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Zebras players to TS Galaxy: what’s the deal?

Publishing Date : 03 July, 2019


The thinking that four Botswana international players will simultaneously play professional football for the first time is overwhelming than the reality that TS Galaxy who are the buying club, has spent less than P1 million on their transfers.

However, it is encouraging that Botswana football, although unable to flourish, is laden with talent that can produce lump sums of monies if well taken care of. Given the conditions of the local game, the acquisitions of the four players is an encouraging factor and can possibly make sense in a country suffering from economic pressures and 20 percent unemployment.  

Mosha Gaolaolwe and Gape Mohutsiwa have been transferred to the South African club at a combined but paltry fee of P 60 000. Both players had six months left on their Township Rollers contract and a deal was struck that the local team will benefit 45 percent of sales should Galaxy sell them to any other team.

The other two players who are transferred from Jwaneng Galaxy are Ezekiel Morake and Thero Sitsile.  These are not an extravagant transfers but TS Galaxy have paid P 200 000 for Morake who is the goalkeeper. The 24 year shot stopper had two years left on his contract.
 Setsile has also penned a professional contract with TS Galaxy paying P150 000 for his services. The left footed winger had one year remaining in his contract. It was also agreed that Jwaneng Galaxy will get 25 percent of sales should the players be sold to other South African outfit.

The signings of these four players should actually make sense if they are to penetrate the South African market. In their own league, they are stars and can be regarded as brands for Botswana football. TS Galaxy is fast providing a business case for Botswana football that fortunes can be reversed. Many times, a handful of Botswana players signed deals with South African clubs but will spend better part of their time on the sidelines, struggling to make a headline impact.

Galabgwe Moyana, Mogakolodi Ngele, Mpho Kgaswane, Kabelo Seakanyeng and Thatayaone Kgamanyane are some of the local players who were snatched by South African clubs, but for some unexplained reasons, the football market quickly spewed them out. There is a hiccup therefore in the purchase of these four players. TS Galaxy is a team plying their trade in the National First Division, a stream of teams that is supposed to feed the premiership clubs. The policy is that each team should only sign five foreign players with three under 23 players fielded in the starting 11.

This means the four Botswana players will have to up the ante or their future with the club mirrors a tomorrow that may never come. TS Galaxy owner Tim Sizuki said, “There is a massive talent in Botswana football, it is only that clubs are not willing to sell but football administrators are only interested in themselves and not clubs.”

Township Rollers, for instance, is a club of vast size and presence in Botswana football. Having won the league a record 16 times, the club obviously commands a large fan base and attracts quality players. It is therefore encouraged to capitalise on the modern surge of commercialization-the art of buying and selling players.

The belief is that players often times pay themselves on and off the field. It can be thorough replica shirt sold or with chunks of tickets sold to watch the players. TS Galaxy has benefitted while Botswana local clubs hope that the players will further be sold for them to make profit. It might be too late. But it can be the beginning.



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