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A Pillar of Hope preserves Khama’s legacy

Publishing Date : 04 December, 2018


Final year student at Botho University, Khumoetsile Magonare captivatingly compiled a book about the former President of Botswana Seretse Khama Ian Khama, as a way reminding Batswana and the entire world about the legacy of his presidency.

The book, titled “A Pillar of Hope” is a book about, Seretse Khama Ian Khama’s leadership and documentation of his presidency. His visions and aspirations about this country and the nation put together into words. The book captures highlights of Khama’s presidency, from his inauguration speech to his valedictory speech. Khama’s presidency surely divides opinion. In a polarised nation in the wake of his presidency, there are those who hold him in high esteem.

“I was inspired by his speech at the inauguration ceremony on the first of April 2008.I was inspired by his vision of being with Batswana, helping in development and behavior change. His four Ds that later became five inspired me to look beyond his leadership and what he intends to do. He led the nation into his agenda of bringing hope of which he did the best in bringing that hope to the despair,” Mogonare shared with WeekendLife.

She said was among the public, during his inauguration at the Parliament. “I listened to the speeches and when I was doing form five that's when the idea of compiling s book about him came. I started believing in myself and persuaded with the goal of writing a book about him,” she said. The book was written with the objective of preserving history. “The current and coming generation should know about our leaders and what change they brought in our country.it is also an educational and book leadership book,” she said.

She dubbed the book, ‘A Pillar of Hope,’ because she felt a lot of people will be able to relate with it. “This is the best book, you cannot miss. If you want to be inspired, you should have a copy. If you missed something in his work to Batswana, definitely you must have a copy. Above all this is a leadership, motivational book that inspires everyone, the young and the old,” she said.

She said that Khama’s philanthropic personality cannot go unnoticed. “Giving back to the people or helping the vulnerable. He is also a sport fanatic person, his love for nature, animals as well, was commendable trait,” she said. This book also provides an opportunity to examine Khama’s presidency, based on the promises he made in his very first years of his presidency, and on whether he delivered on those promises.Amongst many quotes of the former president he said, "We have only one country to live in and we must all do our best to make it a success.”



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