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Faces of Colours TV Drama

Publishing Date : 10 December, 2018


Tulani Tau and Mmilidzi Myles Mukani mostly known as Sparks and Tirelo on our local television drama called, ‘Colours,’ impressed the country with their skill to execute their roles and have since generated the hype for the drama.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that when Colours picked characters to play roles in the drama, they were very cautious not to omit talent hence they pulled the best to bring the most talked about drama. WeekendLife was impressed by the amount of talent that Sparks and Tirelo carried hence engaged them in a dialog. The main character, Tulani Tau who plays Tirelo Davidson on Colours, explained that as for him he is not new in the limelight as he did a lot before.

“Upon finishing my degree in drama at Tshwane University of Technology, I got signed to Leads talent agency. Upon returning to Botswana, I worked as a studio director and sports anchor for eBotswana, i was also a lead and toured with a production called Blue, black & white with the Maitisong festival and performed at the HIFA festival in Zimbabwe,” he said. He also performed alongside famous Nigerian comedian Kannsime, Riaad Moosa, Chester Missing.

He also won Soul Food comedy Season 2 roast competition where he roasted local celebs like Bonnie Dintwa, Ozi F Teddy, ATI & Nigel Amos. “As of 2016 I have been a full-time actor doing several adverts [for companies] such as Bona Life, Alpha direct, BTC mobile,” he hinted.
Tau plays a role of a driven family guy who has to be a parent to his siblings as his mother passed away and their father is a deadbeat.

“I like how the character is relatable to everyday life, how he is ambitious, responsible and caring plus also devious and charming at the same time,” he said. The home hitting actor believes both talent and furnishing his craft helped him to pull out such an outstanding act.
“I believe being an actor is both hardwork and talent but mostly sacrifice. You sacrifice a comfortable living, you sacrifice a ‘stable lifestyle and basic income,” he emphasized.

He said working with Mukani was very much “It was a pleasure, miles is a gentle and humble soul. I believe he has no negative bone in his body. Hard working and an all-rounder good person,” he said.

Interesting Facts about Tau
He is half-Xhosa
He is a dancer
He has a three year old daughter
Loves red and Pizza
Supports FC Barcelona

The ever talented Mukani playing a role of sparks told Weekendlife that he had to audition and made sure he nail the role that had a tight competition. “It was not an easy role to earn, as I had lots of competition from other guys who were talented as well,” he said.
Mukani said he had always received a positive feedback about his role.

“I'm always told that I'm very good at playing Sparks Davidson, because it does not seem like I try so hard to prove to the audience that I can play a (drug) s role. Most say I'm really relatable and want to see more of Sparks Davidson on their screens.  Just as Sparks is hooked to drugs, the audience is also hooked to Sparks and Colours,” he said. He further shared with WeekendLife that working with Tau was just as smooth sailing.

“I met Tulani at Colours, we never knew each other before, but we gelled smoothly. He is a great person to work with, always made jokes on set to lighten up the mood and he is hilarious and not to mention very talented. He is a very humble guy as well. You can never go wrong when working with him,” he said. The 25 year old student studying Digital Video with Limkokwing University highlighted that Colours has catapulted and introduced him to a whole new world.

“It is growing my image as Myles Mukani and it has been a helping hand to the dreams and aspirations that I have had since my early teen years. To be on TV and to be a mover and shaker in my own respect.  To impact my generation, because my dream is to have a television series that will narrate my life growing up and to feature in many films to come,” he said.



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