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Coaches report BFA to Tshekedi

Publishing Date : 11 March, 2019


The Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Tshekedi Khama met with the Botswana Football Coaches Association (BFCA) last week in an effort to discuss matters that have bedeviled their welfare and the game itself - WeekendSport has been told.

The coaches are said to have expressed resentment and spread veiled attack towards the association. Among the many issues they raised, the coaches felt that the association is undermining them and this has caused much pain their side.  According to informants very close to the developments, it is said that the coaches have argued that BFA could have long appointed them to some positions but it seems that such positions are tailor made for foreigners.

It is said that they specifically mentioned the post of technical director which they are of the view that should be held by locals and not expatriates. Some of the coaches present at the said meeting included former Zebras head coaches, Stan Tshosane and Major David Bright, who was expelled two weeks ago as the senior national coach.  Also present was veteran football administrator, Matshidiso Sexton Kowa, a former BFA technical director. 

The trio has similar experiences with the association and all were furious about the manner in which their cases were handled when they faced the exit door. Also available was Nelson Olebile who is the president of the coaches association together with Enos Mmesi who deputises Olebile. However, it has been revealed that Botswana coaches are divided on the way forward.

According to sources, some senior coaches are said to be looking down at the upcoming gaffers with attitude. The source says this has killed unity among the coaches and the bond that is needed for the growth of both coaches. When approached for further clarity, the coaches’ association president, Olebile tried at length to set the record straight.  He categorically stated that they were not there to report or bad mouth the association. If anything else they were there to try and address their problems to the face of the Minister.

“It is true we have met Minister Tshekedi, but there is no how we could have badmouthed the association, we were actually addressing our problems, and asking for possible solutions.”  He continued, “Your sources should bear in mind that we are partners with BFA and therefore it will be remiss of us to betray them in our daily struggles to improve the game.”

The minister is alleged to have also told the BFA that if they do not change their leadership style of protecting those looting public funds, his ministry would intervene even if it means attracting the wrath of FIFA, which is known for its notorious sanctions when countries do not toe the line.



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