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Amrouche’s worth revealed

Newly appointed Senior National Team head coach Adel Amrouche, agreed to a staggering P250 000 monthly pay-check with the Botswana Football Association (BFA), a revelation that marks the Belgian coach as the highest paid gaffer in the history of Botswana football.

Sources claim that Amrouche was first given P150 000, an offer which he out rightly rejected, before he upped and left for a holiday. He however, gave the association a ‘take it or leave it’ proposition, only to be contacted a week later with news that his monetary whims will be met with. The Belgian has since signed a two year deal with the association. The recruitment panel was convinced that the gaffer had to be adequately satisfied at the negotiating table, for him to bring optimal results in the field of play.

Amrouche, is by far the most experienced foreign coach of the African game to be hired by the association. This discovery now means that finances, have once again, played a critical part during the thought process of the association. Sports analysts and observers do not doubt that the association will come up with the monies to pay the country’s most expensive coach yet, there are however, presentiments that the coach is being paid a king’s ransom for targets which are arguably within reach for a professional of his caliber. Amrouche is expected to win the COSAFA senior Cup next year and also reach the finals of African Cup of Nations (AFCON), which will be held in Cameron in June 2021, a target believed to be a walk in the park for him. The qualifying rounds are expected to commence in October of this year.

While he is anticipated to improve the country’s FIFA rankings, Amrouche is also expected to apply himself well on the qualifying rounds of the football world cup.  This coming weekend will have many Botswana football supporters waiting in bated breath, as the spotlight will be on  Amrouche, to show case his talent as coach and proof his money’s worth; when he and his team to go up against The Flames of Malawi. Remarkably, Amrouche’s salary far surpasses that of former Coach Peter James Butler, who remains the only coach to have taken The Zebras to the finals of the COSAFA cup. Butler was interviewed and agreements were made to pay him P85 000 per month. His basic salary was to be P70 000, P14 000 as housing allowance, with P 1 000 as cell phone allowance. But like Amrouche, he declined the offer until the association got back to him with a new and higher pay which saw him smiling all the way to the bank with P91 000, as his salary. Unfortunately, BFA expects to face public backlash over the scale tipping salary of Amrouche. The Botswana head coach has worked with East African giants of Burundi and Kenya, together with Libya, before accepting Botswana’s call. Even though he had more challenges to take on in his portfolio during his term as head coach, Bright, (Botswana’s head coach in 2016), will now be seen as the least paid. 

Stanley Tshosane, the only local coach to have reached the finals of AFCON, earned close to P70 000. But his stock rose after taking the squad to AFCON showpiece of 2012. Both Julesic Vaseline and Colwyn Rowe – who all came before Tshosane- were offered deals higher than that of Bright, but never close to that of Amrouche.  Vaseline agreed to a measly P65 000 during his term, while Rowe agreed to close the deal close with P80 000.


2019- Amrouche -P250 000

2016- Bright- P 60 000

2013- Butler- P 91 000

2010- Tshosane – P 70 000

2005- Rowe – P 80 000

2002- Vaselin—P 65 000

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Gov’t reviews Sport Policy

17th November 2020

The Government of Botswana through the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, has expressed its underlying desire to reawaken and improve sport policy.

This is also in line with the declaration made by President Mokgweetsi Masisi in his third State of the Nation Address (SONA) this week about the need to improve sport performance in the country.
The sport policy was first enacted in 2001 when the Department of Sport and Recreation was under the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs.

The review of this policy is expected to commence soon and strive to address all socio-economic problems bedevilling sport. The examination will start from the elements that speak to the direct processes of national dialogue of sport and come up with recommendations for improvement.

As things stand, the Sport Ministry has coordinated a task force to deal with the taxing issue of school sports where teachers have downed tools demanding special kind of payment for partaking in extracurricular activities. The government through various means has been made aware that sport forms an integral part of the country’s vision.

If the policy is finally revised, the country and other stakeholders will eventually achieve national development, unity and continued economic growth. “The national Sport Commission Act is also being reviewed to facilitate sport to contribute to the economy through commercialization and professionalism, as well as to improve the welfare and the rights to our sportspersons,” Masisi said in his address.

The review will once again take a long route of extensive consultative processes where critical factors were initially identified as continuous constraint to sport development. There is a wide ranging view that sport is solely for recreation. This anomaly is fast becoming a matter of yesteryears as more athletes are making a living out of sport.

In October of 1997, a discussion paper on sport policy development was prepared. At the time, the workshop brought together policy and decision makers. The discussions precisely centred on issues of sport participation and development. Participants included among others, Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC), Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) and National Sports Associations.

