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BNSC’s toxic order

Botswana National Sports Commission’s (BNSC) latest two directives to its 39 affiliates have attracted both approval and criticism from affiliates. Some believe they risk plunging the already bed ridden sporting industry into the abyss; while on the other hand some say the directives could breathe new life into sport.

The two directives, according to BNSC CEO Falcon Sedimo, are tailor made to ‘shape and direct sport’. But a careful look into the directives gives a picture of two commands pulling in opposite directions. The first directive calls for all treasures of sports associations to be Botswana Institute of Accounts (BICA) accredited. Most affiliates welcome the order because it will encourage accountability. The second order literally shuns the media. The media will not be allowed to get firsthand information from various sports codes AGM’s. Many believe this will reverse the gains achieved in harnessing sports/media relations.

Some antagonistic affiliates argue that the directives are a classic case of one step forward and two steps backward. On why the BNSC commanded its affiliates to ensure that whoever is appointed to head the treasury of any association be BICA accredited: “After a careful consideration by the BNSC it has been resolved that the position of treasure on any portfolio whose responsibility is to oversee finance in your Executive Committee must be filled or occupied by professionals with finance or accounting background registered with BICA,” a circular from the BNSC reads.

The affiliates have been given up to the 31st of December this year to have fully executed the transformational process. According to BNSC boss, Sedimo, “this is meant to improve governance and financial management within the BNSC National Sport Associations.” Several codes have been battling with issues of accountability at their AGM’s, a vice which irritated the funds disburser – BNSC. This directive has received a warm welcome from various administrators.

“This is a step in the right direction of which we as Boxing we warmly welcome because it preaches transparency and good governance,” boxing President Thato Patlakwe said. His volleyball counterpart, Daniel Molaodi also sang praise songs on the move, “it is a welcome development and they have the right to do so as the main financier. It has been long overdue though as volleyball we have long initiated this. The main benefits are our treasurer will be able to fully account knowing that failure to do so could affect his or her licensing in future.”

The expectation is that the BNSC will soon roll out a similar circular to address other positions like the President, Secretary General and the Public Relations to occupy those only with traceable background on those portfolios. The second directive which surprisingly is yet to reach some of the affiliates’ offices, stipulates that the media will not be allowed to cover the whole proceedings at AGM’s as it has been the norm.

“Every house has its own flaws and it is through this that we want our affiliates to discuss their issues internally without the media. This will allow us to restore integrity in our sport and it’s not like this is new if you know the history of the BNSC you will understand,” Sedimo said in an interview. By far, only Volleyball Federation and BOTESSA have seen the correspondences while the remaining 37 affiliates are clueless about the development.

Four administrators who spoke to this paper believe that, this isn’t a good development for sport. “This is not a welcome development, right now as volleyball we are looking for sponsorships and if the media could attend our meetings they would help us to relay the message to the corporate world who may help us. Conducting post event interviews is totally different from first hand observation of a meeting,” BVF President Molaodi said.

Softball association media liaison, Kelebogile Seitei also echoed the same. “I don’t see any wrong with the media attending our assemblies, because if we are talking about good governance we are talking transparency which the media resembles.”
Boxing association President who is yet to receive the message believes that this is bad for sport. He said it is like being locked in a cocoon and it has the potential to compromise efforts by sports fraternity to get media exposure.

Sports Writers Association Botswana (SWABO) President, Leatile Mmutle is also disappointed by the BNSC stance. “I believe they are going against the trends of the world, FIFA assembly is streamed live on FIFA TV and even SAFA AGM is usually given space on SABC but we are choosing to go the opposite direction. These sporting codes are societies and they must account so I don’t understand why the media is muted.” The two (SWABO & BNSC) are expected to meet soon to discuss the matter.

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Absence of TD causes BFA damage

28th June 2021
BFA-Dr. Carolin Braun

Botswana Football Association (BFA) is running without a substantive Technical Director since parting ways with South African native, Serame Letsoaka, who jumped ship midway through his contract in 2019.

