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Why BFA dumped All Kasi

Publishing Date : 18 February, 2019


Botswana Football Association (BFA) and their long standing technical sponsor, All Kasi had a rocky relationship right from the start. The terms and conditions of the contract penned on the 13th of January 2016 are said to have been ambiguous to an extent that BFA bitterly complained that All-Kasi were reaping them apart to a situation where they can no longer make profit.

On numerous accounts, high ranking members of the association told All-Kasi, about the oppressive situation that had the potential to damage the otherwise cordial relationship that existed for long. WeekendSport has established that All Kasi also felt that BFA was failing to come forth with a better remedy. According to available report, before the contract lapsed, the technical sponsors were on process of throwing an ultimatum to the association.

All Kasi gave BFA two options to either evoke a remedy of contract termination or re-negotiate new terms. Documents possessed by this publication reveal that the association had undertaken to purchase a minimum order of 20 000 replica jerseys every year of the contract.  BFA would, after the purchase phase, sell and distribute the replicas for profit making. The association bought each replica at a price of P250. This therefore meant that BFA had to pay All Kasi a total of P5million per year.

As a cost recovery measure, BFA was selling the same replica at a value of P350 to make P7million, assuming all the jerseys were sold out.  This move is reported to have presented problems on the side of the association as they failed to push distribution and its sales.
 As the contract was nearing expiry date, All Kasi defaulted from supplying the kits as per the conditions of agreement. Those in the corner of the Lobatse based company say, the local based business took the decision deliberately after reports emerged that the BFA owed the first installment of 20.000 replicas. It would appear that both parties were poking at each other.

All Kasi, who were allegedly roped into BFA radar under the influence of former  Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development Thapelo Olopeng, was also expected to provide BFA with sportswear (which included training  kits, training bibs, track suits, Bench jacket Rain jacket, Golf shirts and raining pants among others) at a value of P1.6 million. The BFA says some of the apparels have not been coming from All Kasi.

To further demonstrate their loyalty to the association, All Kasi supplied other equipment such as shin pads, medical bags, player’s bags and match goalkeeper gloves at a value of P196 000. These are playing equipment which were not designed by All Kasi.  All Kasi, which is owned by Ludo Kemoeng and Barnes Maplanka was also expected, as per the contract to dress the men senior national team, the under 23, the under-2o team, under 15, together with the women senior national team with its similar youth teams.



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