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8 ministers fingered in plot to down BDP

Publishing Date : 07 February, 2020


At least eight cabinet ministers’ names are expected to be forwarded to Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Chairman, Slumber Tsogwane for allegedly conniving with opposition candidates in certain constituencies to defeat their own party colleagues, Weekendpost has reliably been informed.

The ministers in question are predominantly those who lost the BDP primary elections last year. Reports coming from highly placed sources suggest that the cabinet ministers are unhappy with the manner in which they lost the primaries. They allege that the process was contaminated and dubious and as a result they are finding it difficult to accept fraudulent election outcomes hence they would not endorse beneficiaries of a “duplicitous fiasco dubbed Bulela Ditswe” instead they prefer to watch the game as spectators.

However the alleged conduct of these ministers is distressing the victorious candidates; and they intend to register their complaints with the party Chairman, Vice President Slumber Tsogwane. The Vice President is expected to reconcile the warring parties in due course. It is not clear when the aggrieved lot will submit the names and whether they will forward them as a bloc or individually.

WeekendPost is nonetheless reliably informed that, Kanye North, Lentsweletau/ Mmopane, Selibe Phikwe East, Mmadinare, Mahalapye East, Takatokwane and Thamaga and Bobonong constituencies are fingered in this guerrilla style ambush of the ruling BDP. All these constituencies are currently under the custody of various ministers all of whom lost the controversial party primary elections. 

The tradition within the ruling BDP has always been that whoever loses primary elections should support the winner. But this time around with a high number of protests all citing irregularities; and subsequent re-runs which favoured only a few, some of the party members who lost are determined to have the last laugh. This was evident when various ministers petitioned the party with some going to the extent of going to the courts of law to seek redress. The disgruntlement over the primaries also palyed out when about 28 sitting BDP Councillors defected to the newly formed Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF).

Reports from Phikwe East which is under Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Nonofo Molefhi suggest that the parliamentary candidate, Amogelang Mojuta is concerned by his relationship with the minister. Molefhi is said to have folded his arms and not helping in the campaigns despite having a better appreciation of the constituency.

“The relationship is not satisfactory and this is likely to put the party at a disadvantage as those that support Molefhi are very much likely not to vote for Mojuta but any other candidate and this could put the BDP in a back foot,” one BDP member told WeekendPost. Molefhi was unhappy with the handling and conduct of the primary elections. He had registered his displeasure with the party and was denied a re-run.

The finger pointing is not only is Selibe Phikwe, in Kanye North which is under the former Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Patrick Ralotsia could be gliding away from the BDP.  “It is project done covertly out there, and it might appear that they are together but at no point have we seen him and Letsholo (Thapelo) together and even endorsing him. As village leaders they do come to us and ask us to endorse opposition at the expense of the BDP candidate,” one Kanye headman told this publication in an interview.  

“I am not joining BPF like many people anticipate. I have been receiving calls from some of the residents enquiring about my intention of joining the party but I am focused on BDP. However, it is my choice to associate with Dr Ian Khama and nobody should question that; that’s filthy politics,” Ralotsia was quoted saying. The Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, Ngaka Ngaka is also accused of conniving with opposition candidates in Takatokwane constituency. A senior party member in the region has confirmed to this publication that indeed the relationship between the minister and the BDP representative for the constituency has never been good.

“The tiff started when the party ordered a re-run after Friction Leuwe won the primaries. He (Leuwe) won again and the relationship reached the lowest ebb. On stage Ngaka may appear to be endorsing his mate but deep down as the constituents we know who is who in the zoo,” said the BDP member. The members have revealed that they are planning to seek audience with the party chairman just like they did when the party ordered a re-run.

Vincent Seretse, Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development and MP for Lentsweletau – Mmopane is also reported not to be interested in the game of politics. Nnaniki Makwinja is racing alone in a bitter war that could swing anywhere. While some had linked him with the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF), Seretse has dismissed the allegations insisting, “Im still a BDP member,” he said when asked about endorsing Makwinja but could not dwell on their relationship.

The same accusations have been levelled against Kefentse Mzwinila who is Minister of Land Management Water and Sanitation Services and also Mmadinare legislator. Parliamentary hopeful Molebatsi Molebatsi is said to be also fighting the battle alone. However there is a twist here because this is one of the so called “safe BDP seats” because the opposition has not invested a lot in it.