This glaring revelation has left the Technical Department of the association hamstrung to fully operate by the book hence a plethora of problems protruding on the very nose of it.

This is the reason it took long for the association to take stern action against Zebras gaffer, Adel Amrouche. His departure was sanctioned at the eleventh hour when players’ patience had long wilted, threatening to leave the camp.

Pundits will therefore observe that it is the absence of a Technical Director that has caused all hell to break loose at Lekidi Football Centre.Since the departure of Letsoaka, the TD position has been more or less vacant as it has been manned by unqualified and somewhat incompetent administrators to date.

The TD position requires a CAF A-License qualification as well as a Diploma in Secondary Education as minimum qualifications. Among the specific duties of TD is; training and development of coaches, including design and updating of coaches manuals, facilitating licensing courses, developing a coaches Code of Conduct, arranging for expert and specialist coaches to deliver training clinics, education on rules of the game and creating and maintaining a library of resources including books, videos and articles for coaches to access.

The responsibility also include establishing and delivering a comprehensive and nationwide Grassroots programme at both the community level, in schools, and in the schools through clubs through strategic partnerships within the communities and with various government ministries and agencies.

TD also advices BFA on all matters related to the effective development of football in Botswana and is accountable for the development of a strategy and policy for the performance of football programmes.

Other duties include working with Youth National teams and coaches through development programmes in order to enable BFA to attain its goals within CAF and FIFA, including putting in place clear systems and processes for identifying and developing talented players.

After Letsoaka left, BFA reached out to Wire Kaelo, a Gaborone United legend currently holding the position of assistant coach at Security System FC, but eventually he was not appointed to the post.

Despite rumours to the effect that BFA had agreed terms with Kaelo to this day, the Association has not come out as to what happened to the alleged marriage.

BFA subsequently appointed one Dr Carolin Braun, on secondment from the German Olympic organisation, a move that left the association rooted in abrasive factionalism.

In particular, local coaches and the general football fanatics have always cried foul claiming that Dr Braun is not fit to hold the position of TD especially in a growing football environment like Botswana.

There is growing concern that Dr Braun does not have the pre-requisite credentials to be appointed for this plum post as she has never held any significant position within the football fraternity, not even at amateur level.

“It was a first in the history of Botswana football to see a TD doubling up as assistant coach to the senior national team and there has been no tangible coaching courses since the departure of Serame Letsoaka and this has been attributable to the vacant position of TD,” a source remarked.

BFA is currently failing to communicate CAF’s decision that the ill-fated CAF “B” and “C” courses held during Serame’s last days were not sanctioned and therefore attendants will not be certificated.

Over 50 local coaches participated in the courses and last year, most of those coaching in the Premier League had to be given waivers by the BFA Technical Committee before they could be accredited.

CAF has since indicated that the issue of waivers by national associations will not be entertained, something which might throw local games into disarray.BFA is still failing to come up with a coaching philosophy despite Serame having started groundwork before his departure.

Other countries such as Zambia have since resumed CAF coaching courses whilst in Botswana is still business as usual despite the impending challenges caused by indiscretion and lack of foresight.

Despite BFA having advertised the position of TD and subsequently holding interviews where recommendations were done by the Technical and Development Committee, the BFA NEC has refused to endorse the recommendation for reasons only best known to them.

Yet, there is a lingering fact that the NEC is clueless when it comes to technical matters. There is not even a single individual in the NEC who holds any coaching qualification including the Chairman of the member responsible for technical and development matters, Masego Ntshingane.

When asked about the position of the TD, Ntshingane said the association is well aware of the matter and will son fill the post. “Yes, it is true the association has not appointed a TD after Letsoaka’s departure, but we are working around the clock to hire capable people,” he said.

However, local coaches believe that it’s a travesty of justice to expect non-technical people to make meaningful contributions on technical matters to the extent that they can veto recommendations from a committee of renowned technical experts.

