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All round achiever defies body shaming

Publishing Date : 20 May, 2019


Graduated with the University of Creative Technology, Limkokwing, holds a degree in Broadcasting and Journalism, Mmangaka Tumagole nicknamed ‘The Bums” is no ordinary 26 year old. She is the first queen of Miss Plus Size Universe Botswana 2016, a radio personality and a whole woman who carries her assets with pride.

Our generation has sort of leaned into the western culture because of developments so much that it has become a norm to perceive a “perfect body” as a petite one, not with Tumagole as she is unapologetically proud and confident of her plus size body. “I do not just have bums, I have the bums”, she emphasizes and mentions that “body shaming comments towards me will not stop me from living my life, change my earnings neither will it affect my beauty and confidence.”

Sdudla ses fit is a pipeline project that Tumagole is to bring forward which came to realisation after her crowning as she had a lot of young plus size ladies approach her on how she is able to maintain confidence and how they can overcome being bullied for their body sizes. Sdudla ses fit which casually translates to ‘healthy heavyweight” is a foundation based on body acceptance that will teach young girls who lack confidence and have low self-esteem brought onto by perception based bashing on their appearances, that one can be plus size but it does not stop you from living your dreams.

“If anybody was to say they want to stop people from staring at them that would be ridiculous because as long as you walk the streets and you happen to have an extraordinary body like I do, people will stare but I celebrate the stares as an appreciation” adding that “being in the public eye may be challenging sometimes because I am expected to behave and carry myself a certain way but I refuse to please people’s expectations when my expectations of people have not been met either” she says.

Almost two months ago, when a young lady was bullied on social media for her choice of outfit, Tumagole knew exactly where to stand as she ridiculed the nonsense hype and wrote “yesterday it got to my attention that this young lady on the picture was being bullied for her choice of outfit. Ridiculed by women with children, married women, women old enough to be her mother. A day before the International Women’s day and she experienced a lot of hate which was saddening to watch…” she continued on to share her experience on being bullied for her appearance and extended an invitation to the young lady, a definition of strength Tumagole continues to portray.    

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it does not mean that opinions can be used to bully the next person in regards to their appearance. Plus size women need to develop some sense of confidence, self-acceptance because the moment you accept yourself that you are perfect in your own skin you are then able to ignore the air hates that keep offending us” Tumagole advises and  quotes that “being you is truer than true because no one alive is youer  than you.”



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