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Kgosi’s 250 cattle seized

Publishing Date : 19 August, 2019


A High Court hearing at Lobatse recently ordered the seizure of properties belonging to former Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS), Colonel Isaac Seabelo Kgosi. By this order Government has fast tracked the Setswana adage, Khumo matlhare ya tlhotlhorega at the Kgosi homestead.

Since his arrest last year, the Government of Botswana through Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) has been breathing heavily on Kgosi and his family on the basis of investigations relating to tax evasion. He has also attracted the wrath of the punitive side of the DIS Act for allegedly exposing the identity of some DIS agents whilst they were carrying out their duties.

On July 19th 2019 the Lobatse High Court registrar gave an order to the Director of Prosecutions in reference: Portion 83 (portion of portion 78) of the farm Sentlhane NO. 18- KO: Portion 83 (portion of portion 78) of the farm Sentlhane NO. 18- KO; Lot 61299 Gaborone; Landrover Motor Vehicle Registered as B 414 AXU, Land cruiser Motor Vehicle registered as B 975 BHI; Cows consisting of 200 heifers, 24 Simmentaller, 36 Brahman White (pure breed), 1 Brahman Bull and 1 Simmentaller Bull, Money amounting to BWP 549, 763. 07 held in Barclays Bank of Botswana Accounting Number 8624117 in the names of Isaac Seabelo Kgosi.

According to the order, the Office of the Receiver shall immediately take full possession, control and custody of the above listed properties pending investigations and/ or institution and finalization of proceedings for a civil penalty order and civil forfeiture order.
“All persons with knowledge of this order are prohibited from disposing of, further encumbering, dissipating, interfering with, attaching or selling in execution, diminishing the value of or dealing in any other manner with any of the property to which this order relates,” reads the order.

The order also states that the Registrar of Deeds shall endorse the title deed of Lot 61299 Phakalane, Gaborone specified in the order with the restriction that the property, or property representing such property, shall not, without the prior leave of the honorable court, be attached, sold in execution, further mortgaged or otherwise encumbered, provided that such endorsement shall not prevent a transfer of property effected in accordance with any incidental orders of the court.

It further says “notwithstanding the provisions of the order, any person who has financial obligations in respect to the property is hereby ordered to fulfill such obligations, including any obligations relating to mortgage bonds, insurance, vehicle finance, rates, taxes, licenses, utilities such as water and electricity accounts, and all interest accruing in respect of such obligations, pending the finalization of the forfeiture proceedings unless such person signs a consent to judgement in favor of the applicant”.

The order further authorizes any member of the law enforcement agencies to assist the Receiver to take full possession, control and custody of Kgosi’s listed properties. The order provides that the DCEC must in terms of section 42 (1) of PICA cause notice of this order, together with documents supporting the application, to be served on all persons identified as having an interest in the matter. WeekendPost can also reveal that some of the cattle transported from Kgosi’s Sentlhane farm died in the process due to starvation.

Meanwhile on July 30th Lobatse High Court judge ruled in favour of Kgosi’s wife Jennifer Matlho Seitshiro in a case in which the state through the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) had evicted her from her home amid investigations on her husband. Judge Tebogo Tau ruled that Seitshiro should move back to her home as long as she does not sublet it or alienate the property. This was after Seitshiro argued in court that neither her husband nor she have been charged with any criminal offence relating to their properties.

The former Spy chief’s wife said through an affidavit submitted in court that even the DPP has acknowledged that she is the one servicing the loan and not her husband. Ruling in her favour the court had decided that, “She maintains the value of the property by amongst others not removing any of the fixtures, maintaining all the accessories of the property including swimming pool, garden, security installations subject to normal tear and wear.”

The judge further ruled that she continues to discharge her financial obligations in respect to the property including any obligations in relation to the mortgage bonds, insurance, rates, taxes, licenses, utilities such as water and electricity accounts and all interest accruing in respect of such obligations, pending the finalization of the forfeiture proceedings unless such a person signs consent to judgment in favour of the applicant (Seitshiro).” Isaac Kgosi is currently admitted in Malaysia for an operation on his back. The state had declared him a fugitive and obtained a warrant of his arrest, which was later temporarily suspended by the court following proof that he was indeed in hospital.



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