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CAF blocks unqualified coaches

28th June 2021
CAF Champions League

It is not business as usual in the operations manual of African football. Ever since the ascendency of Dr. Patrice Motsepe to the CAF plum post, the African football governing body is ringing changes to satisfy the demands and governance standards of the modern game.

However, it appears that what is coming out from the high offices of the game is a bitter pill to swallow for local clubs, some of which are touted to be the best in the land.

Connectedly, CAF has issued a circular to the effect that only coaches holding the CAF “A” education license will be permitted to sit on the technical dugout during the upcoming inter club competitions. This communication has been sent to all 54 CAF member associations in May 2021.

However, it seems local clubs have not been appraised on this development even though both Jwaneng Galaxy and Orapa United have shown desire to represent the country in the CAF competitions.

It comes to the fore now that the two clubs can successfully represent the country if they engage coaches with the pre-requisite qualifications which is now an insurmountable task due to the COVID-19 impact on club finances.

Both clubs have hired coaches who attended the ill-fated BFA conducted CAF “B” and “A” coaching courses which were held in Lobatse almost two years ago.

To date the coaches await the completion of the courses and certificates while CAF has made it clear that the courses were not sanctioned as they were held during the era that coaching licenses were suspended, a situation that BFA was well aware of and has since accepted the consequences.

The BFA is still at sixes and sevens on how to break the issue to the affected coaches as it is likely to cause a huge public embarrassment and backlash from the coaching fraternity.

“We all know about the problem, BFA is promising to come to the bottom of the matter as we continue to engage them,” says Botswana Football Coaches Association (BFCA) interim President, Daniel Nare.

CAF has also made it clear that this time there will be no waiver for coaches without the pre-requisite qualification because the Confederation has been too lenient in the past. During the last CAF Champions League and Confederations Cup, both Galaxy and Orapa United coaches were given a reprieve by CAF Technical Department as they did not even have the CAF “B” license.

When approached for clarity, the Spokesperson for Galaxy, Tankiso Morake said they are playing a waiting game when it comes to CAF issues especially that BFA is yet to reply to their letter. “Honestly, there is nothing concrete I can share because no one is certain about anything. We are waiting to be replied by the association so that we can finalize everything,” he said.

While United was not available for comment, it is clear that both clubs will need to hire coaches with the needed qualifications otherwise playing in this year’s edition of African football mirrors a tomorrow that may never come.


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Rollers make digital strides

11th June 2021

A recent study shows that Township Rollers is not only popular within the perimeters of Botswana, but has also made significant steps within the digital football platforms in Africa.

Out of the 70 African football clubs ranked on the African football digital benchmark, Township Rollers comes on the 35th position backed by a massive social media following. The club website records more than 399 000 followers and is seen as the most interactive in the local game.

This is consistent with the recent study conducted by FIFA- world football governing body- that Rollers is the only team locally that makes use of its digital platforms.

Notably, it comes out that the gap between Township Rollers and the rest of the 15 Premier League clubs is abysmal, this therefore works against creating a strong BPL brand value.

Rollers is the only club with more than 50 000 followers on Facebook, more than 20 000 followers on Twitter while its Instagram platform stands strong at 27 800 followers.

However, it is found out that much of the BPL brand value is killed by some social Facebook football fan accounts.  They have stood long and have thus attracted more followers than the official accounts. Pages like Killers Pass and Botswana Football have consequently seen more than 100 000 following. Both of the accounts give 24 hour on-going updates of football’s latest news, transfers, results, video and live updates.

FIFA has therefore come to a conclusion that the two social media pages have grown interactive since they incite followers to answer and present their impressions about local football.

It comes into the open that 70 percent of domestic premier league clubs do not have official websites. This according to FIFA, kills the brand and visibility of clubs hence failure to attract lucrative sponsors by the clubs. FIFA also found out that the remaining 30 percent of clubs with websites are lacklustre and found wanting when it comes to their online presence. But in this regard, Rollers is on pole position.

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