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BDP MPs attack Balopi

Publishing Date : 10 December, 2018


Under fire Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) secretary general, Mpho Balopi was this week hauled over the coals by unhappy Members of Parliament who questioned his modus operandi at Tsholetsa House.

The enraged legislators were not happy with Balopi’s decision to print caps and t-shirts with an unknown tagline of ‘Cava’ which the legislators did not even know what it means. Further, they were surprised as to who made the decision to print such new taglines because there was never a consultation forum.

Reports from the BDP weekly caucus of Members of Parliament suggest that even Legislators who do not normally voice out took turns to chastise Balopi over his overzealous actions some of which breach the party culture. Kenneth Matambo was one of the MPs who was not impressed with Balopi’s decisions.

He expressed shock at the “Cava” cap and jokingly pointed out that he was surprised to see the President, Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi wearing a cap with such a tagline and thought he had actually jumped ship. Matambo insisted that it wrong for known slogans of the party to be removed from party promotional materials without consent or at minimum consultation with members of the party.

Some of the MPs wondered what was wrong with the usual ‘Tsholetsa’ and ‘Domi’ to an extent that Balopi went for an unknown “Cava”. It is understood that he told MPs that the word means “to know”. He further stressed that the intention was to encourage BDP members to know their party. It is also evident, one MP told this publication, that some Members of Parliament were not happy that T-shirts and Caps were printed and they were told to come and collect whereas they have not had an input on what is printed on them.

The T-Shirts have President Masisi’s portrait while the caps have the infamous “Cava” tagline. Other Members of Parliament are concerned that governance has been suspended at BDP because it is not clear how many T-Shirts were printed; who printed them; and at what cost.
“The other time we printed T-Shirts with former President Lt Gen Dr Ian Khama’s portrait and they started losing colour at their next wash,” said a concerned BDP Member of Parliament who preferred anonymity. 

The MPs wanted to know who paid for the T-Shirts and Caps and it came out that the party has paid already. This publication has gathered a speculative figure of close to P2 million. Arone wants Jerusalem investigated – Venson-Moitoi tells him to sit down

Meanwhile at the same BDP Members of Parliament caucus, Okavango Member of Parliament, Bagalatia Arone, who joined the BDP after defecting from Botswana Congress Party (BCP) recently called for an investigation of the alleged Jerusalem faction. However he was quickly dressed down by Serowe South Member of Parliament, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi who told the Minister of Basic Education to calm down and stop bringing imagined events and happenings to the caucus.

Venson-Moitoi also spoke strongly against suggestions made by Mpho Balopi that they should exit Whatsup groups. She told Arone and Balopi that MPs were voted by people and they interact with them through platforms they deem fit. She was surprised that a big party like the BDP would want to measure somebody’s loyalty through Whatsup groups.

Initially Balopi is said to have told the Members of Parliament that President Dr Masisi wants them to exit Whatsup groups. Arone who seemed supportive of the call is a victim of technology after his sex rated post to a BDP Whatsup group circulated widely recently.
Contacted for comment, BDP Chief Whip, Likat Kably claimed ignorance on all the issues he was asked even suggesting that the caucus did take place.



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