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Make-up beyond gender

Publishing Date : 04 June, 2019


When many males are shying away from considering being a makeup artist as a profession, 21 year old Moemedi Johnson Morwaagae is currently going against odds in the industry. He has built a stern market base and is currently running his beauty parlor at Main Mall.

The young man who grew up in Lobatse shared with WeekendLife that growing up, he did not have any plans of becoming a makeup artist. “I finished school and I did not pass my Form 5. When I finished school, I went to work at my sister’s beauty parlor doing manicure. I started off of as a receptionist and later took notes on how to do manicures. I ended up knowing how to do nails,” he explained. He is now a professional makeup artist with his skills in manicure marking three years in the beauty industry.

“As I was doing manicure, I explored YouTube to acquire knowledge on how to be a professional makeup artist. YouTube has really developed me as a beauty artist,” he highlighted. Although competition is tough, he explained that Instagram has been making his business to thrive. “Instagram is the best platform. It really helps me a lot even other social Media [platforms] such as Facebook. I have business cards also. When people see such they take your business seriously. That is what also boost my business,” he said.

Morwaagae stated that when his business was taking off, customers were giving him tough time.  “Some were choosy, some did not know what they wanted. Some customers were not satisfied. Right now, I have no problem with delivering and meeting customer needs,” he said.
“I am excellent, they do not bother me anymore. The only problem I have is limited events due to change of seasons but the business performs better in summer since there are events and more bookings.”

To keep up with beauty trends, he said he always ensures that he follows the work of beauty and makeup trendsetters on YouTube even on Instagram and this is what keeps his business on its feet and even competent. After few years of building his makeup and beauty brand, the 21 year old said he has also done touches to local celebrities like the ever blazing RB2 presenter Khumo Kgwaadira otherwise known as Missgeekays.

Currently, he is running his own beauty shop at Main Mall call Lavish Box alongside his partner. “I am the 100 percent owner of the Lavish Box and I run it alongside my partner who specializes in manicure,” he said. Despite anything, he envisions to see his business growing and meeting the demands of his customer base and wishes to build his clientele. Meanwhile, he is working hard to ensure that his business grows as well as being competent in the market. “I wish to have branches across the country, in Palapye, Francistown and even in Maun to have a wide a market across the country,” he concluded.



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