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BOMU factions kiss and make

Publishing Date : 04 February, 2019


The warring Botswana Music Union (BOMU) have finally agreed to smoke peace pipe after a series battles that eventually ended up in court. Ahead of the BOMU awards slated for 27 January 2019, two warring factions emerged owing to a number of disagreements relating to the administration of the union.

Another faction led by Pagson Ntsie, former BOMU chairperson wanted the union to delay the hosting of the annual awards until contentious issues raised by members were addressed at Annual General Meeting (AGM). Taolo Moshaga, the interim leader of the current committee of BOMU however insisted on going ahead with awards. When the two rival group reached a stalemate over the matter, the concerned members went to court and successfully interdicted the awards of the eve of the day.

 Gilbert Seagile who was the spokesperson for concerned members explained that the interim committee was never meant to organise the awards but to call an AGM which will elect the committee that will run the awards. “Things went the way we wanted at court. The interim committee according to the award explained that they could not hold any awards but only have the power to run AGM not awards,” he said. Seagile however further explained that they have smoked peace pipe and that they are ready to match forward.

“Everything is okay, and everything is still new now. They are the ones who have the power to consult members,” he said. He also explained that although they were differences that aroused, the two were not fighting but wanted to mend things. Arbitration award however states that the interim Committee should work on the amendment of the constitution in consultation with BOMU membership and for submission at the next AGM.

The interim committee was also charged with the responsibility of arranging for a properly constituted AGM, to be held by second week of July or second week of August to elect the new executive committee which shall take over from the interim committee. Initially, the interim committee was determined to overlook the concerns of other members and the arbitration award. Moshaga explained to WeekendLife that as for now they are just working on seeing where they can start making amends.

“We are currently doing SWOT analysis with the stakeholders and we will make a formal statement to the public,” he said. He said people should give BOMU time. “Give them time to fix themselves. They will mature. There are more than 8000 associations in Botswana and each association have a problem with its constitution,” he said.



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