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Sunflower Desserts delights across borders

Publishing Date : 02 July, 2019


With a mission to feature as a benchmark in the service of high quality customized confectionary and desserts services that are designed to provide delightful culinary experiences directly proportional to the needs of clients, Sunflower Desserts once a bun in the oven, baked in 2016 by Nametso Senwelo who is fully equipped with industry related qualifications.  Describing herself as a creative genius, Senwelo shares that “anyone can bake a cake (well, almost anyone) but it takes a little extra something to turn cakes into delectable art. And it is exactly what we create.”

The somewhat unusually named Sunflower Desserts came to be as a celebration of a true sunflower  being Senwelo’s personality of bright, sunny and positive just like the flower  she also stands out in a field with her head held up high but still spreading seeds of happiness through her bakes.

“The patisserie itself became my full time work not so long ago, March 2017 to be exact but my talents have been in full play since childhood in granny’s kitchen” she shares, also revealing that “it all started when I used to make homemade goodies and gave my son’s friends whenever they came over for playdates until parents started asking if they could buy them, next thing I was selling cupcakes” adding that she then started experimenting with cakes too and has never looked back.

Sunflower Desserts services crafts tasty treats for all occasions as they provide a wide range of menus and align themselves with the customer’s needs. Senwelo shares that they cater for weddings, family gatherings, office meetings and cooperate events emphasis on weddings as their passion and mentions that “we pride ourselves with the knowledge that we are able to present brides and grooms with their individually designed package.”

Visions to keep moving their competitiveness by applying value adding  innovations to their services, Sunflower Desserts is not only confined to bakes and desserts as they also have equipment rentals and training for aspiring decorators and future sunflower dessert confectionaries  and continues to expand to neighboring South Africa as Senwelo  recently jetted off to increase the baking trays.



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