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BPL teams might be reduced

Publishing Date : 04 June, 2019


In a desperate bid to save the soul and glory of the premier league, First Division South region is set to table a motion that calls for reduction of number of clubs playing in the elite league, WeekendSport has been told.

The motion is set to be debated at the next coming football association’s General Assembly in July where at least four teams will be sacrificed. Currently, they are 16 clubs playing in the elite league. The funders and movers of this gesture are not ready to share primary reasons that forced them into detailing the motion, but it is understood that the state of affairs gnawing the premiership calls for immediate action.

Sources interacting with this publication state that the association is also motivated to tie all governance loose ends in as far as club licensing is concerned in the coming season.  It is said that BFA is intent to dump all clubs that would have failed licensing litmus test. First Division South’s intended motion now mirrors one German football scientist Christoph Rocholl who recommended that clubs in the elite league should be reduced from 16 to 12.

Rocholl is said to have made the recommendation while touring the country carrying out the feasibility study to develop the local game. His assignment was completed last year November. Sometimes in 2008, especially during the Bosele declaration report, a conclusion was made by BFA in a hotel at Selibe Phikwe to commercialise football. A decision was then taken to reduce the number of clubs competing in elite league.  

The motion was shot down by BFA regions, arguing that some of the teams will never get a chance to play in the elite league.  The detractors of this idea also highlighted that, it is only at the premier league where there is   better chance of coming face to face with reasonable finances. It appears that First Division South is awakening the idea after a self-assuming mandate to study the content of local football.

Those behind this thought believe that competition among the league teams will be heightened together with the fact that better finances will be spread across the teams.  As things stand, in a premier league format of 16 teams, clubs receive monthly grants of P50 000.  This figure can be improved if lesser teams make up the elite league.  

It is said First Division, although not proudly maintained, believes that lopsided results can be improved once the teams are reduced. According to sources, first division region argues that resources are not adequate to run a 16 premier league teams; this includes playing fields and availability of astute coaches.

It is not clear how the implementation of the idea will impact on the already existing structures of the association. As of now, there is a mini- league powered by Mascom known as top 8. Whether the tournament will be affected is another issue subject to further internal discussions. All the while, First division south region is said to be ready to deliberate on the widespread issue already diving football opinion. The 16 premier league format was introduced in 2004/5 and the league was won by Township Rollers, fresh from winning the First division North league.



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