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Fashion show to unveil Herero culture

Publishing Date : 04 February, 2019


Slated for March 2 2019 at Thapong Visual Arts, Ozonde International Fashion Show will be bring a different twist to the show as they will be showcasing Herero dresses and unveiling the creativity of designers. The fashion show seeks to teach people about Herero culture and how the dresses are being designed as it is not common to many designers. It also relays the significance of the dress and how it is being worn.

The show also aims to show the Herero- Mbaderu culture and also expose the talent behind the Herero-Mbaderu dress into the public arena by inviting them to participate in this event. “I was intrigued by my mother’s skill she portrayed when designing these dresses. She was creative. So I thought if these people have this skill why not do something for them for this culture,” co-founder of the event Tumbee Michelle Tjiharuka explained to WeekendLife.

She explained that the purpose of the event is to introduce Herero culture in the public arena as well as to step up publicly about their creativity to educate Batswana about the dress. “We are hoping that with time we will collaborate with other cultures. Just that now we wanted to see how it will go if we parade with Herero dresses,” she said.

“We want to see if it will be accepted by the public, looking at the fact that we want to educate them and make sure it is accepted.”  She highlighted that the event will give them an opportunity to address issues like the resemblance and meaning of the Herero-Mbaderu dress.  “Additionally, it will give tailors the opportunity to be known and identified in the community hence recruit more customers for their respective special events in the future,” she added.

What the dress signifies

She shared with WeekendLife that the dress traditionally is for married women in the Herero culture and also for older women. “Before wearing the dress there was a ceremony being made to celebrate those joining women,” she said. She further hinted that when wearing the dress one should walk in a certain way, they should be shy and they should not swing the dress anyhow and also carry themselves as married women.

“Married women should cover their shoulders with shovels and the dress should be designed in a certain way. It should not show off any cleavage and should cover shoes,” she said. Their tukwi should be beneath the eyebrows without revealing their forehead as it is not supposed to be seen.



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