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‘Intimacy with the future’ unlocks vocations

Publishing Date : 02 July, 2019


A defined speaker and an author of note Tumelo Sitayelo’s newly released book called ‘Intimacy with the future’ is currently one of the enticing reads available on bookshelves.  The book speaks sternly on defining life goals as well as achieving them.

The book is for people who are stuck in one place and moving in circles; people with dreams that are not yet tapped into. It challenges individuals to rise to the occasion, challenge the status quo and individuals to pursue after a goal unreached. Although many are clueless on how to reach the next level to their goal to reach a desired future, this book challenges thinkers to break walls of limitations and to go grab their desired future.

The book talks a lot about individuals, systems and the governance that has resources and enough potential to move things but they seem to be in one place because somehow they do not know how to map their way into achieving the better economy and system. ‘Intimacy with the Future’ talks strictly on having a strategic plan to reach goals and that individuals need to come forth and identify a path to their desired result.

“The basic premise of the book is to empower, motivate and inspire people by unfolding the potency on intimacy with the future which has served as the missing element in most decisions made on a daily basis,” he said. In his book he wrote: “Intimacy will allow you to enter and see the darkest rooms of the house that are not yet entered by anyone that randomly comes by. The darkest rooms in this case I mean any property of lacking physical or mental strength, liability to failure under pressure, weakness, stress or strain.”

This book is recommended for everyone who is on a path of success and therefore need the means and the courage to gear on without looking back. It is for people who are ready to overlook obstacles and can allow themselves to be goal driven.  “This read prompts one to look into the future with the eyes of their imagination and avoiding the future taking them by surprise, thereby forcing one to proactively engage in the crafting of such a great future. It is such a great read, transformational, inspirational and educative. It is a realistic book that applies to the different facets of life; relationships, career, parenting, politics, marketplace, finances, etc,” he explained.

The objective of the book is to boost the morale of the systems beyond the marginal edge of the common ground and charge them to reach heights of performance that is fulfilling to the body, mind and soul. “I do not claim the monopoly of wisdom neither am I the messiah but through a seasoned, thought provoking approach and words that are assuasive to the soul I can rekindle the virginity of systems desires and zeal for a better future, consequently enabling them to pursue and make decisions that will be futuristic,” he explained. The book that aims at infusing unmeasurable knowledge to people will divert 33 percent of the profits made to humanitarian aid.



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