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Tshekedi attacks BDP leadership

Publishing Date : 19 August, 2019


Member of Parliament for Serowe West and Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Tshekedi Khama has criticised the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) leadership and its members for mistreating him and his elder brother—who is also former President — Lt Gen Ian Khama.

The legislator made this criticism during the BDP meeting in Kgosing Ward in Serowe West constituency yesterday. Tshekedi said members of his party have long been fighting with him, in a bid to oust him from the party and have him replaced with Moemedi Dijeng. “They tried, and they failed, and they are now attacking us,’’ said Tshekedi. He mentioned Steady Sethaba as one of the BDP members who is still de-campaigning him.

“BDP does not belong to anybody, nobody owns it. I learnt politics from Ian Khama and Lesego Raditanka. They recruited me to politics and I did not think that one day things will twist a different way,” he said.  “There is no respect within the party. People are insulting others.’’
He pointed out that BDP was formed in 1962 and there was respect within the party—members respect each other, ‘’unlike today where members are insulting and fighting for positions,’’ insisting that BDP is totally different.

He expressed displeasure on how BDP leadership and its members are treating him and his elder brother emphasizing Keletso Rakhudu who is a BDP member and Chairman of Serowe Show Committee did not invite him Serowe Show. Tshekedi said they were also not invited to a dinner with the president during the show.  Rakhudu, a two-term legislator who represented Gaborone North, and also served as cabinet minister during Khama’s presidency — was among Tshekedi’s primary elections rivals in 2018.

“I am surprised because all this events were in my constituency. Even the District commissioner called me complaining that I was not invited to the show,’’ he said. ‘’I urge you to go and ask yourself questions and answer them on how the BDP is treating us, with my elder brother. I give you an assignment.’’ Information gathered suggests that Tshekedi is expected to dump BDP and follow his brother to the newly formed Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF).

The straw that broke camel’s back was when BDP Women’s Wing chairperson, Dorcas Makgato, made remarks which suggested that Khama had introduced tyrannical alcohol laws simple because his father had died of alcohol related complications at a political rally in Chadibe.
The remarks caused a stir her political rivals surmised that she was attacking the party’s founding father, Sir Seretse Khama.  Last week Tuesday when addressing the media, Makgato went on offensive mode saying the former president is a divisive character who is abusing bogosi for some cheap political scores.

According to a highly place source from BPF, Tshekedi and Ian Khama together with BPF members will be heading to Sefhare–Ramokgonami constituency next week to de-campaign her.  Meanwhile Tshekedi will be touring his constituency accompanied by Ian to inform them on his final decision to quit BDP. Information gathered suggests that BDP activists together with high ranking party officials have been holding a series of secret meetings in anticipation of Tshekedi defection.

In the BDP primary elections for Serowe West constituency, Tshekedi garnered 2,797, while Moemedi Dijeng was trailing behind him with 1,594 followed by Keletso Rakhudu with 462 votes. If Tshekedi decide to quits Dijeng will be called to represent the party, as per the party’s recently announced policy on replacing candidates.