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Tsogwane rebukes Moswaane, Madigele

Publishing Date : 18 February, 2019


Vice President and the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Chairman Slumber Tsogwane has intervened in a feud involving Francistown West legislator Ignatius Moswaane and Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Alfred Madigele over public outburst involving the two at parliament recently.

According to sources, Tsogwane is deeply worried by the BDP’s legislator’s un-parliamentary conduct especially in public domain. The latest incident pit Moswaane against Madigele. It is said Tsogwane and other members of the party are mostly perturbed by the repercussions this could have in their party leading to the general elections in October. Tsogwane reportedly told the party caucus that as leaders they should behave like them [leaders] not casually as it is the case.  

The party’s longest serving MP said the party have structures and forums where they should discuss issues internally before they behave like that publicly. He BDP rebuked the duo, indicating that their actions work against the party. The party chief whip Liakat Kablay said this week’s party meeting covered wide ranging issues and confirmed that indeed the matter involving the two MPs was discussed.

 “As a party we should be united especially in public fora and the intention was to call both Moswaane and Madigele to reconcile them unfortunately the latter was on an official trip with the President so the efforts to see them shaking hands have been deferred until next week,” he said. Moswaane was kicked out of Parliament last week after using foul language and swearing at the Madigele, following the former’s belief that the minister had answered unsatisfactorily about the operations of Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital in Francistown.

Moswaane was concerned about the dire state of congestion at the hospital in Francistown, with patients now being referred to Mahalapye District Hospital without assistance. The outspoken Francistown West lawmaker said he regards health matters seriously, adding that people's loved ones are dying over issues which could otherwise have been addressed.

But it appears he was not satisfied by the answer he received from the minister who said the question asked by Moswaane did not warrant an urgency status but rather should have taken a normal route. This got into Moswaane’s nerves. Moswaane further went on to rant at Speaker of the National Assembly when asked to withdraw the word. "Mr Speaker ga re bana ba gago. We are here as people's representatives and ga o kake wa gosomana mo go rona malatsi otlhe we are sick and tired."

He said before he was being thrown out of parliament chambers for refusing to withdraw the word S$*T that he uttered to Minister Madigele. With Tsogwane giving this matter the serious status, it is expected that the two will again appear before the VP, President Masisi and their colleagues next week to shake hands as the party envisages.  It is also said at the meeting Moswaane conceded to misbehaving and assured the party that he is ready to shake a hand with Madigele to put the matter to bed.

Other members within the party however said as much as Moswaane uttered the lewd word, Madigele also said something, “fortunately or unfortunately his microphone was off and it was not captured,” it is said. What the party leadership wants the cabinet minister Madigele to apologise on, is capturing Moswaane in a compromising position and circulating the picture on social media platform.

“It is against Parliamentary standing orders to take pictures inside and whoever did that must be taken to book. It has been agreed by the VP that whoever did that must also apologise publicly at the national assembly because that’s an August house,” added the party chief whip, Kablay. Party insiders say they are equally shocked by the two’s public squabbles as they have always been cool buddies. While others within the BDP suggested that this could be fostered by the pressure of the upcoming elections.  Apart from apologising at the party forums, the BDP leadership has also planned that the two will also have to say sorry to the public at parliament.     


Still at the meeting, a resilient block of MPs from the northern part of the country are unanimous that Batswana be allowed to shoot elephants as they frustrate agricultural efforts by the locals. “Voters are angry they say if we don’t approve shoot to kill, then elephants will vote in October,” one MP reportedly said at the meeting. The issue of elephants has been a hot potato with several MPs including Tati East legislator Guma Moyo criticising the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism and other stakeholders for laxity on the matter.



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