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A.T.I’s new song ‘gods’ inspired

Publishing Date : 04 June, 2019


Local motswako sensation Atlasaone Molemogi popularly called ATI, has dropped yet another controversial song dubbed ‘Komirrsoo’ which was released on May 28. The song that suggests conversations with ancestors is said to have brought mixed emotions amongst people.

In an interview with WeekendLife, A.T.I explained that the song was leaked. “A draft version of the song was leaked so we had to make an emergency version before it was too late,” he said. The ever bubbly musician stated that the song is about self-introspection— looking deep within for stability and balance synchrony with oneself.

“It’s all about coming to your senses and remembering who you are.  As well as the importance of finding refuge at home, home being in yourself, the people around you who genuinely care about you. Imbalance comes in when people find it hard intellectualise the truth,” he said.
He highlighted that the song has been playing on local radio stations since being released.

“The reception has been sort of mixed. I had to take a risk in the concept I had to follow. Issues of ancestors and how I have gathered my perception about them it’s in a prickly and sensitive manner. Other than that the song is out there and the reactions are mixed,” he explained.
Even so, he said Batswana will have to find relation with this song if they want to be “a Botswana that people know.” He hinted that he encountered a lot of challenges when recording the song, which he attributed it to a ‘spiritual warfare.’

“I hope the song will bring people together and bring some sort of balance and peace more especially at a time where we do not know what is politically happening in the country,” he said. “This song, is like the gods has risen me as a channel. It was not about me being creative but I was doing what was happening in me. He however suggests a strong connection with the gods who called him in order to put things to order. It also suggests that he hears their voice and that they are saying ‘Komirrsoo’ which when interpreted means ‘come here’.

ATI has been one of Botswana's most recognisable musicians, with his blend of local hip-hop, infused with Western sound. 
He was the main attraction at the 2017 Botswana Music Awards, where he collected six awards.
 ATI’s dominance overlapped into 2018, with endless bookings, where at one point he shared the stage with renowned international artists such as Davido, Techno both from Nigeria, the legendary Salif Keita and Billy Ocean.

ATI was earmarked as one of the headline performers for the upcoming Gaborone International Music festival, which takes place in the capital on September 1. ATI’s message to Batswana is simple, accept yourself, accept your wrongs, fix them and go for your goals
He released a song called Khiring Khorong in 2018 which won song of the year at the Yarona FM music.



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