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Charma Million Pula Launch

The Managing Director of Leshman Holdings who is also a manager and partner to Charma Gal has confirmed that his company, Leshman Holdings, has spent P500, 000.00 for the pre launch of Charma Gal’s new album; “Keya Mmokolodi” during Easter at an event held at Duma FM in Gaborone during Easter holidays.


The event setting, which resonated explicitly with the new brand and image that is Charma Gal, is amongst the many glamorous glitz that will be remembered for the show. The other thing that will be remembered, except from tight and professional security is that it did not attract as many multitudes as have been initially anticipated. This has been attributed to many factors mainly choice of venue and date.

The issue of recreational venues has once back come back into the spot light after some insinuations that Leshman Holdings should not have hosted the much publicized Charma Gal’s pre launch at Duma FM Grounds. Some have opined that Charma Gal’s audience could not reach the place due to transportation and other necessary logistics. This assertion has however been brushed off by creative industry entrepreneurs including Resego Matenge who said that “Charma Gal is of all audiences and audiences vary according to the choice of venue”.

Matenge went further to point out that there will always be those who feel left out. There are other venues which are synonymous with unacceptable behaviors and considered low economy market venues, but those people who throng such places are also Charma Gal’s audiences. When hosting Charma Gal at these events there are those who complain that they could not go as they fear crime.


The same situation turns around when you take Charma Gal to other cosmopolitan venues such as Duma FM grounds. There are those who feel intimidated by the venue and rightly so, their economic morale does not help them to reach the place as it is considered of a certain class of the society. These are the dynamics behind choosing a venue and hence Resego Matenge, well known as Leshman, has hinted that they are planning to do the final Gaborone launch at a more neutral and central place which will accommodate most revelers.

In talking to this publication, a renowned and seasoned music promoter, Seabelo Modibe lamented that those who want to use the attendance of the launch to the success of its objectives have totally missed the plot. Modibe pointed out that an album launch is not about making money; it is about celebrating the release of a project. This can only be judged through the quality of the production which in Charma Gal’s new offering is musical relish.


Modibe further pointed out that the launch was above par and astonishingly organized and coordinated. Globally, album launches are meant to introduce product to the market. Promoters and managers agree to spend vast amounts of monies to launch the album and they are aware that they can’t recover such monies through the same launch but can only do so through album sales and branding profits. “Get an example of Michael Jackson’s THRILLER launch which millions of US Dollars were spent on the launch yet the ticket sales could not return the monies spent, the monies were to be recovered from the album sales, royalties and brand profits”. This Modibe says is what an album launch is about.

Except from the choice of the venue, the pre launch attendance was mainly affected by the cosmopolitan culture of Gaborone that during Easter holidays, people leave the city to travel to places as far as Durban, Cape town, Maun and various destinations including their various home villages and hence only a handful of Gaborone residents will be in the vicinity. Modibe further posits that the only thing that they could blame Leshman Holdings for is when the album is not fully available on shelves after the pre launch as is the purpose of the launch to reveal product to the market after spending half a million Pula on the Gaborone launch alone.  

Another creative industry entrepreneur, Zenzele Hirschfield, who could not hide her thunder astonishment has remarked that she has not seen a proper coordination of an album launch in many years noting that “Leshman has brought the industry to its senses, he takes everything serious”. Zenzele explained to this publication that it was a first not to negotiate with artists when publicity material is already up as is mostly the case.


As a promoter, Zenzele praised the timeliness of artists performing exactly at the times their contracts and agreements stipulated without having to quarrel with stage managers and program directors. And she continued that it wa evident that, “detailed thought was put into not only the show but the back stage where artists were not in short of refreshments and didn’t have to struggle to identify themselves to access the main entrance of the event”. Zenzele continued that Charma Gal has grown true to her brand and that “in Botswana, it was unthinkable in the past that a partner can be a detailed manager and Leshman, as a businessman, has come to correct that.

When asked if they have been able to recover the money they spent on the pre launch, Matenge told this publication that when they were planning for the Gaborone pre launch and realised that their budget has hit half a million pula, some within the management team advised that the budget should be revised as “we cannot recover the money from that show, I refused, I plainly told them that the purpose here is not to make money, but to launch a special product, no mater how much it costs”. 


Matenge adds that he knew they needed a strong and quality sound system, a trusted, widespread advertising, marketing and publicity, secure and security planned event, a magnificent stage set, beverages for dignitaries and all staff on duty, attire, props, accommodation, and all that made this pre launch a marvel. The next launches will be held in Tsabong and Maun stadiums respectively where Leshman Holdings hopes to accommodate more diverse audiences under one roof.

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BOMU spruce up dirty laundry

30th March 2021
BOMU awards

Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) is known for its bad reputation that has been getting worse over the years. There has been a lot of chinwag, squabbles and the organization literally lost touch. It has gotten so bad that stakeholders pulled out, and members were left with no choice but to face the music alone.

