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Colour of love

Publishing Date : 18 February, 2019


Decorates vary from mall to mall. Railpark, a shopping mall centralized in the hub of busy has those expected feather hearts that look like a kindergarten art class project to the boogie classy décor that features in most of the stores in the upmarket Airport Junction mall accompanied by the enticing smell of high dining, it’s a different feel, but whether it’s sharing a Cadbury chocolate by the benches of Railpark mall or eating buttered hake at Cappuccinos in Airport Junction, it is the colour of love, Valentine’s day.

With the city strewn in the colours white and red, there are those who genuinely enjoy the vibe that comes with the day dated February the 14th and go all out to celebrate in different ways from the rumored couple of radio personalities Resego Motlhokathari and Khumo Kgwaadira dubbed Miss Geekays who thanked her “bae” on social media for an early valentine’s gift  and adding on  being the perfect gentlemen, Motlhokathari will be hosting a rather different scenic of an outdoor movie night as part of the valentine’s day celebrations.

Employers such as Dialogue Group treated its workers with flowers, chocolates and in office back and neck massages complete with scented candles to ease tension from the long hours, as a form of appreciation for putting in work shared employee, Warona Josephs.  Professional food connoisseur, Chef Naledi, and older sister to star child Marang Molosiwa shares that she personally does not go all out on Valentine’s Day but once in a while she celebrates with her husband but valentine’s day in their home is really for their children.

“I love food, so when we do celebrate, we do little things for our kids and this is usually in making cupcakes or single roses,” adding that “I believe love should be celebrated every day of the year. You really don’t need a special day for it, we go with the flow because our kids love it.”  In the midst of all the colour and love there are those who either have no care about the festivities that occur on valentine’s day, either out of  a simplicity approach or to some perhaps  an underlying denial?


With so much love and excitement in the air for valentines, flamboyant Bissau Gaobakwe went overboard by surprising his newly wedded wife, Malebogo Mangole with a getaway for two to an Ireland in Mauritius.  The two will be spending their valentines in a more defined and romantic way to spice up things in their marriage. Though this day may be ordinary to other people, as for Bissau he sees it as a yet another chance to spoil his queen.

Known for splashing money on shopping and on luxury, Biscat as affectionately called, shared with WeekendLife that he is fueling his private jet at the time to go out with his wife. “I’m preparing to fly into an Ireland with her in Mauritius. I want to spend time with her. I want to spend quality time with her in a private space,” he explained. Bissau hinted that he is more than willing to show his wife how much he loves her. “We will spend time in a private place and light up some candle lights. I want to have dinner with her, buy her roses and some diamond earrings,” he said.

“I got to have privacy. I want to be with her in a private place,” he emphasized. Bissau seem to have truly found his true love, as he brags about having Malebogo in his life. “Having her in my life means I am going to live longer as she brings peace in my life. She fills my heart with the holy spirit,” he highlighted. He also explained that he is planning everything without the knowledge of his partner. “It’s a surprise for her,” he said. The two who recently tied the knot early this year are going stronger and stronger. “I am going to tell her personally what I feel in my heart,” he said.



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