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Tshekedi pins his future on Khama

Publishing Date : 12 August, 2019


Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) MP for Serowe West, Tshekedi Khama who is also the younger brother to former President and Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) patron Lt Gen Ian Khama, has revealed that there is a high possibility of him joining his brother’s new political home (BPF) anytime soon.

Tshekedi who for long time has been cagey on speaking about possibilities of joining BPF opened up in an exclusive but rather short interview this week. “To be honest this matter has made my life very difficult and at times I prefer to have a no comment but it is difficult,” he told WeekendPost. He added that he cannot predict what tomorrow holds for him and everything is possible as the situation on the ground is very “fluid”. His older brother Ian Khama has told BPF multitudes last weekend that he will lure Tshekedi to the new party.

“From here, I said it this week that I will be going to Serowe West. You will see someone who looks like me. He is my younger brother [Tshekedi] and secondly I will tell him that I am a Kgosi Kgolo. I will ask the voters in the constituency to lure him to join BPF. If they still want him in BDP it will be complicated. But it is time for Tshekedi to leave BDP,” Khama said.

Responding to his brother’s remarks in an interview on Tuesday, TK who is also the Minister of Youth Empowerment Sports and Culture Development said: “Monnamogolo, like I said it very difficult for me but I will hear what he says and or what the constituents in my area say. I guess that is when I will make a decision. As is, the situation is very fluid politically even within the BDP or BPF and the UDC. You will hear them saying this today and tomorrow they have changed. So I wouldn’t really say what tomorrow has for me,” he said.

Bangwato traditional leaders who are also advisers to former President Ian Khama and his family have in the past told Tshekedi Khama that blood is thicker than water, and as a matter of urgency, he should defect from BDP and join his elder brother at his new political home.
While Tshekedi could not commit on leaving the BDP then, the anticipation according to the regents has always been that there is high possibility that he will eventually leave the party somewhere latest being after the elections in October.

 “TK, does not want to create any loophole that could be used against him. That is why he never attends SKI’s meetings or make any public statements, because he wants to be trusted in the cabinet but he will leave at the end of the day if that pressure is something to go by,” one of them told this publication then.

Tshekedi responds to Makgato, says she will lose elections

Meanwhile Tshekedi has attacked the Minister of Transport and Communication who is also contesting for Sefhare-Ramokgonami constituency Dorcas Makgato. The two have in the past days exchanged blows over the remarks the latter made at a political rally in Chadibe allegedly attributing the death of Seretse Khama—founding president and father to Khama and Tshekedi—to being alcoholic.

“To me Dorcas [Malesu] is very disgusting to say whatever she could have said at that rally. She is a drunkard too after all, so what example could she be setting to young people out there? I will definitely confront her. This is absolute rubbish. I do not believe what she is saying that she was not referring to my father. If you are say the former president imposed restrictions on alcohol and that his father died because of it [alcohol] it is clear who she was referring to. It is so disappointing to have gone that level. But we will respond either next week or this Thursday. The BPF may do that and I might also do. There are many ways we could respond”.

He continued; “From what I gather on the ground is that she is going to lose elections (He said this showing this reporter some pictures) because people are fed up with her. Monnamogolo this is not yet finished, you know there is a quote that says, ‘You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. You will see ka elections’. Another thing she says is we do not like black people but she must remember that our father was black and our mother was white so I do not know why she is making such a racist statement.”

Tshekedi was following up on Makgato’s words at the BDP monthly press conference in which Makgato said Ian Khama prioritises white people and wild animals. He says he has postponed his launch to the 14th of next month though he was given a date by the party (BDP).



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