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Masisi re-affirms electoral promises

Publishing Date : 04 November, 2019


The newly elected President Mokgweetsi Masisi, has re-affirmed the promises he made during campaigning, promising to do whatever necessary to turn around Botswana’s fortunes. When giving acceptance speech after being sworn in for the second time, as Botswana’s fifth President, he said job creation remains a priority.

Masisi in prioritising job creation, his government will ensure the creation of meaningful and sustainable jobs by promoting public private partnerships with local and foreign investors in some of the key sectors of agriculture, mining, tourism, manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals as well as research and development amongst others. “Through these sectors as well as the arts, the creative industry and sports, there is enormous potential for the creation of thousands of jobs for Batswana,” he said.

Masisi, who first became President in April 2018, said his government is also in negotiations with Forbes to host the 2020 Under 30 Summit in Gaborone, as part of the President’s Initiative. It will be the first time that the Forbes Under-30 Summit will be held in Africa. “The event brings together at least six hundred of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs and game changers. They will be 200 Africa best, 200 World Best and Botswana Best,” Masisi indicated.

“The Summit presents yet another opportunity not only for the young entrepreneurs in Botswana to learn from others and grow their businesses but also explore more ways to creating jobs for the youth.” Initiatives such as these, according to Masisi, are aimed at producing commercially viable and high value products and services, targeted at the export market.

“I say this cognisant of the fact that, creating a conducive and enabling environment for the private sector to grow is key to our economic transformation and growth. This will be underpinned by Government’s facilitation through the ease of doing business reforms,” he stated.
He said a number of policy and legislative reforms that have been introduced, were primarily aimed at creating a favourable environment for the private sector to thrive and grow.

Government will furthermore leverage on the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD), Masisi said to give citizens an opportunity to set up industries to empower them and in turn create the much needed jobs for our people. “In order to implement our economic diversification and the citizen economic empowerment initiatives, Government will enact legislation to enforce compliance by relevant institutions including the private sector,” he said.

“This is why I am happy to announce that the EDD strategy is being reviewed to close the existing gaps and help us to achieve in full, the goals of the Citizen Economic Empowerment Programme.” Masisi has also made remarks on corruption, a subject which formed core of his campaign message during the battle for power.  “We cannot hope to improve service delivery nor achieve any of our national objectives if our institutional frameworks are not robust, transparent, accountable and free from corruption.

“I have fought against the menace of corruption since ascending to the Presidency and it is my intention to continue to do so. I therefore wish to emphasise that my Government will put in place measures and mechanisms, through the application of best practices of good governance to ensure that corruption is defeated.” Masisi said following the passing of law on Declaration of Assets and Liabilities will result in the creation of Ethics and Integrity Directorate is being established.

“In the same vein, I would like to reiterate that I am committed to the rule of law in this country, as that would enhance confidence and send message to all of us that the law must be abided or face consequences of non-compliance,” he affirmed.  He said as part of his Government’s efforts to deepen the spirit of therisanyo, Government is committed to a comprehensive review of Botswana’s Constitution which will take stock of the changed social, political and economic landscape over the last fifty three years.

“The engagements and consultations necessary to start the ball rolling will be initiated soon after the full formation of my government. I remain resolute in my commitment to create a more inclusive Botswana,” he said. Masisi, who is expected to appoint his cabinet on Tuesday, also indicated that Botswana has experienced high incidences of human-wildlife conflict particularly relating to elephants due to their significant increase in population.

“This largely reflects the success of our conservation strategies, where for example, approximately 40 percent of Botswana’s land mass in the form of national parks, game reserves and Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), is currently set aside for wildlife conservation,” he said.
“However, despite this land reservation, elephant population has increased beyond the capacity of the game reserves to encroach into human settlement areas and hence the conflict.

“My government nevertheless, will continue to commit to outcomes that will set the tone for conserving and managing our wildlife, and elephants in particular, while ensuring that we achieve sustainable benefits through their contribution to rural livelihoods and tourism growth. Citizens will play more meaningful and economically empowering role as we diversify our tourism base,” he said. Masisi also committed to transform education, improve health, maintaining a good foreign policy as well as fighting violence against women and children.



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