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Chico guns for Gunners

Publishing Date : 09 July, 2019


Former Extension Gunners coach Daniel Chico Nare has successfully applied for garnishee order where Botswana Football Association (BFA) is expected to divert Gunners’ prize money into his account.

Nare is owed monies amounting to P 100 000 by the Lobatse based outfit. According to court papers, Nare once loaned Gunners former chairman Phenyo Gothaang the said amount but unfortunately passed away without completing payment. Nare will later took the matter to court for legal redress and won it. The case was heard at Lobatse high court in December 2018.

It is said Gunners failed to satisfy court orders, an occurrence that forced Nare to apply for a garnishee.  It is understood that in February 2019, the deputy sheriff of the high court returned information that there was an unsuccessful attempt to secure Gunners movable properties to satisfy the writ of execution. Nare has applied that the garnishee is due to pay to Extension Gunners the annual league prize money corresponding with the club’s position on the log table after season end.

The club finished 10th on the final log table released on June 7th and is set to receive P 160 000.00.The charismatic coach stated that Extension Gunners as old as it is, has no material assets that are known to him or have any regular form of income except paltry and sporadic gate takings.

This week, the associations together with Extension Gunners were expected to attend court to show cause why they should not pay Nare his financial rewards. When reached for comment, Nare who is now the coach of Security Systems, refused to shed light saying he cannot comment on matters before jurisdiction. Nare is the second coach to take Gunners to court after Pio Paul.

The club is slapped by these court orders while still struggling to return to normalcy.  Recently, BFA threatened to expel the club from BFA activities for failing to tame and control their club chairperson Tariq Babitseng. BFA was livid that Babitseng was not adhering to BFA codes of ethics due to his dept. This also was not sitting well with BFA with the thinking that the club did not care to summon their chairman.

 However, they are some Gunners members who feel Nare was bitter about the way he was expelled. The Gunners committee in particular believed Chico entered into agreement with the past chairman and not the club itself. The club’s management was resolute that the matter would be lost if taken to court. But it proved to be a different story when Nare showed Gunners the letters and instantly tilted favour to his side.

At a time when Chico was expelled, the club management was reportedly torn apart, as it was; there are some who it was said were against Nare being sacked, and those who were not supportive of Nare being brought aboard as the new coach. However, if there anything the team should now worry about, it is that it has not gaped holes in the technical department to compete for the new season. They ought to tread carefully with the coach issue and administration matters if they are keen on traversing the redemption road.



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