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‘Feed me colored pencils’

Publishing Date : 02 July, 2019


“Jakamotako refers to feeding myself through the use of my craft” worded by 27 year old Kefentse Keboitse, as he introduces his craft. Jakamotako translated in pedestrian speaks refers to “feed me colored pencils” to copyright the works of Keboitse who is a definite marvel upon placing sight to his hand drawn portraits which most consists of the famous.

His talent was uprooted in 2006 during his junior high school days with the encouragement of his teachers and when he advanced to senior school he then started to understand and even discovered the Faber castell colored pencils which today is the main organ of his drawings. “I went to senior school, where I discovered that I am actually good with colored pencils which became a preferred material for my current art produces”.

Despite his obvious talent, Keboitse took a ‘break’ where now ten years later in the year 2016 he got his inspiration back pushed by fellow artists. “Browsing through social media I sighted Wilson Nguni and Omphile Sefako’s creations, their impressive artworks revoked the fire and desire in me to draw again” he shares. Mentioning that because he had spent a long time without drawing, he had to practice in order to catch the niche of his craft again.

2017 saw Jakamotako scoop both position one and two during the Serowe region Presidents Day competitions, an assertive that motivated and even inspired him to make a living through his drawings where he took to social media for advertising. “My dream is to start an academy for artists and even go on to own a gallery to showcase my work and even others as a way to affirm that one can make a living through talent” emphasizing that “this is not a hobby for me, it’s my employment, I dress and eat through these colored pencils drawings.”
Keboitse reveals his diversity as an artist stating that he is able to draw using a ballpoint pen too though he dismisses  it as time consuming but still firms that “my talent is the backbone of my life.”



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