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Congratulations Dr Masisi, BDP

Publishing Date : 29 October, 2019

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The electoral cycle has almost come to its conclusion. Botswana conducted a successful 12th general election that has ushered in a new government. We congratulate President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi and his party for the victory.

We also congratulate opposition parties in the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Botswana Patriotic front (BPF), Alliance for Progressives (AP) for their showing in this election cycle. Botswana remains a united and peaceful society. We wish to make it a point to all Botswana politicians that time is nigh, the close to 700 000 Batswana who participated in this election now want service delivery. Politicians made a lot of promises, written and verbal by way of slogans and party manifestos, and it is time to deliver on those promises.

The next five years should see Botswana politicians trying to shed off the tag of engaging in political rhetoric which says too much but conveys nothing. President Masisi, the victor has declared that days for empty promises, as well as politicians being associated with corruption, lies and scandals are certainly over. We take it the vote of confidence bestowed on him by this 2019 poll is a sign that Batswana resonate with his message.

If it were possible somehow, those with the means would come up with a barometer to track on the promises of the leader of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and the Leader of Opposition in Parliament. Tracking politicians' promises: We could draw a chart of the promised deliverables and tick each of them as they are acted upon. We also could come up with ‘a status report’ card for the two leaders. We should not only hold Government led by the BDP accountable, the opposition must be held accountable as well – Are they doing their job of keeping the Government in check?

As we all know an election promise is a promise or pledge made to the public by a politician or any other official seeking public office. As regards the October 23rd general election, election promises were made long before the polling day and were instrumental in getting many aspirants elected to office.

Politicians, of all people, should be aware that election promises, however, have been increasingly viewed with much skepticism because history shows that once in office most politicians fail to fulfil their election promises. So it behoves every elected leader to deliver on their promises if they are to change the electorate’s perception. The winning BDP has 15 key points pledged by President Masisi, what stands out is the issue of the constitutional review and growing the economy to create jobs. We urge the President to push on these for a better Botswana.   

Generally from the campaign trail we realised that ideas of a political platform included promises on reforms to general policies, and there were also actual promises on job creation, economic diversification, social welfare improvement, infrastructure development, water and power supply improvements, enhanced institutional democracy, among other promises.

We are convinced that President Masisi is set to break the jinx of false promises this time around. We have come to appreciate that false promises are severe hence alienate people from the entire political process, increasing apathy and lowering voter turnout. The enthusiasm that we saw at this year’s polls should not be destroyed by failure to deliver on promises. So we urge politicians to pull up their socks and bring more vibrancy to the National Assembly and Local Government administration across the country.

We hope President Dr Masisi will lead the way in delivering strongly on job creation, economic diversification, poverty eradication, security and ensuring sound health and education policies are in place. At the same time we expect the Leader of Opposition Dumelang Saleshando to ensure that all opposition Members of Parliament ensure that the ruling party is kept in check and that they provide the necessary checks and balances to enhance democratic governance in Botswana. We know that actual development planning is done by bureaucrats and they generally plan for the worst possible scenario, but we expect politicians to ensure that basics are done right.



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