There was the discovery of limited funding in sport and poor sporting facilities in the country. This has negatively impacted on the performance of national sports associations, particularly on the global stage. As a measure to this problem, the government has decided to build 10 mini stadia to up participation and performance.

In 2001 when the policy was formulated, there was an agreement that the national guiding principles of democracy, development, unity, self-reliance and botho are cardinal to the development strategy of socio-economic development planning. The Ministry believes that sport and recreation in Botswana have a close relationship with all these national principles.

When speaking to this publication, the Chief Executive Officer of BNSC, Tuelo Serufho said there is indeed an overwhelming appetite to improve sport performance and participation in the country.
“Yes we need to engage both BNSC and BNOC to improve and review the sport policy more because it has been overtaken by time…it needs to be aligned with modern sports trends,” Serufho briefly shared.

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FIFA orders Chiefs to pay former coach

17th November 2020
Philani Mabhena

The world football governing body, Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), has ordered trouble torn Mochudi Centre Chiefs to compensate their former coach, Philani Mabhena, after unceremoniously dismissing him in the summer of 2019 with only a few months left on his contract.

FIFA agreed with Mabhena that Magosi, as Chiefs are affectionately called breached his employment contract. FIFA is of the view that Chiefs had no prima facie evidence that could lead to unilateral termination of a contract. The decision of FIFA’s status committee is that Chiefs should pay the Zimbabwean born coach an amount of BWP 111, 100 within 30 days.

The money is divided into two categories. BWP 56 100 which is derived from the period of 11 August 2019 until the end of contract. The other amount is P55 000 which was accumulated between January 2019 until a time he was sacked. Those amounts was accumulation of unpaid wages.

FIFA warned that more stringent action will be taken against Chiefs should they fail to deposit the amount before the set deadline. Mabhena claimed that Chiefs, before his contract was terminated, was never paid his signing on fee of P 15 000 as settlement remuneration.

He also argued that he had gone a couple of months without receiving his monthly wages. According to the terms of the contract, he was supposed to be paid P 15 000 every month. Chiefs to their bravery, has accepted the outstanding salary arrears of the former coach that stretched to P 56 100.

FIFA accused the shrinking Kgatleng giants of negligence and refusal to honour contractual obligations and this has brought far reaching consequences. Should Chiefs fail to honour FIFA orders, they are likely to be banned from signing coaches and players. They are also likely to forfeit points when the football season begins until full payment is completed.

The debts come at a time when the club desperately seeks a premier league return. They were rumoured to be eyeing to buy one premier league status to compete for the grandest prizes like before.
Chiefs were relegated because of poor administration at board level. The team tried many times to professionalize but each attempt was beaten by the club society raging wars that consequently stalled progress.

Mochudi Centre Chiefs sporting club was first registered in July of 1974. The club was registered as a society under the societies Act of Botswana as a football team. It is noted that the club participated in the upper league of BFA under the terms prescribed in the constitution of the association together with the confinement of the societies act.

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Sua fires coach…

17th November 2020

Premier League rookies, Sua Flamingos have fired their coach Raizor Tsatsilebe for allegedly speaking up for his players. Tsatsilebe who joined the team last season and helped them win Debswana First Division North league, was at the end of the season thanked with a one year contract extension.

His stay at Sua was to end in July of 2021 but things took a turn for the worst recently when management was said to be fed up with his demands. Reports claim that the Sua management felt the coach was more on the side of the players and did not approach things holistically, a move that led to his untimely expulsion.

“Since his arrival this side, he has been vocal about treatment of players, their welfare and as you know, players here have not been receiving their salaries but are given allowances on monthly basis. He felt maybe the club should at least pay half salaries as they have now resumed training. He also requested that the team should sign some players but that did not happen despite promises by the club. The final nail was when management left his goalkeeper coach, Terence Modikwe and signed Kagiso Tshelametsi without consulting him,” said a source at the team.

The club Chairman, Tirelo Thebe, confirmed that they have decided to part ways as with the feeling that they can no longer work together. “Yes it’s true we met with the coach and we agreed to terminate his one year contract because the relationship has soured. We cannot disclose more than this because it’s an internal matter and in the meantime our assistant coach will take over on interim basis while we look for his replacement,” said Thebe.

Tsatsilebe on his part felt hard done by the team after promoting them to the elite league- something they have been failing to achieve. “They are the ones who opted to terminate the contract not me and they couldn’t give me reasons why they are terminating. It’s a pity we coaches encounter such things in our lives but it has to continue,” said the 49 year old coach.

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