favours and prefers, many of who appear in the starting line-up as a long lasting promise to be signed under his stable. The aim is to ultimately recruit them to far flung clubs and earn a commission.

Ngele who remains the only player to have scored the Zebras goal (in open play) at the 2012 edition has endured a rocky affair with the coach.

Not much has been established as to why the affair is in tatters but sources claim that it stretched to a point where Amrouche confronted Ngele’s former coaches at Black Leopards to discuss possible options of side-lining him. The idea was to frustrate the player and kill his confidence as the only player Zebras looked up to.

Ngele, under former coach Peter Butler, was named the squad captain but under Amrouche, he has played cameo roles in World Cup and AFCON qualifiers. Ngele has made three appearances and came once as a substitute in all the 10 games Amrouche managed.

Ngele was hoping for his own great leap forward in an effort to end his nightmare and play for the Zebras especially after earning playing time with his new club, Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila.

Do this day, Ngele has made more than 35 appearances for the Zebras since earning his debut in 2009. Away from The Zebras stage, Ngele made significant contributions at Platinum Stars, the first team he signed his professional contract with. In 67 games, he scored 19 times.

Amrouche’s insistency and promise to make a loud impact in this year’s qualifiers did not bear fruit. Part of the blame is shoved on Township Rollers stopper, Kabelo Dambe. He is accused to have failed to stand strong for Zebras and shipped in simpler goals that cost the team to book a flight to Cameroon next year.

A goal against Algeria on home soil and a goal by Zimbabwe last month could have never gone through had he positioned himself better, critics claim.

Dambe who has more than 44 caps and played all Zebras games under Amrouche feels hard done and had hoped the coach and the nation would protect him. He feels the ambition of the country to qualify mirrors a tomorrow that could never come because of his mistakes.

Botswana Football Association (BFA) General Manager of National Teams, Monnakgotla Mojaki when pressed for interview failed to provide details about the future of the two stars.

He expressed concern that he was never hands on when the squad played the qualifiers. This according to Mojaki, was the case because the coach had barred him from mingling with the players.

“I am sorry I cannot assist you with anything, I know nothing and remember I have not spoken to anybody since I was asked not to come to camp,” he shared.

Both Dambe and Ngele are not only equally unhappy but are also equal in age; both are 30 years and have played for Platinum Stars at one point in their careers.

However, there is information to the effect that the duo made a promise to return one day, and that is when the coach has parted company with the association.

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Galaxy star wants out

12th April 2021

Lebogang Ditsile has begun to cast fresh doubts over his future as a Jwaneng Galaxy player. The hard tackling midfielder has handed the club management a transfer request amid rumours linking him with Gaborone United.

This week, the industrious player gave Galaxy an ultimatum -to either improve his contract benefits or let him go- this comes after a decision was taken to offer the whole team pay cuts amid the corona virus pandemic.

Galaxy has arrived at a conclusion of giving each player P3000 until a time football returns to the field.Ditsile, one of the club’ highest paid players is certainly restless and would not want to entertain a second thought over his future.

Galaxy on the other hand is feeling distraught over GU’s constant communication with the player, and are also aggrieved that the Nikholas Zakhem powered team wants to prize away their asset. Ditsile’s contract does not expire until June of 2022.

The situation is not yet explosive but it is believed to have gotten under Ditsile’s skin and it is threatening to turn ugly. Ditsile apparently is the best thing ever to happen to Galaxy and to leave them at this point will surely be a great loss that could take some time for the club to recover.

However, GU is busy making their move for their long-time target and the enterprising midfielder is said to be determined to complete the transfer before the season begins. It is said the player wants to play football without hustles, which Galaxy cannot promise at the present moment, and the allure of GU will certainly prove too much to stay from.

The team led and directed by Zakhem is reported to have promised ‘Tally’ a mouth-watering contract should he voluntarily terminate. It is however noted that GU cannot risk buying the player who is still on a running contract.

It is believed that Ditsile recognises GU as one of the country’s leading clubs, capable of competing for the grandest prizes. In the event of joining GU, Ditsile would have fulfilled his dream of playing for a rich paying club.

He has enjoyed his years at Galaxy, where he is feted by the supporters, but feels that the time is right to move on. It is impossible to dispute the value and service that he has given to the club, with last season being his best.

The fan-favourite, who has had an on and off relationship with the national team, is still held by the terms of his contract while discussions between his agent are continuing behind closed doors.

Those close to developments mention that Ditsile is yet to be shocked by the stubborn position held by the Galaxy; but the club will surely hate losing such a prized possession to their fiercest rivals.

The Galaxy management has a reputation of being tough negotiators but for Ditsile, the offer from GU is one that should be impossible to refuse.On the other hand, GU are mindful of the tactics often displayed by Botswana players.

They have a tendency of bargaining through rival clubs so as to increase salary or force the management to act swiftly.

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Panic ahead of women champions’ league

12th April 2021

The absence of women national league in the country has caused anxiety and alarm at Botswana Football Association (BFA) secretariat. PIC: Soccer Laduma

This is the case because the inaugural COSAFA women champions’ league is about to kick start and BFA is expected to send the name of the team that will represent the country.

As things stand, the association is caught between a rock and a hard place because they are unable to determine the deserving team. The reality facing the association is because its women nation-wide league has never been played since the first corona virus case was registered in March of 2020.

However, the association has devised a plan and a model to opt for a team that will participate in the tournament to be held between November and December of this year. The play offs are expected to commence in August.

BFA has therefore called for an expression of interest from clubs to select the most deserving team.The expression of interest, according to BFA, should cover the club’s financial viability and ability to honour its games (both home and away) without fail. According to findings, the club will need a minimum of P100 00 to play a telling role.

It is therefore highly unlikely that BFA will find a women’s team enjoying such financial freedom. In any case, the association will be forced to offer financial assistance.Township Rollers, Mexican girls and Double Action are the few teams that can possibly be selected, but a huge question mark hangs over their financial disposition.

One other thing needed through the expression of interest is the current books of accounts which will definitely show that the club has been operating. BFA is of the view that this is important because it will help in showing the financial progression of the team.

“We are very pleased with how these events were organized under very difficult circumstances,” COSAFA General Secretary, Sue Destombes said in a statement.

“We take what we learnt in Nelson Mandela Bay into our planning for 2021. We have a full calendar of tournaments at this stage. We are hopeful we will be able to stage them all, even in these most challenging times.

The highlight must be the introduction of the regional Women’s Champions League, which will be a zonal qualifier for the new CAF Women’s Champions League which is coming later this year,” she further shared.


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