Just when you’d think the waters are calm, the new Executive Committee awarded a fledgling company, Total Music Group, to handle the 2021 music awards. This move was seen as a biased decision that got BOMU members bent out of shape.

However, BOMU Secretary General, Rasina Rasina told Weekendlife that the Executive Committee that it has many irons in the fire. He indeed admitted without reluctance that, BOMU has been clouded by hubbub.

“We pledged when the new administration took over that it would begin with cleaning our own house. We have built structures as we had promised and we are glad that they are fully functional. One of those is the disciplinary committee.”

“BOMU has for a long time appeared to be lacking discipline and proper laid down procedures. This has led to the organization losing out big in its endeavour to serve its members and the entire music fraternity. The National Executive Committee, chapter committees and sub-committees have committed to ensuring that non proper governance and accountability shall take centre stage and this is all that is happening,” Rasina told Weekendlife on Tuesday.

Rebuilding and rebranding a disintegrated intuition such as BOMU is not just a walk in the park, it needs concerted efforts and team work to actually reach that goal. A stitch in time saves nine, but as for BOMU, the entire union failed to address its dares a long time ago, but the union says everything is on track in recuperating public trust and fixing the mess created then.

BOMU Research and Policy Committee is hard finalizing a new code of conduct which will contribute significantly to how members and leadership conduct themselves and relate with each other for the furtherance of BOMU’s mandate, Weekendlife has been reliably informed.

“We are doing everything according to our constitution, logic and reason. We advise our members that they should point out where the constitution has been breached and that they are at liberty to follow due process and report any misconduct to the disciplinary committee,” said Rasina.

This is following the suspension of some executive committee members and BOMU subscribed members for questioning the integrity in awarding the music awards tender. Some members, told Weekendlife that they will seek legal advice on the matter.

“We do have members who have already appeared before the disciplinary committee on various charges and decisions are yet to be taken. We also have members who are yet to appear before the committee for various complaints levelled against them. Current suspensions are related to various complaints and offences.”

With regard to appointing Total Music Group, BOMU National Executive Committee says it used Article 9.3.19 of its constitution. The article says; “The National Executive Committee of BOMU shall have the authority to enter into legally binding contracts on behalf of the Union.’’

Rasina says the leadership needed a company to manage, host and sell the BOMU awards for five years consecutively so as to attain stability and refurbish the brand image of both the music awards and the organization. “Without any money at our disposal, we debated on the best model and agreed that we should engage a company that also has the capacity to mobilize resources. We used our discretion and decided on a direct appointment model which is perfectly legal and constitutional.”

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SENEO PERRY: Beauty with a purpose

24th March 2021
Seneo Perry

To a stranger, Seneo Perry would describe herself as a young darling zealous about wildlife conservation, international travel and tourism enthusiast.

She is also a staunch believer in empowering young children through educational programs that could expose them to live improved livelihoods.

Perry is a former beauty queen (Miss Earth Botswana 2020). For her, a beauty queen should get down and put in some work, get dirt and make an impact. Of course a picture paints a thousand words, and judging from her successful projects, she lives the talk.

During her reign, Perry adopted the SOS Children’s Village. This is a home for 92 orphaned and less privileged children. She introduced few projects to aid the running of the children village, at the same time sourcing sponsors. She named one of her projects ‘Restoring the Prime Colors of the Earth.’

Restoring The Prime Colors of the Earth was founded on the basis of teaching children about the importance of conservation and environmental protection through tree planting and vegetable gardens.

The project, she told Weekendlife this week, gained local and international recognition, particularly from tourism magazines.

COVID-19 came over and messed up her strategies for the year. Perry however did not cry over spilt milk instead she was smart enough to divert into other streams of raising funds to execute her obligations.

Perry did not put all of her eggs in one basket by doing something that could make her get infected, but rather sold t-shirts that would double as a promotion strategy dubbed #PeopleWildlifeEnvironment. To this date, she raised over P7000.

“I love being out in the wild and promoting sustainable tourism. I would then pick the best 10 children that worked very hard at the project I have with them and introduce them to the wild with the money I raised,” she said in an exclusive interview.

“The idea is to stick to making the trip for the children educational especially on the aspect of conservation because realistically speaking tourism is the backbone of conservation.

I want them to have first-hand experience with the African elephant and visit the Elephant Havens Wildlife Foundation in Maun. Unfortunately due to floods in Moremi Game Reserve, the plan of a game drive has been aborted.”

Initially, Perry says she wanted the children to have been those from the SOS Children’s Village. She had to put them on ice due to insufficient funds to transport them to Maun. This however did not dishearten Perry, instead she located Bana Ba Letsatsi (in Maun) to embark on this journey.

She told Weekendlife that the trip will be undertaken today (Saturday 20th March 2021).“Tourism has always been the backbone of conservation and it needs to be protected. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce children to wild spaces so they get to appreciate the ecosystem in the wild.

