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I will not resign – PSP Morupisi

Publishing Date : 05 August, 2019


Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP) Carter Morupisi has this week refused to resign amid strong criticism that he is growing and fuelling division between President Mokgweetsi Masisi and ex-President Ian Khama.

“Why? I will not resign. There is no reason for me to,” he told Weekend Post in an interview this week. The PSP insisted to this publication that he is just executing his role in government as the top civil servant getting orders from above. “I am simply doing my job. There is no wrong that I am doing or committing. Not at all,” he further emphasised. According to Morupisi, the role that he is playing especially in relation to handling ex-President Khama is just an issue of ensuring “good governance.” 

He highlighted that: “It’s all about proper governance.” Some observers believe that Morupisi has done more harm than good with regard to bringing peace between Khama and Masisi as a middle man. They say, instead he should have seized the opportunity to mend fences and relations between the two statesmen. The views come few days after Khama, who is an opposition Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) Patron, could not take kindly to Morupisi’s letter which he wrote to him informing the latter that government has stricken him off from the position of Vision 2036 Champion. 

However, the PSP has this week told this publication that he will not entertain any response to ex-President Khama’s outrageous letter that attacked the credibility of both government and him personally.  “What he is saying in the letter is not related to the message we conveyed. We relayed a simple message which he took note of (O utlule. A utlwetse a re neng re a mo neela). That’s what matters,” the Office of the President top official said.

He added: “of course everyone (including Khama) has an opinion and they can express their views openly.  It was a bitter pill to swallow. That’s just a non-issue. I don’t want to debate issues that are not even related to our message. As government we will not respond to that.” 
The letter dated 30th July 2019 by Khama was in reply to Morupisi. The ex-president had stated in the letter: “I wish to point out that I publicly resigned from being Champion of Vision 2036 on the 25th May in Serowe. I therefore do not see the point of your letter coming so late on the 25th July and after I had already resigned.”

Of course, he took another shot to the government, “I am aware that late coming is another poor habit in your regime. I took the step at the time as a result of another vindictive decision to remove me as Tourism ambassador.” As you go about your childish antics of trying to relieve or relive me of all the positions I hold, he said, allow me to bring to your attention that I am still the Chancellor of the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN).

According to Khama, once that has also been taken away from him, he shall share with the government other positions he holds for similar actions for their kind consideration. He then took a parting shot: “I hope there are no spelling errors in this correspondence as I attempted to avoid any clumsy haste to frustrate.”

Morupisi had earlier stated in his letter to the former president dated 25th July 2019 captioned “immediate removal from role as champion of the Vision 2036 Council” that they have relieved him of the role with immediate effect. “I have been instructed by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Botswana, Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi, to duly inform you that he has taken the decision to relieve you of the position of Champion of the Vision 2036 Council,” the PSP wrote to Khama.

He further said that for the avoidance of any doubt he be advised that upon receipt of the communique, is immediately relieved as Champion of the Vision 2036 Council. “His Excellency extends his gratitude for the role you have played in the afore-mentioned position and wishes all the best in your future endeavours,” he concluded in the letter.

Meanwhile, the calls for Morupisi to throw in the towel comes following reports last week that he faces possible prosecution and arrest for his role in the Capital Management Botswana (CMB) ongoing corruption scandal. However, earlier this year (in February) the same DCEC in contradiction has confirmed to this publication that there is no endeavour to investigate PSP which could later lead to his prosecution.



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