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Euri drops own clothing line - calls it Real Legends

Publishing Date : 30 March, 2015


After having been in the Music industry for years, Tebogo Motsie also known as “Euri” has introduced a clothing line under the label “Real Legends”.

“It’s Real Legends because I want to support and celebrate Africans who have made a difference in other Africans lives,” says Euri.

Euri says he realized that as a human being, he has certain beliefs therefore for him to portray those, fashion will come in handy. The line will be endorsed by other artists as well and Euri will also do the same but not excluding lines that he has already been endorsing.

“Am a youthful artist so am covering for the youth, there is such negativity covered against the youth so am covering the positives but being responsible about it,” said the award winning rapper. He went on to say that his audience is the youth and anyone who is young at heart.

He says the line will start off with sweaters and T-shirt but later accelerate to socks, pants and many more.  As time goes on it will include Botswana designers by giving them a chance to come up with designs.

The passionate Ramokgonami youngster went on to explain that this line is strictly business therefore will be conducted as such; he says that a musical launch should not be expected in all this but rather a marketing campaign for the line which is to begin starting early April. He says the campaign will be dynamic, different and strictly retail based.

He says that music works hand in hand with fashion therefore thought it is about time he did his own thing.

The thought came to live when Molefi Nkwete, owner of  Urban Soul and Rock The City Music, which last year November rapper Euri signed a two year contract with, presented the opportunity to him since he has been endorsing their line in his career.

He says Urban soul, which is yet to open a new branch in Francistown on the 5th April, is helping him push his merchandise because they do have the resources. They will be his suppliers and distributors.

Rock The City Music and Urban Soul We will be his creative team in music and clothing line; sourcing collaborations, creating avenues, increasing his visibility, organizing the production team and expanding his music.

“doing things on your own slows you down because musicians are untrained businessman with no resources therefore need help”, states Euri. He says in the past he only worked with a management company but later realized he needs a record label.



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