These young children will be leaders and decision makers in the near future. Decisions made will either cause a catastrophe to the wild or help it recover to a point wherein both humans and animals co-exist.

Seneo Perry is an environmentalist equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Business Leadership from Sheffield Hallam University and Miss Earth Botswana 2019 finalist. She was crowned Queen in 2020.

She is also a member of Kalahari Conservation Society, a conservation society which is instrumental in environmental initiatives and activities that concern the environment.

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Sasa Klaas: A life fiercely lived

15th March 2021
Sasa Klaas

Beyoncé once said in one of her famous songs; ‘I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I want’ and Sasa Klaas took those lyrics to heart, living her life according to what pleased her, not caring how people perceived her. Klaas was unapologetic about how she lived her life.

Sasa was born Sarona Motlhagodi on the 17th May 1993, daughter to Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs, Annah Motlhagodi. Sasa’s music career took off when she collaborated with Scar in ‘A ke mo khande’, soon after that she became a presenter on etv’s The Foundation: The Next Level from 2011-2012, following which she released her first solo hit Hadsan.

Klaas was mostly known for her hit single MmaMongwato, released in 2015 and in between she featured on many songs with the likes of songstress Samantha Mogwe, BanT, William Last KRM, to mention but a few. Her last song was with her on and off boyfriend Baxon, releasing ‘The best things’.

Sasa was an embodiment of a 21st century phenomenal woman. She challenged stereotypes associated with women in the male-dominated music industry, breaking glass ceilings to become the country’s most recognised female rapper.

A thick skin she had, she would take criticism as sarcasm and laugh off all trolls made about her. Obviously criticism hurts, but for her, it was more of a learning curve to be sturdier rather than a stumbling block.

Her controversial nude posts didn’t sit well with a number of people but that did not stop the artist from living her life as she pleased. Skin, especially on social media, has been regarded as distasteful but for Klaas it was another form of art, it was her idea of feminism. She was a nudist and unapologetic about it.

For so many young women in this generation, showing your skin is being content with yourself, at least, some learnt this from Klaas.

Living life like there is no tomorrow doesn’t necessarily mean going way too fast with the trends. It actually denotes to being able to delight yourself with the premium things you like. This means going out on vacations, checking in at the best hotels in town and catching up with friends.

She was a fun enthusiast (unapologetically so), and a bubbly figure who would pose for pictures at any given time. Klaas lived her life fiercely and fearlessly. Her passion and pursuit for the things she loved was unmatched.

Saturday 6th March 2021 was never the same again. Self-proclaimed queen of hip-hop, singer, songwriter, influencer, socialite, feminist, activist and go-getter Sarona Motlhagodi was shockingly announced dead on this day.

It has been reported numerous times that Sasa Klaas died of a helicopter crash at Xumabee Game Ranch, in the West Sandveld near Sojwe. According to an official communication from government, the pilot was unable to execute a safe landing.

An official statement from the family spokesperson and uncle to Sasa, Frans Van Der Westhuizen said that at the time of her death, Sasa was in a helicopter with one Leonard Matenge. Matenge survived the crash having sustained minor injuries. The preliminary findings from the helicopter are yet to be concluded by the aviation authority.

Sasa Klaas climbed the industry ladder steadily over the years since her debut, cementing herself as a household power brand. “Over the years, I have grown from that young woman, I have found a new sound and direction that I am now following.”

Her hot single release ‘MmaMongwato’ sent all her young and old aficionados to cloud 9. They obsessed over the hit and it is without doubt Sasa Klaas did justice to the song, so much so it had social media and radio stations in a frenzy.

The queen herself, said the inspiration behind the song stems from the norm where slim women have been projected as the ideal model of beauty. Technically, she represented women with her full figure-ness, a description so familiar with Bangwato women, hence the title of the song ‘MmaMongwato’.

Since then, Sasa Klaas challenged women to be themselves. She was a feminist and would use her social media to effect change as best as she could. She had over 140 000 followers on her Facebook page before her untimely demise.

When addressing the media at the time (June 2015), Sasa Klaas said, “We have learnt that the feminine side has not been given a chance for expression. Women are always seen as a sex symbol.MmaMongwato is a song I dedicated to women and it will help remove that mentality.”

The sudden passing on of Sasa Klaas has left the music industry shattered and in despair. The queen of rap was indeed the people’s bae, even artists in neighbouring countries have sent their messages of condolence, South African rapper Tuks Senganga being one of them.

In Botswana many fellow artists have taken to social media to show their shock and send messages of condolence to the family.

“You represented women in the male dominated industry. I appreciate you for representing women, teaching them to love and appreciate themselves,” wrote Amantle Brown. “Your absence will be evident and it will be felt in every single way,” says Samantha Mogwe.

Vee Mampeezy has urged Batswana to continue celebrating Sasa’s life and changing their Facebook profile pictures to any picture of Sasa, most followers have done so in respect of the life lived by Klaas.

May your soul rest in peace Sarona ‘Sasa Klaas’ Motlhagodi.

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