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Bank Gaborone launches training programme

Publishing Date : 18 February, 2019


Bank Gaborone this week launched a graduates training programme aimed at providing graduates with a GPA of 3.5 or better with internship for them to gain experience within the banking sector or environment.

Bank Gaborone is a member of Capricorn Group, a regional financial group which operates in Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa. Managing Director of Bank Gaborone, Sybrand Coetzee said they are pleased to announce that the programme will benefit the bank, as it consistently seeks to remain relevant to its clients and stakeholders. He said the programme will also help to reduce the skills gap currently faced by the bank and many other local businesses.

“We believe that this type of programme actively supports the government of Botswana’s drive towards reducing the level of unemployment in Botswana, especially amongst local graduates from institutions of tertiary education,” he said.  “It is common knowledge that many graduates end up leaving Botswana to find employment outside its borders due to the lack of appropriate career opportunities.”

Coetzee said a responsible corporate citizen, Bank Gaborone will do whatever it can to ensure that graduate talent is identified and connected to opportunities to gain practical experience in the financial industry. “We believe that by offering graduates the opportunity to be part of the Bank Gaborone and ultimately the Capricorn Group family, we are investing in the lives of our leaders of tomorrow,” said Coetzee. Human resource Manager for Bank Gaborone, Bokani Kalake said 10 graduates have finished their tertiary education in the last 12 month and scored GPAS of 3.5 or better.  

“During this period they will be given the opportunity to gain invaluable hands on experience in all the operational areas of the bank. They will be given the opportunity to bolster their theoretical knowledge with practical know-how,” she added. Kakale said the graduates will be allocated mentors within the Bank Gaborone team, who will be responsible for ensuring that they are guided and supported throughout the 18 month program and they will also receive regular input from Bank Gaborone’s in house psychologist who will assist them in considering their options and choices as they take their first steps on their individual career paths.

She however said the program aims to develop increased self confidence levels in each graduate as well as helping them learn how to work well indifferent teams. By the end of the programme each graduate will understand the different operational areas of the bank and will be able to use this increased business acumen wherever they go. “Additionally, they will be given the opportunity to join the Bank Gaborone team should they be interested in doing so and should an appropriate position be available,” she noted.



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