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Amantle Brown spells love in Paakanyo

Publishing Date : 09 July, 2019


After releasing a hit song months back, local RnB sensation, Amantle Brown has dropped yet another single called ‘Paakanyo’ which set airwaves ablaze on 29 June. The song is dedicated to broken people who are trying to be in relationships and yearning for true love again.

The pint sized singer established with WeekendLife that the song has nothing to do with her long term relationship with motswako singer, Juju Boy. Her previous song which she titled Lethabo, blubbered intensely of a boyfriend who could not commit; and the latest song also touches on people who are heartbroken, this has pushed some of her fans to conclude that she could possibly be recovering from a huge heartbreak.

Even so, after many years of fading away from the music space, the talented singer has decided to reshape her career. She has not allowed her emotional challenges to bury her music talent. “I know a lot of people think ‘Paakanyo’ is about my previous relationship. It is about people who are in love with each other. When they were from relationships that made them to go through a lot and so it is not easy to trust people they are with at that particular time,” she said.

“Now I was just putting myself in that situation. For example when if you are in love with a divorcee, you can imagine what they are going through and the fact that they are going through so much it becomes even harder for them to love.” Known for releasing hit songs, the song is already making waves and Amantle Brown’s fans continue to be charmed by her good music.

“The reception is very nice, it has been quite a long time without releasing any music. This year it is like it has been music after music and people are really happy and I just feel like I need to push more and more for them,” she said. “They need to know and understand what the song is about so they can be able to identify with it very well.”

She said when compiling the song she worked with Obylardo on the beat while Beatslayer mixed and mastered the song. The song also tagged along one of the finest local motswako artist affectionately known as A.T.I. “I remember I did my first verse and the first chorus, when I was about to do the second verse, I thought I needed to put A.T.I on it. I just felt it was about time I have him on the song. We have worked together long time ago on the Black mampatile remix. I just felt like I needed him on the song,” she said.

“I have an album ready but I don’t want to say when it will be out because I want to keep releasing and releasing to build up the momentum of the album so that when the album is out people can know what they can look up to.” Amantle Brown is a local RnB artist who rose to fame during her days in a local talent show known as My Star. With her debut album dubbed ‘Sa Pelo’ she scored herself multiple nominations. She has made a trademark with her unapologetic stage presence which always leave her audience enthralled.  The local singer made a collaboration with former lover, Jujuboy, called follo which has a twist of Nigerian tone to it.



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