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TK rejects regents, SKI’s BPF

Publishing Date : 02 July, 2019


The Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Tshekedi Khama who is also a younger brother to former President Lt Gen Ian Khama, has allegedly told his uncles not to rush their nerves by foreseeing him joining the newly formed Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) anytime soon.

Tshekedi has been asked by his uncles that blood is thicker than water, and as a matter of urgency, he should defect from Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) and join his older brother at his new political home, BPF. However after that request, TK has never came back to the elders to give them a decisive action plan as to whether he will leave the BDP and join BPF until recently when he told them that he is still a BDP member in good standing.

According to sources, Tshekedi told the tribal leadership comprised of Regent Sediegeng Kgamane, wards leaders and ‘Bo-Rangwanaa-kgosi’ [uncles to the royal house] who are all advise-givers to the Khama family that they should not rush him to do anything including his political future. Part of the reasons why the minister could not commit as of now in following his elder brother is because of association he has with some people. Samson Guma Moyo who is expected to join the BPF upon his return next month is one person that Tshekedi does not want to share the same party colours with, though they did in BDP.

“Number one, the minister does not want anything to do with Guma. They had squabbles in the past and it appears he is still holding those. He is so serious such that this has compromised his relation with the older Khama,” highlights a seemingly cagey informant. According to the source, Tshekedi has not forgotten a man who kicked him when he was down. In 2016, Tshekedi in heated exchanges, publicly accused Guma of conniving to hurt his political ambitions.

Guma, who was chairing the Parliamentary Committee on Statutory Bodies and Enterprises (PCSBE), had summoned minister Tshekedi twice to appear before the committee to answer for his alleged maladministration at the Ministry. This was on the back of developing events at the beleaguered Botswana Tourism Board (BTO where Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brian Dithebe was instructed to cut his stay at the organisation short without any reasonable explanation. Dithebe’s work contract was abruptly terminated, allegedly at the instruction of the Minister. 

“We know here it may look like the committee is doing its job, which I do not have a problem with. But me and you [Guma] know beyond the parameters of this wall there is politics behind it,” Tshekedi levelled the accusation then. His point was that, in as much as he admitted that his Ministry wasted huge sums of tax payers’ money, other Ministries had done the same and squandered billions of government money and yet they were not being grilled as his Ministry was. 

It is believed that Tshekedi still hold grudge about that moment and believes that he [Guma] played in part in ensuring that he does not become Vice President as initially agreed by BDP power brokers when Masisi was made president.  “Secondly TK, has always been against Kgosi [Isaac]. Yes Kgosi is not part of the party but he says he could at least stay in BDP pending the dynamics because he cannot join a party that has two of his arch-rivals. This he said even before his brother that he should get rid of the two, but SKI couldn’t, because Kgosi is his all-time personal friend,” added a source.

Not only are the two reasons but the giant minister is also eyeing his cabinet benefits. “The thing is he will definitely leave but then another point that I nearly forgot is he told his uncles that the is still a minister and they should know that at the end of the term he will get something and if he leaves now he will go home empty handed. This is the situation that the elders had to listen to. They did so because they understood and saw that it is not like he is entirely refusing, but there are other considerations,” revealed a Serowe based source on Wednesday morning.

With all these reasons the tribal leadership are said to have listened and assured him that they will not pressurize him to do anything, but he will do at his own time. “Bangwato ba ile ba reetsa rra, so they said they will play wait and see game because they don’t want to upset him which could push him to remain with the BDP,” said the informant.

The agreement which Serowe old guards agreed amid murmurings is, even if Tshekedi does not leave the BDP now, he can still leave after elections in October. This however is not the ideal move as the leaders want to de-campaign the BDP before elections. Reports say the mood in Serowe main Kgotla is so volatile such that the traditional leadership has already hatched a grand plan to cleanse the party in the village.

“BDP is no longer wanted in Serowe. Magosana are going to be mobilised to influence other tribesmen not to vote the BDP in the three Serowe constituencies because the party leadership has humiliated Kgosi Kgolo. It will be a taxing exercise but the traditionalists are upbeat that at the end of the day the plan will pass,” says a source very close to the dynamics.  


A letter by Serowe West constituency chairman has pleaded with the party to get rid of members who are not showing loyalty to the party including Tshekedi Khama. The letter which was seen by this publications requested the party leadership to take necessary measures including expelling the members who comprise councillors.

“The members are behaving in a grossly disorderly and unruly manner that might put the party name in disrepute. They are also sowing seeds of discord in the party, using regionalism, tribalism or factionalism,” states the letter. However this week the BDP leadership is said to have decided to go against the letter saying doing so might further cripple them. “It will be suicidal if we can reprimand them in whatever way possible. They might leave who knows,” party member who serves in the disciplinary committee said briefly.



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