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Lesedi production testing lights up

Publishing Date : 11 March, 2019


The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) London Stock Exchange (AIM) and  Botswana Stock Exchange(BSE) mining company Tlou Energy has this week revealed positive progress in their Lesedi project as  production  testing at its Lesedi 3 development pod has commenced. Tlou focuses on the delivering power in Botswana and southern Africa through the development of coal bed methane (CBM).

According to Tlou when making an update on its Lesedi project this week, drilling operations at the Lesedi 3 development pod were completed earlier this month. Already production equipment has been installed and production testing is now underway, according to the energy company. Production testing involves de‐watering and lowering of the pressure in the coal seam to achieve gas flow, according to Tlou Energy. The testing procedures are expected to drag on until the coming months as initial performance data expected in the second quarter of 2019 or around May and June.

When explaining the drilling phase as the Tlou promises further updates as the drilling operations continue, the company said:  “Drilling  has  also  been  completed  on  the  first  of  two  lateral  sections  (Lesedi  4A)  of  the  Lesedi  4 development pod.  Lesedi 4A was drilled ~1,435m measured depth and successfully intersected with vertical production well Lesedi 4P.  Drilling of the second lateral well (Lesedi 4B) is ongoing.  This well is planned to be the final well in the current drilling phase.  

Last year Tlou started to drilling development wells at its gas field which were being drilled as ‘dual lateral pods’, comprising a single vertical production well intersected by two lateral wells. According to Tlou Energy, the lateral wells are being drilled through  the  gassy  coal  seam  with  gas  extracted  from  this  coal  produced  through  the  vertical  production  well  where  it  can  be  gathered and used  for power generation.   Pod  One  is  designated  ‘Lesedi  3’  and comprises  a  vertical  production  well  (‘Lesedi 3P’) and two lateral wells (‘Lesedi  3A’ & ‘Lesedi 3B’) and  Pod Two is designated  ‘Lesedi 4’,

 According to Tlou, if testing  results are positive,  these  wells  will  form  part  of  the  Company’s  initial  gas‐to‐power  project  which  will  include  installation  of  transmission lines and grid connection.  As a result of the achievements during the period, we are in a good position to make further significant advancements in the months ahead. We are proceeding with a series of value adding field operations, the most significant of which is the drilling of initial development wells (Lesedi 3 and 4) which is on-going.

These wells have been positioned in the best technical location and orientation to potentially result in enhanced gas flows compared to what has already been achieved at Selemo. The results of the recently acquired seismic data coupled with an extensive geological review of our area by our independent geological consultants have determined the optimum positioning for the current drilling campaign.



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